The Sales Engagement Podcast
The Sales Engagement Podcast

Episode · 5 months ago

Where to Find Fulfillment in Your Professional & Personal Life


You just raked in $1M for the second year in a row, but…you’re deeply unfulfilled and your personal life is in tatters.

You need to admit that you need help.

In this episode, I interview Ian Koniak, Strategic Account Director at Salesforce, about how he actually faced his unhappiness and started to create a fulfilling life for himself.

What we talked about:

  • Separating self-worth from performance
  • Prioritizing family and health while eliminating addictions
  • The transformative power of a healthy routine
  • Authenticity and coaching

To see a ton of motivational videos, check out Ian’s YouTube channel.
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My purpose became being the bestversion of myself, including the best sales person i can be, and i was sohungry and so dedicated to you know, to use my gifts to help other peopleversus just helping myself. That was a fundamental shit. Welcome to the sales engagement ofpodcast, this podcast is brought you by outreach, the leading sales engagementplatform and they just launched out reach on our reach the place to learnhow out reach well does not reach learn how the team follows up with every leadin record time after virtual events and turns them into revenue. You can alsosee how out reins account based plays, manages reps and so much more usingtheir own sales engagement platform. Everything is backed by data pulledfrom out reach processes and customer base when you're done you'll be able todo it as good as they do had to outreach on io on out reach to see whatthey have going on. Now, let's get into today's episode all right. Everybody welcome back tothese sales engagement, podcast, and if this is your first time on the podcastwelcome to the show i am one of your host alex crammer. I am joined here bynot to flatter you too much to be honest, but maybe one of my favoritepeople in this world here be goes by the name of ian coniac, o first of yeand welcome to show my friend well. It goes both ways, brother, because youare one of my favorite people, because you bring energy every day and i loveit. I love it had presale background on you, so in we have known each other, iwould say for the past, you know five, even even closer to six years or sowe've been to many different countries. Together, we've been in many differentup levelling our careers and our mindset. Events, you know from salesleadership to selling skills. Percy man you've been a huge mentor of mine, notjust in terms of how to truly impact people what it means to be a trueleader how to manage so to speak. The roller coaster, emotions of sales- andi will never forget kind of you just give me some career vices. We werewalking up a volcano that one time in guatemala, as i was saying, what am ireally doing with my life? So beyond being that you know you're a topperformer at sales force. Today you run a coaching business as well, so he andyou're a man of many talents, want to kind of give you the floor here tointroduce yourself at a maybe a little greater extent. Yeah great great to seeyou man, and this has been a long time coming. I think you take me up prettywell, but my focus right now is really two things. It's i'm forty two yearsold in my gold life has evolved to helping sales people specificallyuntape their full potential, and you said that i was on the roller coasterof sales. For a very long time. I was not necessarily happy, even as icontinued to perform and get all the material things that i thought i wouldmake me happy. I didn't deliver and fortunately, through some doing a lotof personal work, a lot of inner work, which i know you are part of, becauseyou saw me in the depths of my deepest struggles. Last year, i've come outstronger and much much happier now, i'm dedicated to giving back to the salescommunity through you know, through coaching they're, sharing my story andreally two areas: number one helping people find joy and fulfilment in salesand in life and to helping them sell more and so better n untapped theirpotential that people know they're capable of performing their best, andmost people are just at a seventy percent. If that and that's what i keepsaying over and over again is- is this- you know this frustration that they'renot beforn to what they know they're capable of so. However, i can supportyou, i'm happy to do it a man. Well, you know, i think you areso great. First, off at helping people find more enjoyment in life and alsohelping people sell more because you're on the journey yourself like i, youknow, even just you know, from...

