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3 Resolutions Sellers Need to Keep in 2021 w/ Rian Lanigan


We’re about to the point in 2021 that new year resolutions start to wane. It’s the human way: We get excited about a goal, we go about four weeks, we don’t see immediate results, and our motivation fizzles.

In this episode of The Sales Engagement Podcast, we’re exploring three resolutions that sellers need to keep for longer than a few weeks (it’s worth it, we promise!).

Rian Lanigan, Managing Director at Sandler Training, shares…

  • How and why you should make your own sales methodology
  • How to not feel completely awkward asking for referrals
  • 3 resolutions every seller needs to make (and keep) in 2021

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Welcome to the sales engagement podcast. This podcast is brought to you by outreach, the leading sales engagement platform helping companies, sellers and customer success engage with buyers and customers in the modern sales era. Check out sales engagementcom for new episodes, resources and the book on sales engagement, available on Amazon and Barnes and noble or wherever books are sold. Now let's get into today's episode. Hello and welcome back everyone to the sales engagement podcast. Thanks for hanging out with me. You've got, Scott Parker, and appreciate, as always, you lending US ear drums for the next thirty minutes. Promise is going to be a great discussion. I've been looking forward to this one for a while. I enjoined by Rhan Lanigan. Ryan. Welcome to the show man to pleasure to be here, Scott, and just a little background. You're currently in Ireland, so it's five pm where you're at and right we're hauling me up from from happy hour right now, and I should have just said you know, it's crack a beer here. It's the holidays. It's nine am where I'm at. I can probably get away with it but maybe a another time. Man. So you're currently the managing partner at San Sandler Training. I think most sales profession solves. Most of our listeners will be familiar with with Sammler methodology. Many has probably gone through some training. But what's the Superhero origin story? Man? How did you how did you get into this, this world, that kind of sales training? Love to have a superhero story for you, but I was kind of board into it. My father owned the First Star Center office at so to, North America, and nineteen years ago this month. So I grew up with it. After University I moved to Australia. When I moved back didn't really know what I wanted to do. Was Lucky enough to kind of get my tone. De Sundler for a bid. SET UP A marketing agency helping Sundla frontis owners. For those who don't know, part of it is franchise. There's about twouldred eighty offices across the world and I worked with a number of the top producing frontis honors to help them, you know, get more clients, put more bombs on the seats in a world where people went to events. One of the clients was the global CEO, Dave Matson, did that for the be three and a half years, brought on a partner in the business about eighteen months ago and successfully exited late August of this year. Then decided that, still being a fan of Sunder and have a kind of swam without water for a while, for three and a half years working with a number of them, that I wanted to buy into the Irish franchise and that's what led me to where I am today. Very cool, man. It's an awesome story and you know, I imagine the chapter or over there has to be one of the is it one of the bigger ones? I know it's such it's such a tech hub. Is particularly and like doubling your every single big tech company is over there. As the one who here figure chapters, definitely lucky to be located where we are. And Yeah, if you're look at it the enterprise space, then yeah, it would be. We work with in Ireland's Sales Force Zendesk, Microsoft, IBM, Google, all the all the big players in the software IT industry. Yeah, very cool. I had to ask where did you live in Australia? I spent some time down there as a young man as well, I spent the year of two thousand and fifteen in Perth. Perth beautiful. I never actually made it to perve. I went all over. I was played a lot of rugby growing up, so I did a big rugby to Aur all around Australia when I was pretty young and then went back when I was nineteen, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, right to high school. Actually, it's like that's some weird job, selling... and spot actages door to door. They would they were flying. They would fly me to Australia and help them open up an office. I was I got no grainer. That's not a bug. I don't need to go to UNI or anything. I just get me a beach and let me play rugby. That sounds awesome. And I was in at that that time I was in, I say Sydney, but if anyone knows Sydney, I was act see in a suburb of Sydney called Paramatta, which, if you know Sydney at though, it it's not the nicest part of town. Sorry if anyone's from their matter, but it's it's a rough neighborhood. But I was I was happy. That's don't be bit at also that you that you played rugby. ARELAND is a big country for rugby. We're very proud of our rully team. One of my favorite sports. For your listeners who haven't heard of this sport, Google it. It's called hurling. I think it's the greatest sport in the world. It's the fastest field sport in the world. You can thank me, if you've not watched it, for the introduction. Yeah, my one of my first and still probably my best tire today. Shout out Billy Lane, who's now that this is development manager. Took my job when I left over at media La when I left a couple of years back. He was huge into hurling. I think he was like a top, top, top guy back in Ireland and he started actually in Vancouver. Each started team, so we now have like a whole hurling league in in Vancouver. I've watched some of this is. It's a rough sport, man. It's a rock it's fast. Is it's a crazy game. What's a good comparison? It's like kind of hockey, kind of like hockey, bought field hockey, where they just beat the crap out of each other. Yeah, that's you. Yeah, yeah, kind of like hockey and rugby had a baby. Maybe. Yeah, something like that. That's cool, all right, man. So what I want to spend the bulk of the time talking about is kind of some of those. Let's start with some of the basic methodologies for those for those people who are not familiar with with Samler and and sure it's hard to sum up in just a few sentences, but like, what's the main premise of Samler? Because there's so much sales content out there. It seems like every time I open my eyes there's another you know, Sales Guru on Linkedin tell me to do something. What's the what's the fundamentals? It's something I buy my head off the wall a lot with, but I've realized that the costs to entry to this, to this sector, is zero. So anyone and everyone can be it. So there's a lot of noise out there, but yeah, Sun or a little chill. Sales and sales manager been training. For those who've heard of before, they may be familiar with the sun of submarine. It's seven step a sales process where you can't go to the next step. The reason for the submarine you can't open the next door until you've closed the previous door. So there's like, you know, bonding rapport or phone contract pain, so on and so on and so on. So that's traditionally what sound has been known for, but over the years they've developed some partnerships. Most recently, would like gainsight to develop a customer success program but keeping a real simple sales and sales manage were training. Yeah, cool, so we could a wide swath of listeners, you know, after saying we get like durs on their first week on the job trying to figure this out. We get management, we get crros listening. For those leaders that are listening that you know it is when we're recording this. Anyway, it's close to the end of the year. Maybe you're still planning some sort of sales kickoff for some sort of like training. How do I see through the noise and I'm saying hey, go, go, do sandler because it's the best. You know, I I'm friends with a ton of these trainers, but how do I make an informed decision when, like you said, there's seemingly people that go into sales make six figures one...

