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Episode · 10 months ago

Maintaining Culture through a Pandemic w/ Donald McKenna


If there’s one thing that’s been put to the test in the last year, it’s company culture. As a majority of companies throughout the United States and beyond have moved to remote work, maintaining that company culture has become a challenge.

It’s hard to recreate the office culture when you’re sitting behind a webcam in your living room, or having to navigate internet connectivity issues.

So how do you maintain that culture? The thing that makes your company special? After all, culture is one of the reasons that people come to work for you, and it’s one of the main reasons people stay. Or leave.

On this episode of the Sales Engagement podcast, we chat with Donald McKenna. Donald is the Vice President of Sales at Global Industrial, and had quite a bit to say about

  • Maintaining a thriving, healthy culture, even through a global pandemic.
  • Making sure you’re supporting those front line sales managers
  • Why you should be getting buy-in from your “influencers” before you bring changes to the broader team

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