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Episode · 5 months ago

Owning Your Career Progression w/ Ryann Leonard


Most people want to go somewhere with their careers. They’re usually not comfortable staying in one spot for too long.

Sure there are some folks who get into a role and they want to do that role for their entire careers, but most people aren’t like that. Most folks want to use a role to learn, grow, and help them move into the next role.

But how do you do that, particularly in a sales role? What does an entry level cold-calling sales rep have to do to put themselves in a position for the next role, and then once they get there, how do they keep setting themselves up for success?

On this episode of the Sales Engagement podcast, we talked with Ryann Leonard. Ryann is the Director of Global Restaurant Operations & Enablement at Slice. She’s had an amazing career run, and spent over 2 years as a cold-calling sales rep, all while setting herself up for the next thing.

We talked all about:

  • What enabled her to spend two and a half years as a cold-calling sales rep, and how she turned rejection into opportunity
  • How to set yourself up as the no-brainer for the next big promotion
  • What to do if and when you’re passed over for the promotion and how to recover
  • Actions you can take today to make your role more than what it currently is

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