...year off of like inbound leads and then they say, wow, I'm the greatest sales person of all time. I need to share all my wisdom. And then they they go and start training company. How do you teach your people like, Hey, here's a framework for figuring out who to go with? I've very rarely seen that skill transfer. You know, it's one of the most common things we've seen where they'll think the top performing sales are, make them the sales manager and things go downhill from there. Not saying that's that's every case, but that's a high proportion of the case of that we see. But a couple of things you can do. Just like if I if a sales trip comes to be and looks for advice of a particular topic, I always asked about they spoken to the top performing sales rap if they spoken to like the cmover, the celfo with their company to Leverage Internal Austin. So like that. Just speak to those people you admire the guy that we both highly respect as tom costly. He knows his shit. I go to him. Hey, Tom, you've been around this industry for a while. Who Do you respected? Who? Who would you go to for sales trating? So that's what second one is g to the review site. You can check there, see see what other people say that. I think John Burrows actually said that that was one of the world's top two hundred like be to be websites. visit it and its yeah, Noth's insane. Yeah, and then the third one. What I would do is all of the companies, Barrows, Metahiman, Sidler, Challenger, they all run free sessions, free Webbitize, you know, dip into them. See what you think, because once for you what's not for you. But yeah, those those three areas, leveraging your your connections, looking at you two and then just attending possessions to see. would be my advice to any leader out there looking for what's the best fit for them. Yeah, yeah, good advice. I often struggle with this because I wouldn't say I'm not selling quite as much as I used to. Well, like I think sales isn't growing in every everything we do every day. But I'm not, you know, carrying a bag like like I used to. But I don't think I subscribe to a methodology I never really had in my career. I'm familiar with just about like all of them and I think I probably borrowed from all of them. In your eyes, is there room for organizations to subscribe to multiple methodologies, or is that gonna going to hurt you? So before you, before even answer that question, there's one thing that I think everyone can and should do as a base foundation before they look at you know, can we can we learn from all these multiple things which which there? It is possible. But and I've only subscribed to a holeheardedly religiously maybe three last three months. It's what I you call in Sunder as a cookbook. You can call it what you want, but it's a list of daily most do activities to keep your pipeline healthy, because pipeline is everything. You know, as I mentioned earlier on, that I successfully exited the last business and I entered this business. Well, truth be told, for the first couple of weeks of this business my initial strategy was to rely one hundred percent on in melted leads and to play a full marketing game and I wasn't under any financial stress from having left the other business. Weeks went by and then I realized when I was paying myself, when day, Hey, I've got to switch this from in bold outpend if I'm going to, you know, continue eating food. And then I became religious about my cookbook and again, don't have to use that word, but it's again. It's just a list of daily must do things. You know, I look for three year fails daily. One Free Talk, got to send thirty five personalized the emails. Got To pick on the phone and ring fifty ideal prospects. What are your must do daily activities to keep your pipeline healthy? That's my advice for any whether they're looking to go, you know, because you can spend so much time looking. When I go for this, You we takeing all of that. What's that I want to do?...

