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3 Resolutions Sellers Need to Keep in 2021 w/ Rian Lanigan


We’re about to the point in 2021 that new year resolutions start to wane. It’s the human way: We get excited about a goal, we go about four weeks, we don’t see immediate results, and our motivation fizzles.

In this episode of The Sales Engagement Podcast, we’re exploring three resolutions that sellers need to keep for longer than a few weeks (it’s worth it, we promise!).

Rian Lanigan, Managing Director at Sandler Training, shares…

  • How and why you should make your own sales methodology
  • How to not feel completely awkward asking for referrals
  • 3 resolutions every seller needs to make (and keep) in 2021

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Welcome to the sales engagement podcast,this podcast is brought to you by outbreach the leading sales engagementplatform, helping companies, sellers and customer success engaged withbuyers and customers in the modern sales era, check out sales,engagementcom for new episodes, resources and the book on sales,engagement available on Amazon and Barns and noble or wherever books aresold. Now, let's get into today's episode, hello and welcome backeveryone to these sales engagement. podcast thanks for hanging out with me.You've got SCOP, Barker and appreciate, as always, you lending us your yeardrums for the next thirty minutes. Promise is going to be a greatdiscussion. I've been looking forward to this one for a while ind joined byRian Lannagan Reanne. Welcome to the show man, it's a pleasure to be herScott and just a little background, you're currently in Ireland. So it'sfive pm where you're at and Rigt we're holding me up from from happy hour.Right now- and I should have just said- you know- it's crack Af beer here- it'sthe holidays, it's nine m where I'm at I can probably get away with it, butmaybe another time man so you're. Currently the managingpartner at San Sandler Training, I think most sales professionals, most ofour listeners, will be familiar h with Sandler methodology. Many have probablygone through some training, but what's the Superhero origin story? Man? Howdid you? How did you get into this this world ofkind of sales, training love to have a superhero story for you,but I was kind of borht into it. My father owned the first s seller office,sort of North America and nineteen years ago this month, so grew up withit. After University, I moved to Austalia when I moved back, didn'treally know what I wanted to do was lucky enough to kind of dit my ton,the sadder for a big set of BA marketing agency, helping Sanla Frangisorders for those who don't know part of it is franchice theres, other childrenand eighty offices across the world, and I worked with a number of the topproducing fragis onus to help them. You know get more clients put more bomberson th seats in a world where people went to events. One of the clients wasthe Global Co. Dave Matson did that for te Betreen, a a half years B, broughtout a parenter ing the business about eighteen months ago and successfullyexitted late August of this year, then decided that still being a fanof Sullerand have a kind of swam with that water for a while for three and a half yearsworking with a number of them and th, I wanted to buy into the Irish franchiseand that's what led me to wherei out today, very cool man. It's an awesomestory, and you know I imagine the the chapter over there has to be one ofthe sit one of the bigger ones. I know thatsuch it's such a techcab s particulary and like Dombland, you, every singlebig tech company, is over there as it Wonwa her big. Your chapters definitelylooky to be located where we are and yeah. If you're looking in theenterprise space, then yeah, it would be. We work with. In Ireland salesforce, Zennes, Microsoft, IBM, Google, all the all the big players in thesoftware, IT industry, yeah, very cool. I had to ask: Where did you live inAustralia? I spent some time down there as a young man as well spent the year of two thousad andfifteen in Perth, pareth beautiful. I never actually made it teper I went all over. I was. I played a lot of rugby growing up, soI did a big reggie tour, all around Australia when I was pretty young andthen went back when I was nineteen eighteen.Ninety right out of high school actuallyit's like got some weird jobselling golf and spotbackag just door...