...witnessing what you what you've beendoing or the past five or six years from you kind of having these big ahamoments of what am i doing, i got so much to give. I got so much purpose.Where do i direct that towards so i kind of want to just take us likethrough just yet on at a high level. What is your journey been like fromwhere you were maybe five or six years ago, from your selling at a very highlevel, you're the number one, eighty at sales force for a little bit? What didyou do and kind of? What's been that journey to now, where you're out ofliving with such passion or such purpose- everything i ever talk to himlike damn ens, crushing something right now so so what's been that journey likeyeah, i think the journey is never over. I think the journey for me has been has been a struggle in some ways andit's been very where there's pain, there's growth, so there's been a lotof pain and i won't get into do to too many details, because it's only thirtyminutes but fundamentally at a high level. I had a lot of pain in salesright before i met you. Actually i'd missed my quota three years in row.This was from two thousand and fourteen to two thousand and sixteen right and iwas ready to leave sales force and go to your old alma matter, microsoft. Youknow, i refuse to accept that something could be wrong with me because you knowbefore that. I hit my quota every single year. I had hit it every year,reo in my first year i selser and then i bombed three years in a row and i waslike it made me realize that at the time you know i had all my self worthattached and i see this over and over again to my performance. So if i washitting quota- and i'm sure you see this too- with your team being a newsales leader like if i was hitting quotas happy, i was steel in top of theworld ready to rock, and you know good momenta. If i wasn't, i was questioningmyself, we will the challenges when you're in the enterprise. You knowthose those deals are not transactional are coming every single day and i wasin the enterprise division of sales force where, frankly, some of thesedeals could be six months, twelve months or even years, in some cases forthe larger ones, and i was just an impatient person, and so i was fed up.I was frustrated with myself and at that point i was like i need some help,so i joined a nasty mine program called epic and pack, which i know you arepart of, and it's part of our journey, and that started this reflection. Wherei started admitting, i think the first step to getting help in any area inlife, whether it your marriage, whether it's your sales performance, whetherit's your health, is admitting. We need help in getting help. So that's what idid in the start of my two thousand and seventeen like look, i don't know whati don't know, i'm not hitting my numbers. I need help, so they promisedme to perform better in this group and i'm like that's why i signed up rightand what i learned was was not actually selling skills. What i learned is a lotof personal development and that that started my journey to re working onmyself and realizing that you know what, when you think you have all the answers,that's when you've already lost right, and so it started with really humblingmyself and saying you know what maybe i'm not god's gift to the sales world.If i was, i wouldn't have missed three years in a row, i need help and soeverything they told me was really geared it, helping me not with sellingskills but more establishing a vision for what i wanted. I had been so shortterm with my vision before i was like the hit plan this month or this carethis year. That was it like. I didn't have a three or a five or seven yearplan or anything. Now i have like a life tan, so i think it starts withrealizing that what you're doing every day col can't just be to make money orquota it's got to be. It has to aline to a greater purpose right, and so thatwas kind of what i learned during those years and and my purpose became beingthe best version of myself, including the best sales person i can be- and iwas so hungry and so dedicated to to use my gifts to help other peopleversus just helping myself. That was a fundamental shit. I was only thingabout me and my quarter, but then what epic end to me he's like hey, it's notall about you. You need to serve other people, so the way i showed up for mysales calls and what i started to focus...