Forget all of that. Just lay down that to begin with. When you do, you'll then start to see where you are comfortable and uncomfortable. You might identify that, Hey, I'm actually needing some help on the phone. Well, let's go ask those guys. The Tom Castle is the world when it comes to looking for more afferrals or cold calling. Who Do you think is the best methodology or what methodology you think is the best for me? WHO SHOULD I go to? And they'll tell you, yeah, great, great advice. Going after those people that you know that that know their step. I also love this idea of this cookbook, this daily cookbook. So you breathe by I would love to dive in. You breeze back quickly. What is your daily cookbook? One? Are the things that you yourself, because you're still you know, you're essentially selling, right. What are the things that you do that you have to make sure you hit either daily or weekly basis? Yeah, for sure. So the the weekly minimum is warned. You talk or podcast recording. That I've got a hit in terms of huge. That's huge. On now I want to quickly underscore that for and I don't care if you're a BDR, listen to this. I don't carryer can executives, management whatever. There's there's podcasts and things you can get on that will get your name out there. You'll get more visibility, more people will recognize your name when you do send them an email, when you do send them a linkedin message. Everyone can be doing that and I think that's a great KPI. Sorry, yeah, no, no, I've got two stories. You've actually led me to a story. So first one, first piece of a tip would be reference Australia, because we both live there. If you're in Sydney. I can't remember the rough part of city that you said you were in, but if you're in Sydney, I would type it. You know, top sales podcast in Sydney or if you're in hate or top hate or podcast is Sydney. Request to be on the PODCAST. You know they're looking for people to come on in exchange for time. They're looking for you to share your knowledge and if you can do that and match that, it's an easy win. The second one is you are one hundred percent right with it doors being easier to open or you become more recognizable when you go on these podcasts. By father, I said, started the business nine years ago. One of his first client city ward was IPM and there was a saddler brochure dropped through the letter box of someone nineteen years ago and it had the the invite to one of his what he called executive briefings of the time and there was all this writing and the person's when they signed, as a client said, they glanced for all the writing but walk caught the attention was the sound of training logo and they had been in the UK for sound of training and they liked it so that got their attention, they had a phone call and then that led to something. So the story here is that the more powerful your brand, company individual can become, the more doors that could open for you. So thank you for stopping on that specific cookbook activity, diving into that, because I think that a lot of people overlooked that and she could down that road more. Second one is in terms of outreach, I've got to do a minimum of ten calls a day and fifty emails a day, and then in terms of affairs, I ask for one ulfail every single day would be the minimum. I do. So email, phone call, referral and then I'm looking for a talk and then I have things to remind me. Hey, have you drop this person and out have you followed up with this? But the they'd be the bare daily minimums that I that I do every single day and it can be Oh, I'm sorry, yeah, creating content for posting a linkedin every single day is included in that as well. But the part that people come to me and say Hey, Rey and I've built a cookbook and I'm executing on it but I'm not seeing the traction I want to see you and as how long have you been doing it for a month, two months. I've been doing mine for four and...