...te door. They would they were flying.They would fly me to Australia and help them open up an office. I was like God,no great. Now, that's not a bug. I don't need to go to UNI or anything. Ijust get me a beach and let me play Rupbe. That sounds awesome and I was inat that that time I was in, I say Sydney, but if anyone knows Sydney, Iwas actually in a suburb of Sydney called Paramata Wich. If you knowsittiny intoitit's, not the nicest part of town, sorry anyone's from therematte, but it' up. It's a rough neighborhood, but I was I was happy.That's Doo ben that also that you that you played Rogby, rlg thers, a bigcountry for robe, we're very proud of our riby team, one of my favoritesports for your listeners, who haven't heard of this sport, Google, it it'scalled hurling. I think it's the greatest sport in the world. It's thefastest field, sport in the world. An you can. Thank me if you've not watchedit for the edudotion yeah. My one of my first and still probably Ibest hired today, shout up Billy Lane who's. Now the Business DevelopmentManager took my job when I I left over at media F la when I left a coupleyears back, he was huge into Herlin. I think he was like a toptop top guy backin Ireland and he started actually in Vancouer each started team. So we nowhave like a whole hurling league in in Vancouver. I've watched some of this.So it's a rough sport man, it's a Ropr, it's fast it it's a crazy game. What'sa good comparison, it's like kindof hockey, kind of like hockey butfield hockey where they just beat the crab out of each other Yeah Vit, yeah, yeah kind of likehockey and rugby had a baby, maybe yeah, something like that. That's coolall right man! So what I want to spend the bulk with the time talking about is kind of some of those. Let's start withsome of the basic methodologies for those for those people who are notfamiliar, Wi h with Sammor and I'm sure it's hard to sum up in just a fewsentences, but like what's the main premise of of sandler, because there'sso much sales content out there. It seems like every time I open my eyes,there's another. You Know Sales Guru on Linkdoln tell me to do something: What's the what's the fundamentals,it's something I by Wa ou off the wall, a lot with, but I realized that thecost to entery to this to this sector is zero. So anyone and everyone can beit so there's a lot of noise out there, but yeah Soneran Litte, Che Sales andSals motagimid training for those who've heard of before they may befamiliar with the sunor submarine. It's seven step sales process, where youcan't go to the next step. The reason for the submarine you can open the nextdoor until you've closed the previous door. So there's, like you, know,bonning a report, op phone contract pain so on untoon and so on. So that'straditionally what son has been known for, but over the years they'vedeveloped some parnterships Mo recently with like Gainsigte, to develop acustomer success program, but keeping it real simple sales and sales materswith training yeah cool. So we get a wide swath of listeners. You know afterSa we get like bdrs on the first week on the job trying to figure this out.We get management, we get cros listening for those leaders that arelistening, that you know it is that, when we're recording this anyway, it'sclose to the end of the year, maybe you're still planning some sort ofsales, kickoff or some sort of like training. How do I see through thenoise and I'm not saying hey- go go do shanler because it's the best. You knowI'm friends with a ton of these trainers. But how do I make an informedecision when, like you said, there's seemingly people that go into sales?Make six figures one year off of like...

