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Episode · 2 years ago

Stop Hiding Behind Your Email: 3 Reasons to Start Picking up the Phone w/ Ryan Donohue


It’s a modern workforce, and usually that means technology. But in our quest to pursue the convenience of technology we’ve neglected a powerful tool for sales conversations: the telephone. All of your efforts in sales should be driving more conversations because that’s what creates business.

“If you’re not good on the phone, you’re going to fail,” says Ryan Donohue, Head of Sales at FDAzilla. Ryan helps businesses regulated by the FDA (20% of the US economy) access the data needed to be better prepared for FDA inspections. As the leader of the sales team, he also trains new sales reps in pursuing excellent phone conversations.

So much of the workforce today is made up of people who have grown up with cellphones. They’re so comfortable with texting and email that they actually feel reluctant to use the phone for what it was originally designed to do: make phone calls.

Texts and emails are so much easier to manage because you have a safety barrier in response time. But when you pick up the phone, that barrier disappears between you and the other person, which can be pretty intimidating. When you’re so concerned about having all the knowledge, facts, and figures you might need for a conversation, making a phone call is terrifying. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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