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The Sales Engagement Podcast

Episode · 6 months ago

3 Resolutions Sellers Need to Keep in 2021 w/ Rian Lanigan


We’re about to the point in 2021 that new year resolutions start to wane. It’s the human way: We get excited about a goal, we go about four weeks, we don’t see immediate results, and our motivation fizzles.

In this episode of The Sales Engagement Podcast, we’re exploring three resolutions that sellers need to keep for longer than a few weeks (it’s worth it, we promise!).

Rian Lanigan, Managing Director at Sandler Training, shares…

  • How and why you should make your own sales methodology
  • How to not feel completely awkward asking for referrals
  • 3 resolutions every seller needs to make (and keep) in 2021

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