...on and selling evolved versus, like thegirls hit. My quarter make a number and make you know a certain income to i'mtrying to change the lives of my customers and make their lives better,make their companies more successful, and i'm going to spell my time reallylearning about what they're doing today, where their challenges are, where theirstruggles are and come up with a solution versus a product. So i madethat shift from more strict transactional, the more strategicselling and i started flushing it. So i ended up finishing. I sold almost sixmillion dollars a r that year finish number one made over a million dollars,and then i'm like is this it. So i have men thought that would make me happydid not right, and then i repeated it. The next year i sold over four millionagain it was over two hundred percent of plan, maybe another million dollars,and i'm like okay something's got to give so likethis, isn't giving me what i want and then i started a different kind of workright. It wasn't. I knew i could be the best salesperson, but i didn'tnecessarily know why i wasn't happy so the past couple years have reallyreally been about me trying to find that source of fulfilment, joy so twothousand and nineteen. I start this coaching business and i say you knowwhat i'm going to really give give back to others, and you actually were partof that, because you have been doing this three hundred and sixty five daychallenge of manita every day, and i said you know what i'm going to giveback to other people for a year straight, so i started doing theseinstagram videos every day. That was my challenge. I'm like i'm, going to makea video to help other people motivate them with anyone. Listening. If youwant a huge hass archive, instravit os go on my idt, you can check him out theall there and that was kind of the project i didn't have followers. I grewthis thing that to seventy five hundred people- and my ego just became thisfucking monster ego, okay, so every two thousand i tend like man, i'm the man.I got all these followers. I got coaching business, people love me,killing it sales force and then two thousand and twenty hit and everythingwent to shit. Okay. So i'm giving you the longer version of how i got here,but i love it, but what happens so so i prove i can sell. I prove i built builda business. I could be an influence or whatever, and this is still again aboutego right and meanwhile i have this amazing family that i'm just totallyneglecting right. I am showing thralled in my side, hustle and with my businessthat i think i start to literally separate myself and my wife, becauseshe's not, as you know, ambitious in the same ways that i am she's ambitiousas a mom and is a spiritual person and as a good christian but she's notambitious for career, for example. So i started thinking to myself. You knowwhat i was distancing, because my priorities were not her priors, herpiers was time and family and raising our kids a certain way, and i was justtrying to become you know this. This glu or something or the sales expertthought leader, and i thought that was the most important thing well anyway,to make a long story short. It wasn't working at home and my wife nearly leftme- and i also was struggling with the diction, because i had this. I wasgoing so hard that i needed the stress rely, so i'd always unhealthy vices andin two thousand and twenty everything changed my priorities, co void hit. Iwas with my family and i nearly lost my wife and i'm like i have to you knownone of this matters if i can't share it with my family, my wife's pregnant,the pototo right and she's super stressed out, and so basically for lackof a better word. I got my shit together. I did some soul searching. Idecided to get sober from from six vices that, frankly, were not servantserving me. I got my family back and now i realize what is most importantand that's your quality connection with those you love and that's setting agood example for how to live, not just trying to make as much money. So twothousand and twenty through now is just been really doing. The deep work of youknow finding out why it was happening the first place and what i wassearching for and it turns out it was in front of me the entire time. So iknow i just went on a lone long...

...monologue, but you ask a very detailedquestion and to get here, there's a lot of steps and there was a lot ofmissteps along the way, but i'm so grateful and blessed to be here withyou right now and now i can truly serve people because i've gone through thatharchet myself of nearly losing everything, and now i do believe i knowit's most important, and so it makes me a little more authentic and what i putout there and the conversations i have because every day, i'm just so gratefulthat you know to be where i am considering it all kind of been god. Ifi haven't addressed some of these things- and i feel so much healthier towithout any of these vices or addictions that i used to have ahundred percent. Well, you know it first time. I appreciate you sharingall that. That was those exactly the answer. I was hoping that you'd giveright there. So a couple things first time i think i spoke to you know,probably like three or so weeks ago. I hadn't spoke to you in a couple ofmonths may to two or three months there we showed at, and it was almost like- ihad to wear like sun glasses, i'm looking at you through a zoom justbecause i felt like you were just kind of like radiating of just like suchgood energy of just like lightness of like you were just that trying to getsomewhere else, but you truly are very present and humbled of where you are atright now, you're kind of just radiant a sense of abundance, and you talkabout all these different things that you've done in your career. From nowback in two thousand and seventeen, you wanted to be the number one rap atsales force. You did it. I remember getting the call from you being likehey alix, i'm thinking about doing this post on instagram for three hundred andsixty five days in a row. What are your thoughts? You did it hey, alex i'mthinking about doing a to coaching business, you're, fully thriving inthat sort of stuff, and so you are such a great example of somebody said hey.If i am a goal or a vision, you just got the hunger, the zest of going outand getting it done, and now, where you're kind of like evolving andmaturing with your vision, is it's not just about going out and accomplishingsomething hell, yeah, i'm all for that? Let's go out and crush quota and allthat sort of stuff, but you're now really taking the approach of what looklike for crushing that and achieving that by being here right now- and it'ssuch a small nuance that i really like just just been kind of aware of whatyou are going for. It's a great example that i want to be replicated walkthrough that that i want to. I want to. I want to talk about recovery and whatthat's done, because you have to so i'm going to just get a little vulnerableand share what i gave up. Okay, because it's a lot so i it's been over a year,so i use sick at roll right, and that was like a crutch for me because i beproductive and i took it why i stopped taking that because i realized i wastaking it for the wrong reasons. I used to get drunk a lot, come from alcoholicfamily and have a diction in my family. I have not gotten drunk in over a year.I didn't give up alcohol together. I'll have a glass of wine, you know with myfamily or what not, but i have not gotten drunk i've, not smoked pot. I'venot viewed pornographyy. I've not played video games and i've not gambledi've, also given up instagram and facebook on my phone, so i didn't closethe account, but i took him off my phone. So what happens when you giveeverything up, as you are forced to face your emotions? Okay and in facingyour emotions, you can recognize when you're anxious you can recognize whenyou're agitated. You can recognize when you're sad when you recognize whenyou're, like you're sitting with it, where we are living in a medicatedsociety- and you know yes, addictions get a very bad wrap and there's a lotof taboo around them, but the reality is many. People are addicts in otherways: they're addicted to their phones, they're, addicted to social media,they're addicted to shopping, on lun shopping, they're, addicted to justlike sports or tv or video. You know it doesn't matter, doesn't have to bealcohol or sex, or you know some of these more extreme different type oftype of addictions. Right. So for me, what i recognized i initially startedby giving up pornography and what i recognized and doing that is thoseother things i kept going to when i was...