...a half, five months now, and I'd hand not hard say that only in the last three, three and a half weeks I've started to really see things slowly round a book. I'm a big believer in take care of the process of the results will inevitably take care of themselves. Don't worry about the results, just focus on the process, which is the cookbook. I've continue to do that. The results will that ever be take care of themselves. Yeah, I like it and it's so it's so true. It's so true and in everything in life right, it's like you go to the gym for two weeks and then you look in the mirror. Yeah, I got like this. I'm like, I don't want to do this anymore. You know, I'm not seeing any results. And then if you just like put your blinders on, you're like no, I'm just going to do this, and then you you know, you wait eight, ten, twelve weeks. Okay, I can see a little bit of results and gives you that motivation to keep going. I like it. So four and a half months before you see results, I like it. My next question I got a note here because a lot of young sellers come to me and ask this question. They feel really awkward asking for referrals. And then I talked to a lot of, you know, my my older like mentors executive level, and like all they do is is referrals, like they're not talking to anyone unless they're like referred in and that's just like the way they do things. For some of those younger sellers. Like, how do you ask for referrals? Like what do you actually do? Do you ask before and say hey, I'm looking this contact. You know, mind doing worth for a like walking through your process there? Yeah, I feel like a lot of people are scared. Yeah, the A, the their study by study by study shows that the most effective way into a net, you accempt real symple here, is if you can provide results for someone, they're more likely to introduce you to someone else. To start with that in mind and hold account reviews with your current clients, so whether that's monthly or quarterly account reviews, and at the account review on the agenda, if you have an up for contract, mentioned that they look what are the things we're going to work talk on today. Is Rare fails before we meet next week, can you make your linkedin connections open to me? I'll do the same. I'm going to go through and pick a three or four names that I would like you to introduce me to. You please do the same so when we sit down we can go through themes at anegitably two or three. I'll it's usual to vice versa. That's the easiest way. I like it. I like it. Okay, next question. I'm going to leave this intentionally broad. I'm always in saying how quick these half an hour's goes, so I'm going to leave US intentionally broad. You can you can take this wherever you'd like to go with it. If there is just three things, you know, three pieces of advice that you would give an actual seller, so an individual contributor who's who's gearing up. It's it's been a tough year for many. They're looking at two thousand and twenty one, but like three changes or three pieces of advice you would give them that are going to start them on the right foot for the new year. Yeah, easy cookbook. I I'd be I'd regret if I didn't say good book, because you can see how much has impacted in those four months. As I said, it's at the ramp up. Recently, Loui've added nine net you logos as old, nice and sorry. So so the cookbook just to read write. The cookbook is a breakdown of your daily, your weekly and your monthly back to me basics muster to keep keep that pipe and healthy and and be consistent with it. You know a lot of people will get that kick up of the ASS and January and roll with it. But are you going to continue to do your cookbook in June? Because your cookbook that you do now is going to impact your pipeline in three months time? Don't think of it. What I do today impacts to day. What I do today impacts three months from now. So if you stop it today,... won't feel that impact for three months. So that's the first one. The second one I do is I'm I check out. You know, I'm sure there's many reports, but I'll reference one that I read recently. was a sales force state of sales report. I think they said six those sales professionals completed it and they reference then top five most important things that sales leaders have on their agenda for two thousand and twenty one. I don't know what persona you, as a listener, are trying to sell to, but find out the top three priorities for your prospects for two thousand and twenty one. There's tons of reports that name list these, most notably Gardner, list them. I check them out every single quarter because they change because of the world where they change, of us, but one of the top three current top priorities for your buyer, persona. Is the second piece of advice that I'd give. And the third piece of advice that I give would be to reference, sorry, leverage, not reference leverage, internal assets in your company and if you notice, Hey, this person's much better at asking questions on the phone with prospects that I am, or this person is better at asking for a fails leverage the internal assets that you have within in terms of asking questions. I'll actually have a bonus on to this. One thing that we have in se as called a pain funnel and it's a series of questions that you go through to ask the prospect to get to their level. Three pay, you know, service level and then the proper pay level. And there's a way that I remember this. It's called Dave took Adams current fortune. So, Dave is details you know. Can you tell me about that? Could you be but worth specific? It took is time. How long is that been a problem? They took Adams is. What what have you tried to do about that? About that day? FOROK, Adams current current is cost. How much do you think that has cost you and how do you feel about that? And then they took Adams current fortune. Fortune is. The future is. Have you given up trying to deal with the problem? So Dave took Adam's cared fortune is a bonus. What that out on to up? But those in all three things that it is. It's like the one that I don't know if you learned today out of bent your skill, but for the north, southeast and West, my tjer told me never eat shredded weef. Had that, so I'm not get that out of my head. I do it every time. Then I do that. Yeah, there's a lot of those. It's funny that we were taught to say one. It must be like a Commonwealth thing because I'm Canadian. That's awesome. And they took they took Adams current future. I remember that one now. That's awesome and I love those. I couldn't agree more. So make that cookbook. Do It, and you know, a lot of us are given cook books from, or something that resembles a cookbook from, maybe our manager, our leader. Take the time to make your personal one right, and this is this is something that's often overlooked. Like you might have a better conversion rate than someone, you might be worse or better at cold calls. You meant to have to do more or a little bit. Let like find your numbers and your cookbook that works for you. Top three priorities of your persona that is so huge. Leveraging internal assets. You know, we have a quote internally that goes losing alone is a fireble offense and it means you know we're all going to lose, but know that the whole team is behind you. So you're you, as an account executive, had this army of people that want to see you succeed. So use the sets, whether it's training, whether it's an executive alignment, whatever. It made me. I love that. And then the the pain fun on it's is huge cool. Well, thank you, brother. This has been super insightful. If people want to continue to learn from you, continue to connect with you what's the best way to do that? Hey, I'd recommend to things. First of all, make sure you're following Scotland salesccer. That's important on the big fun and yeah,... can read. You can contact me on Linkedin or you can find me on the sales soccer Qla as well. I've jumped on their number times, answered questions and ask questions. Most recently there was one that I asked. deal prospects looking at my linkedin page and I was tried to see how other people would approach that whatever coming across as creepy or stock of your sales and the community helped, so I recommended on it. I love it. Well, thank you so much. have an excellent holiday season and from the listeners, thank you so much for hanging out with us. Well, see you next time. Thank you very much. This was another episode of the sales engagement podcast. Join US at sales engagementcom for new episodes. Resources and the book on sales engagement now available on Amazon, Barnes and noble or wherever books are sold. To get the most out of your sales engagement strategy. Make sure to check out outreach, the leading sales engagement platform. See you on the next episode.

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