...indown leads and then they say wow, I'mthe greatest sales person of all time. I need to share all my wisdom and thenthey they go and start training Comhan. How do you dit yourpeople like heyhere's, a framework from figuring out who to go with I've? Veryrarely seen that skill transferr. You know it's one of the most common thingswe've seen where they'll take the top performing sales are up, make up thesales monager things go downhill from there, not saying that's, that's everycase, but that's a highly proportion of the case that we see and but couple of things you can do just like.If I, if sales drep comes to me and looks for advice of a particular topic,I always asked about they spoken to the top performing sales drip Hav. Theyspoken to like the CM oer, the CL forward, their company to leverageinternal asset. So like that, just speak to those people, you admire the aguy that we both highly respect as Tom Casley. He knows his shit. I go to him.Hey Tom you've been around this industry for a while who do you respectat who? Who would you go to for sale trading? So that's ward. Second, one isGTO the review side. You can check their so you see what ofther people saythat I think Jon Barrows actually said that that was one of the worlds top twohundred like be to be websote visit and yeah. No, it's insane yeah and then thethird one. What I would do is all of the companies Barrows Belahiman SalerChallenger. They all road free sessions, Free Weberas, you know dip into them, see what youthink, because Worns for you Wan's not for you but yeah those those threeareas leveraging your your connections, looking at Yo to and then justattending possessions to see, would be my advice to any leader out there,looking for what's the best fit for them, yeah yeah, good advice. I oftenstruggle with this because I wouldn't say I'm not selling quite as much as Iused to do. What, like I think, sales is ingrained ind ever everything we doevery day, but I'm not you know carrying a bag like like Iused to a, but I don't think I subscribe to a methodology. I neverreally had in my career, I'm familiar with just about like all of them, and I think I' properly borrowed from allof them in your eyes, is theire room for organizations to subscribe to multiple methodologies, oris that gonna going to hurt you so before you before? Even answer thatquestion? There's one thing that I think everyone can and should do as avace foundation before they look at you know, can we can we learn from allthese motiple things which, which there it is possible but and ave only subscribed to a wholehidedly, religiously, maybe three, the three months? It's. What are youcalling Saner is a cookbook. You can call it what you want, but it's a lintof daily most do activities to keep your pipe anehealthy hus pipeline iseverything you know I mentioned early around that I successfully exibtid thelast business and hiy entered this business well tout be told for thefirst couple of weeks of this business. My initial strategy was to rely onehundred percent on inbelled leaves and to play a full marketing game N. Iwasn't under any financial stress from having left the other business weekswent by and then I realized when I was paying myself one day. Hey I've got toswitch this from imbed to outpend. If I'm Gointo, you know, continue eatingfood and then I became religious about my cookbook and again don't have to usethat word. But it's again it's just a list of daily most DU things. You know.Looking for three refails daily Wond free talk, got Ta, send thirty fivepersonaed emails got to pick on the phon, an ring, fifty ideal prospects.What are your most do? Dail activities to keep your pipeline healthy, that'smy advice for anywhere they're looking to go. You know, because you can spendso much time. Looking Whel I go for this going Na. Go for that whelne O gofor a bid. ofthis should be taking all...

...of that. What's the right one to doforget all ofthaut just lay down that to begin with, when you do, you thenstart to see where you are comfortable and uncomfortable. You might identifythat Hey, I'm actually needing some help on the phone. Well, let's go askthose guys the Tom Castles of the world when it comes to looking for moreaffairals or coal. Calling who do you think is the best methodologe or whatmethdologe do you think is the best for me. WHO SHOULD I go to and they'll tellyou yeah great great avice going afterthose people that you know that know their stuff. I also love this idea ofthis cookbook this daily cookbook, so you breaze by I would love to dive in you breeze bat quickly. Whatis your daily cookbook? What are the things that you yourself, becauseyou're still you know you're essentially selling right whate are thethings that you do, that you have to make sure you hit on either daily orweekly basis, yeah for sure, so the weekly minimum is Wan, Yow talk orPODCAST, recording that I've got ta hit in terms of huge. That's huge on that.I want to quickly underscore that for- and I don't hear if you're Abed arlistening to this a on't, carryour cam executives management, whatever there'sthere's podcast and things you can get on, that will get your name out there.You'll get more visability more people will recognize your name when you dosend them an email. When you do send them a link in message. Everyone can bedoing that and I think that the great KPI sorry Oka yeah, no, no I've got twostories. You've actually led Mi to a story. So first one first piece of tipwould be reference. Australia because we both live there. If you were inSydney, I can't remember the rough pridace sitne that you said you were in,but if youwre in Sydney I would type in you know, Cup sales, podcast and Sidneyor if you're in Hag Yor top pator podcast is Sydney request to be on thePODCAST. You know they're looking for people to come on in exchange for time,they're looking for you to shaw your knowledge, and if you can do that, anmuch that it's an easy win. The second one is, you are one hundred percentright with it dors being easier to open or youbecome more recognizable. When you go on these podcasts, my father, I said,started the business nineteen years ago, one of his first cliencay won was IPMand there was a saddlar broshore dropped through the letter box ofsomeone nineteen years ago, and it had the the invite to one of his what he calledexecutive briefings of the time- and there was all this writing and thepersons when they signed as a client, so they glanced but all the writing.But what caught their attention was a sumer training logo and they had beenan the UK for Sano training and they liked it so that got their attention.They had a phone call and then that led us something so the story here is thatthe more powerful your brand company or individual can be come. The more doorsthet could open for you. So thank you for stopping on that specific cookbookactiviting diving into that, because I think that a lot of people overlooked tat and she gould day. Ala read more second, one is in terms of outreach. I've got to do aminimum of ten calls a day and fifty emails a day and then, in terms of affairs I ask forone new refail every single day would be the minimum Mi do so email phonecall referel and then I'm looking for a talk, and then I have things to remindme: Hey have you drop this person? A not have you followed up with this, butthe they'd be the bare daily minimums that that I do every single day and itcan be oh Ansorr, a creating content for posting. The linkd, an every singleday, is included in that as well, but the Paret, the People Com g to me andsay: Hey Rean, I've built o a cookbook and I'm executing on it, but I'm notseeing the tracks, and I want to see- and I was how long have you been doingit for a month two months, I've been...