...feeling uncomfortable, and so i'm likelook. If i'm going to be in true recovery, i'm going to need to breakthe power, and so i think it starts with identifying those things in ourlives that we go to as a crutch. When we're not feeling well that we want toeliminate or scale back a little bit could be tod, i mean everyone'sdifferent, but everybody's got something right. Everybody's got gotsomething, and so for me it was like it wasn't. Just like one of the things itwas like. Why do i go to these things and why do i feel the need to medicatein the first place, so i started going the therapy and got the twelve supgroups. I did a shit ton of work alex to really understand the root of likewhat was i you know in pain for and everything i wanted right and what irealized was a lot of those times. It was just like feeling overwhelmed andstressed and sales a super scess fun. I would just go to these things because iwas trying to get stress release, and so i would encourage as a startingpoint. You know thinking about the things we go to when we're stressed ortired or agitated and think about whether the things are serving you andtake an inventory of all those those things right. So once i went throughthat, i started becoming really conscious of my feelings and then itwas a matter of okay. How can i deal with these feelings? So if i'm feelingoverwhelmed i'll, give you a perfect example. So last night i was feeling alittle stressed, because i had a proposal that i had to work on fortoday that i hadn't done. I also refinancing my house. I also have aside business that need some tax stuff. I also am planning some personalvacation stuff and i couldn't get a run of car. I just have a lot of my play alot and i felt myself feeling you know when i was agitated, but the key isthat i don't bring that home into my personal. I set a boundary where i amdone, working at six p m every single day and wherever i am, i'm going to bepresent with that person. So at six p m i go inside them with my wife and i'mwith my family, okay, and that's what you see when i'm with you, i'm presentwith you and you bring out a positive energy and me well. My wife immediatelysense that i was like feeling overwhelmed or agitated and she's, likeyou know. What's going on, i since you're like a little bit shorter- and isaid why ave all this stuff going on, i feel a little overwhelmed honey. Youknow what, if it's okay tonight after we put the kids to bed, i'm just goingto go on my lotto and get this proposal hashed out, because i try not to workat night once i try to shut it down. But you know, if i do have to dosomething, i knew that i would feel less stressed if i can go to bedknowing this. This wasn't hanging over my head, so we spent together six tonine. I was present with her. I finished the proposal and i slept verywell at night and this morning i woke up and i went for my run. I'm a man ofroutine, so i'm really relying on these habits and teens instead of letting theemotions. Take me out of my game, so i live by a schedule. I stick to it.Every day, from six to nine, i'm with my family between nine and ten nine andeleven i'm spend quane time with my wife or reading or watching a show, andthen i get you know seven hours, sleep plus, and i exercise it i do my morningor to in the morning and this stuff, regardless of how i'm feeling is what ican depend on, because it makes me feel better when you coach every day whenyou exercise every day when you're with people, you love every day when you'reconnecting you can't help but feel good, and so this journey has really beenevolving into the things that made me feel good in the very short term toreally evolving to what gives me long term, joy and fulfilment, and in doingso i can be very pleasant because i'm committed to whatever i'm doing inthose moments. If i'm running i'm committed to running, if i'm on apodcast and committed to the podcast, but it starts with like identifyingwhat takes you out of the line, men or with you know the things that arearen't serving you in terms of where you want to go, you know make see think even as aleader your outside world is such a reflection of your inside world and thewhether your husband and a father, whether you're leading a sales team,whether you're talking about customs every single day, they start to reflectexactly how you feel like i remember there, there was about a month or soago. I i was feeling really a lot of...

