The Sales Engagement Podcast
The Sales Engagement Podcast

Episode · 3 years ago

What Does Differently to Find and Equip the Best Outbound Reps w/ Max Schultz


“He told us one of the co-founders of our competitor parties with Kanye West, and brought a picture like a private investigator.”

The candidates that really stand out to are the ones who can find out under the surface things about their industry and competition that they couldn’t have simply googled.

Max Schulz is the Head of Sales in the US at  He joined me on the podcast to talk about what has done differently to equip their SDR’s and how they find the best candidates for hire. was founded in Berlin in 2011 and in 2016 launched a customer success office in San Francisco.  The sales and success team has gone from then being just Max to now an office of 20 and a mostly outbound organization. There is very little inbound that they rely on.  So Max has had a front-row seat to the building and scaling of sales teams.

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