...doing mine for four and a half five months now, and Ihad not hard to say that only the last three three and a half weeks, I'vestarted to really see things slowly round book. I'm a big believer in takecare of the process and the results will inevitably take care of themselves.Don't worry about the results, just focus on the process, which is theCookbok and continue to do that. Other results will that ever be take care ofthemselves yeah, I like it and it's so it's so true. It's so true ineverything in life right. It's like you go to the gym for two weeks and thenyou look in the me and Yoli God fuck this in Mii. Don't want to do thisanymore. You know I'm not seeing any results and then, if you just like putyour blinders on you'r like no I'm just going to do this and then you, you knowyou wait. Eight ten twelve weeks like okay, I can see a little bit of resulvting, gives you that motivation to keep going. I like it so four and a half months before you seeresults. I like it. My next question. I got a note here because a lot of youngsellers come to me and ask this question. They feel really awkwardasking for referrals and then I talk to a lot of you know my my older, likementors executive level, I'm like all they do is. Is referrals like they'renot talking to anyone unless they're like referred in and that's just likethe way they do things for some of those younger sellers like how do youask for referrals like what do you actually do? Do you ask before and say: Hey I'm looking at thiscontact, you know mind doing a referral like walking through your process.There yeah, I feel, like a lot of people, are scared. Yeah theynthethey're, studied by study by study shows that the most effective way intoanet new account realsymbl here is, if you can provide results for someonethey're more likely to introduce O to someode else, to start withhat in mindand hold account reviews with your curd clines, so whether that's monthly orquarterly account of views and at the account review all the agenda. If youhave a oopfom contract bention that they look, one of the hings we're goingto work talk or today is refails before we meet next week. Can you make yourlinking connections open to me I'll? Do the same I'm going to go through andpick AP, three or four names that I would like you to introduce me to you.Please do the same! So when we sit down, we can go through names at anevhiorleueto or three it's usual to vice a versa. THAT'S THE EASIEST WAY! I like it! I like it okay, nextquestion: I'm going to leave this intentionally Broaghd, I'm always it'sIsayne! How quick these half an hours go so thenle just intentionally broughtyou? Can you can take this wherever you you'd like to go with it? If there is just three things, you know threepieces of advice that you would give an actual celler, so an individualcontributor who's who's gearing up it's. It's been a tough year for many they're.Looking at two thousand and twenty one fore like three changes or three piecesof advice, you would give them that are going to start them on the right footto the new year. Yeah easy cookbook I'd, be. I regret if I didn't say goodbook, because you can see how much is impacted in those fourmonths. As I said,it's said, the Roun O Brisily, we've addadnowing net new logos, Bowsald,nice and sorry, so so the cookbook just to red rite. The cookbook is abreakdown of your daily, your weekly and your monthly back to many basicallMUC Yearto Kan. Keep that poplan healthy, a and be consistent with youknow. A lot of people will get that kick up the ASS and Ja and your androllwith it. What are you going to continue to do your cookbook in June, because your cookbookthat you do new is going to impact your pipeline in three months time? Don'tthink of it? What I do today inpacts today what I do today impact threemonths from now. So if you stop it..., you won't feel that impact forthree months- that's the first one, the second one I do is. I am I checkout. You know I'm sure, there's many reports but I'llreference. One that I read recently was a sales for a state of sales report. Ithink they said six thozand sales professionals completed it and theyreference the n top five most important things that sales leaders have on theiragenda for two thousand and twenty one. I don't know what persona you as alistener. I try to sell to but find