...anxiety or insecurity, and you knowthere's a lot going on as i'm talking to all these people on my team, i'mlike man, why is everybody so anxious? Why do i feel so insecure and then ilooked at myself in the mirror, i'm like da. It is because i feel anxious iin so here right now, and so it's you know it's a lot of times we like to tryto think hey. Our work. Self is different from our personal self right-un. Let's just you know, i'm selling here it doesn't matter how things areor with my home life has made out. They are going by health through team, butthey're so interwoven a hell of a lot more than we give it credit for your sort of spot on. You just gave thesecret to a fulfilling happy life right, it's being the same person at work asyou are outside of work right being authentic. Being you good bad, you knowthat that to me is the secret to selling an outside of sales. Frankly isto be consistent with how you show up. So when i i have a hard ass worker andi work hard in all aspects of my life. It's not work is done. Turn off the tturn on the tv and watch sports all weekend, and this is my connie.Bullshit, okay, weekends come around and i'm planting i'm gardening, i'mbarbecuing, i'm planning our vacations, i'm taking care of business, i'm withthe family, we're always doing stuff, and it's like that's who i am where iused to be all in or all out. I was all at work and i was sore that i had to beall out when i wasn't working and now i'm just all in period, so that's kindof what what you're seeing and it really is. The truth is, like you can'tbe two people, man, that's a conflict, that's that's, really exhausting andthat's what i was frankly i had. I had a double. I live the double life and,in terms of you know my sales life versus my personal life, and now idon't so. I think you're really on to something that so as you've kind of gone through thisjourney. As you are continually learning and you are continuallygaining feedback from the world on where young to go. What are some of the things, so you venkind of mentions, like hey when you start to feel this sense of. Oh, i gota lot going on, i'm really starting to get a little anxious in my body'stensing up. Yes, what do you do like for the sales people out there or salesleaders out there? Who you know they got a lot of medias coming up? Maybetheir personal life isn't going as well as they want to have transition back tothe real world and feel a little anxious about all this sort of stuff?What do you do like? How do you kind of click yourself back into saying? Hey,let's get myself grounded here. Let's get myself feeling right before i justyou know go face first into wherever it is i'm trying to go yeah, i think, for me, i will lie, as i was alludingto earlier on healthy habits and for me, daily exercise is really a part, sodiet, rest exercise. You know, fundamentally, when you have vers in order, you have more energyperiod right if you're not rested, if you're hung over, if you're frankly outof shape, right, you're going to show up is more sluggish or more irritable,and so for me, that is part of my values is taking care of my physicalhealth. My father, passed away. When i was when i was nineteen years old, hewas fifty three and then i saw like my cousin passed away at forty seven. Theni saw my first boss at sales, for i diet, forty nine, so i seen people thatdied because of lifestyle and health. So help for me is extremely important,and i know it is for you too, and your runner, and what not? So so. I start myday it's about having the consistent morning routine. For me every singleday that gives me energy to show up and feel good. So i happen to be onpraterea right now, but during the sales force work here when when i amworking, there's four things that i do in the morning every single morningthat get me fine to like feel good, regardless of what's going on outside,but because, if you can feel good in your habits physically, you can handlebecause there's always going to be...

...there's always going to be stressfulthings. There's always going to be things that come up that are hard, it'sall about your ability to respond to them. So my my things like put myselfan optimal mental and physical state to be able to respond to adversity orobstacles or challenges that come up, which they inevitably will. So thefirst things that i do every day in the morning. Are i rest? First of all, iguess that starts the night before, but i get good rest, that's foundational!So that's not one of the four, but the first thing i do is: i have a shape.It's a nutritional re replacement, shape organic with vite mineral greenwith the green supit, so it some cokin water and i throw that in a little bitof coffee. You know separate and that's like my breakfast. I gives me a lot ofenergy. Then i hit up my palatin bike or i go on a run or i do push ups andsit ups. That's my exercise routine! Then i typically will take a coldshower right out of you exercise because i'm already like sweating andhot now i like open up those pores right, n, they're open and you closethem up and it just like t wakes. You up right so took a call shower thismorning and then in the shower every single day i play- and i say agratitude- prayer i've been doing this for years, i'm a man of faith and i'm abeliever that we're not just here by accident. So for me, it's reallyimportant that i thank god for everything i have and i pray for otherpeople and i play for his will and spirit to be inside of me to help meinfluence and spire and help others right. It's all about praying forothers and letting letting them do as well through me help other people andthat's really important to me right so having that faith in that purpose,beyond just myself, when i start my coaching so before i would stretch,sell fors at nine and il coach for me tonight, so you have to imagine so whatdid i do? I got myself playing with exercise. I put you know: energynutrition. In my body i said a prayer. I woke myself up with the cultore and acoach, so i did five things that are all about helping serving connectingfeeling great. So you can't feel bad when you've done those five things ican have the worst tit. I can work up in the worst mood in its happen andthat i do those things i'm all i feel better. It's guarantee you do.Cardiovascular exercise. You are going to feel better. So for me, it's likedon't rely on the emotions of the feelings like rely in your habits andyour discipline and do those things regardless of bout. Your feeling andyou just have the hack which, which, frankly most people don't have andyou're in a competitive advantage, so that to me is fundamentally important.Better thing i do is i identify what's on my play, so thinking about this isagain i give you super long answers what i want to be like i like it's all about like what is thething? That's stressing you out right. Usually it's something that you're notdealing with that. You know you need to be right. It's just a big thing thatyou're procrastinating on so for me, it's like okay, the source of stress orfeeling anxious is because i'm not dealing with this thing. I know i needto maybe it's personal. Maybe it's work, but i time walk so i identify what isthat thing that i need to do and i time walk and i make it a priority to takecare of it right, and i do this. Every single day, i give you an example lastnight of getting that proposal done to a company a meeting with today. That'si think another part of it is like stop procrastinating. I've gotten into thislike habit of taking identifying what needs to be done. That's the mostimportant thing and time walking and actually doing it. So it's not justsitting in my head, stressing me out and then the last thing, which isprobably the most fundamental of all, is focus right for me. You have so manyinputs coming in so many demands of you as a leader as a husband as a sales rapas a father, whatever it's all about understanding. What's the mostimportant things that you need to focus on and doing those things versusletting the day overtake you and getting flooded, you know with your inbox or demands like when i'm on this call. By the way my emails close, myphone is on silent. That's how i treat every task that i'm doing i'm notletting the day over taking me and...