out the top three priorities for yourprospects for two thousand and twenty one there's tons of reports that namelistes most notably Gardner list them. I checked thim out every single quarterbecause they change because the world, where the change of us, but what arethe top three cur top priorities for your Byer Percolla, is the second pieceof advice that I'd give and the third piece of advice that ID give would beto Reference Sa Leverage at Reference Leverage, internal assets in yourcompany and if you notice, hey this person's much better at askingquestions the phone with prospects that I av orthis person is better at Asko for affails leverage, the internal assetsthat you have with it tin terms of askng questions Il at Yo o bonus on tothis one thing that we have inzoners called the pain fortal and it's seriesof questions that you go through to ass the prospect to get to their levelthree pay. You know survice level and then the proper pay level and there's away that I remember this. It's called Dave, Tok Adams, current fortune, soDaveis details, you know coand, you tell me about that. Could you be, butwe're specific talk is time. Hellong es that better problem they took adoms iswhat what have you tried to do about that about that Dafi Adams, currentcurrent discost ham? whath? Do you think that has cost you and how do youfeel about that and then they took Adams curren fortune fortune is thefuture is. Have you give it up trug to deal with the problem, so Dave tookAdam's. Current Fortune is a bonus when I at on totap, but the three thingsthat I it's like, the one. I don't know ifyou learn today elementary skill, but for the north, southeast and West, mytjhe taught me never eat thredded weas Andail get Yat out of my head. I do itevery time. Man, Igo Noh, there's a lot of those. It's funny that we weretaught the same one. It must be like a Commonwealth thing, because I that's awesome an Deytik. They tookAdams current future. I wanto remember that one now, that's awesome man. Ilove those. I couldn't agree more to make that cookbook. Do it and you knowa lot of us are given cookbooks from or something that resembles a cookbookfrom. Maybe our manager, our leader, take the time to make tour personal oneright- and this is this- is something that's ofvn overlook like you mighthave a better conversion right than someone you might be worse or better atCol Cos, your Minh have to do more or little bit. Let like find your numbersand your cookbook that works for you top three priorities of your persona.That is so huge leveraging internal assets. You know we have a a quoteinternally. That goes losing alone is a firable offense, and it means you knowwe're all going to lose, but know that the whole team is behind you. So You'Ryou, as an account executive, had this army of people that want to see yousucceed, so use the assets, whether it's training, whether it's anexecutive alignment, whatever it may be. I love that and then h the pain funal.I is huge wo. What thank you brother? This has been super insightful ifpeople want to continue to learn from you continue to connect with you.What's the best way to do that, Yei recommend two things. First of allmake sure your following Scott and sales hacker, that's important! I'm abig Fan,...

...yeah, you can read, you can conlect meon linked in or you can find me on the the SELS Hacerkoa as well. I've JUMPKon their nummer tomps and answer questions and asked questions mostrecently. There was one that I asked. I don't know if you've got this, butthere's a number of ideal prospects lookat at my linkoln page, and I wastrying to see how other people would approach that whater coming across ascreepy or Stockor your salese and the community helpd. So I recommend in it.I love it well, thank you! So much have an excellent holiday season and for allthe listeners. Thank you. So much ranging out with us well see you nexttime. Thank you, Mery Wich! This was another episode of the sales engagement,podcast join us at sales, engagementcom for new episodes, resources and thebook on sales. Engagement now available on Amazon, Barns and noble or whereverbooks are sold to get the most out of your sales engagement strategy, makesure to check out outrage. The leading sales engagement platform to you on thenext episode.

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