...getting pulled in twenty directions:i'm not a freaking puppet! Okay! I til the string. I pull the strings. Ichoose my calendar. I choose where to spend my time i identify what is mostimportant and then sales, it's r, gas and you've heard me talk about thissport revenue generating activities. Okay, it's either setting meetingsduring meetings preparing for meetings for following up on meetings and thoseshould be either meetings that advanced pipeline prioritized above all else,for create new pliban and that's it. Everything else is noise right. So ifyou can buckle down to am i doing things at vance pipe on or create pipeline right, that's a good frame of where they should be prioritized in thesales world in the personal world. It's all about making my wife happy, that'show it goes. So. Basically, you know planning trips, cooking dinner. Youknow taking care of the kids cleaning, the house just stuff that sheappreciates it's going to take the load off of her back. So i am a hyperfocused on what i ill doing and that's been for me a huge part of it, so ijust laid on a bunch of an stuff for you. You know, i think what i reallylike about. All that is is it's. I wanted to call the word regimented, butit is very like you have a process, you are a routines. You have habits thatyou say whatever i'm going through as long as i show up and i execute it's acold shower is meditation whether you know whatever it is you're giving yourbody your buying your emotions, the best shop, to show up in a clear andabundant way, so whole purpose of ry teams right there. It's kind of likethe safe guard of whatever you're, going to put it through this machine,so speak and hopefully in the other ed could have come out and it works.People ask me: how are you so happy every day? How do you feel so? Well, ihave a freaking lot to be grateful for man, i'm happy because i've created mydream life, but i wasn't before i didn't. Have these routines, i didn't,have you know, i think a lot of it comes down to connection to, i thinkthat's probably the most important thing is like every day of lunch mewith my wife, a block off an hour and from six to nine, i'm with my family.I'm connected. You know i good friends that i do stuff with them the weekend.I can i'm talking to you i'm talking to you. It's like that's. The cool thingis like when you know, when you're locked up in your front of laptop allday, man, that's miserable. I wouldn't wish them on anyone. So i've beenfeeling my days with in an sales connecting is what we need to do withour customers. We need to be meeting with customers and having conversationsnot sitting behind and just behind the desk working on ad man or three hoursfor a proposal we have to prior. That's why rollin sales a lot of us anywaysbecause we're people, persons- and this is a natural fit for us and for me iknow when i was miserable and sales a lot of the times. It's because i wasn'tnecessarily doing what i love doing, which is meeting with customerspresenting, and you know, wot you on deals. So i think ye agree that you canschedule not only a personal time with those habits, but also your work timewith making sure meeting and getting in front of people's a priority. You can'tfail. You know unless you're is a espeso person that no want to hang outwith or talk to, but then the probably shouldn't be in sales. You know not not to give you a plug toomuch, but you know, i think why you are a person that people gravitate towardsand why people are continually asking to be coached by you why your customerswant to take these meetings with you, but we actually have been playing forthis conversation to be, but had to get conversations with the sea level. Wedidn't even we didn't we, this kind of digress but which i love theconversation, but you are the type of person that people are naturally drawntowards because you're showing up in a certain way thatyou're you have credibility with it. First, off you've gone through theexperience of hey. You are a top producer. You have work withorganizations in a really strong way, which you're also you're still goingthrough it like you're willing to take off your. I know everything had to sayyeah. I can teach you through my experience here. I can teach youthrough the lessons and the struggles...

...and the awesome things, but also i'mnot about to tell you that i know everything right now. You're stilllearning it. I think that just cost so much humility with you. Then i justcommend you for that, and i have one question here because you know we areup got up on time here. He said one thing earlier kind of a little bitembody of what your wi is and one of two wives was teverone, helping peoplefind enjoyment in their life and then second helping people somewhere, butthere which those two things can usually go hand in hand. You can be asbrief for it as long as you want yours. My last question for you: why is thatimportant to you right there? That's such a clear mission that you're notjust saying you are embodying that. Like i see you, i talk to you, iwitness you embodying that how an why did that come about there, because it'smy story, my story was. I thought that if i sold more, i would have everythingi wanted and that story didn't have a happy endingin the sense that i thought it would be. I thought if i bought my dream houseand he drove a azarae. I have a two million dollar house by the beach. Ihave another house a con had all these like i've done really well in a worldlymaterial kind of way, and it didn't give me what i was looking for, and soin that process i learned how to sell really well to executives and how tocrack into the largest companies at the highest level and connect with them ata level that, frankly, my competitors and other people weren't doing- and iknow it's important- that i teach that i'm not teaching how to make a milliondollars. I'm teaching how to get in the door with senior executives and solvereal problems that will position you as a trusted advisor and as a you know,company that they want to work with based on how you show up. So no one wasteaching that in the market right, a lot of people are teaching the whathere's, what to do and here's how to write an email or here's the activitystars, no one's teaching, how to do it so how we sell the quality over thequantity is really what i'm after is teach real skills in the enterprisethat help you effectively prospect, discover present clothes, negotia andgrow an account right and i think, there's a just a huge gap in the thesales training world. For that. So that's the first one. The second thingis: i want people to be leary of just making money and beingbetter in sales. The goal right, because if that's only the goal they're,not they don't have a strong wier. They don't have a vision or they're, notthey're, not going to be happy they're going to be better salesperson for sure,and that was my story. I went to that. So helping people identify what trulybrings happiness and fulfilment outside of just their performance. I mean to me:i found that that secret, i found that light right and it it is connection. Itis growth. It is contribution, it is faith, it is taking the best carryyourself. It is a belief. It is service, it's all of these things, so we reallyneed to break it down into like what does your life look like if it's justwork all the time and everything else is outside is like for nothing like.What's the point of it right? So that's really important to me that people findwhatever it is that for them brings true happiness and fulfilment, becausein our society it's needed more than ever and again, if you're, not a happyperson, you're not going to be a great salesperson. Okay and if you're, not agreat person, you're not going to be a great salesperson. So how do we work onthe foundation, so people can show up their best, they go hand in hand, theygo hand in hand, but everybody wants to know the secret to selling the most andget the selling skills and that's all there is no one's talking about thepersonal development or if they are it's completely outside of the salesworld. It's like tony robin so michael is to really infuse the two and createprograms that reflect upon both because one without the other is not thecomplete picture. Like you're saying...'s, two different lives right, so atthe end of the day, it's all about being the best version of ourselveswherever we are and so that that's kind of how i came upon that being mymission and frankly, someone just wants selling skills yeah. I can give it tothem, but it doesn't light me up as much. I want them to get real of me andtell him like what they're not happy about their lives and their bad habits,and i had a guy in coach that was playing video games twenty thirty hoursa week and we i made him on the first call, give it to his wife and say we'regetting rid of this and now he's playing hockey with his buddies, goingon dates going on boats he's all this time. He's working out he's like adifferent person all because we made one little twig. So sometimes that'swhat it takes, and you know if you think you can be a great killer salesperson without doing the personal work and with having your personal life andshambles. You got some some stuff coming to you, because itwon't work it'll blow up on you just like it did on me right. So that to meis part of it and i frankly think we're moving away from what makes us humanand how god made us right. I think what makes us human is that love inside ofus that joy, that you see in kids that i see my children that somehow you knowas we get older it gets sucked out. So we can bring some of that back and justget people connecting and being authentic and real and loving andsupportive each other man, our society. Our worlds can be so much better thanit is right now or people fight and point fingers and blame, and you know ijust think it's needed more than ever. So if i can be any part of that foreven one person man, i've done my job here. Oh yeah well said my friend well said:commend you for showing up for being vulnerable for just like folly. Beingyou last question? No, i told you my other one was last question, but ifpeople listen this like man, i got to get a hold of ein. I gotta listen towhat er he's putting out there. How do people folly? How do people get incontact with you? Yeah two places first is linked in i'm living there thesedays so connect with me on linkedin. If youconnect with me i'll, accept your request and i'll. Send you a link to mynewsletter, which, every week i sent out a sales training, video whichinfuses both selling skills and personal development topics that i talkabout you'll be a new video every week they got on mondays or tuesdays. Sothat's probably the best place in the second place is youtube. So i've takenall my videos that i put them on youtube subscribe on youtube, you'll,get everything that i put out, but just reach out. Send me a dm. Tell me howthis is impacted. You if you do want to learn about. You know how we worktogether, one on one or what i'm up to a happy to share a little more details.If any of the stuff resonates but linked in is, it is definitely theplace and i have a website to en konyak. If you want to learn a little bit moreabout my program, so appreciate you asking the question, thanks for thanksfor helping me promote when i have to do as well, he may we support eachother so, and i appreciate you be on show and pro er listeners who arelisten in as always thinks for being on sales engagement, podcast, and if welook forward to hearing you get on the next one pm. Thanks for ten thanks,boding taker, this was another episode of the sales engagement podcast to helpthis get in front of more eyes and ears. Please leave us a shining five starreview join us at sales engagement com for new episodes, resources in the bookon sales engagement to get the most out of your sales engagement strategy, makesure to check out out reached lio. The leading sales engagement platform seeyou on the next episode a.

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