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Remote Leadership Strategies for BDR Managers


What if your first day as a BDR manager were also your company’s first day working from home during the pandemic? How would you lead?

Well, that scenario actually happened to two BDR managers at Salsify, Emily Glasser and Tori Smith. We recently chatted with them about their best insights for remote leadership.

What we talked about:

  • The road to BDR manager
  • Motivating a remote team
  • How to onboard remotely
  • Creating an environment of support

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Welcome to the sales engagement, apodcast, this podcast is brought you by outreach, the leading sales engagementplatform and they just launched out reach on our reach. The place to learnhow out reach well does not reach learn how the team follows up with every leadin record time after virtual events and turns them into revenue. You can alsosee how out rewins account based plays, manages reps and so much more usingtheir own sales engagement platform. Everything is backed by data pulledfrom out reach processes and customer base when you're done you'll be able todo it as good as they do, and to our reach on io son out reach to see whatthey have going on now, let's get into the day's episode hello, everybody and welcome to thesales engagement podcast. My name is Bruk Bacheta, I'm an SR enablementleader hear it out reach, and I am so fortunate to be joined by two wonderful.Ladies today, Emily Glasser and Tory Smith from salsify today we're going tobe talking all about motivating your teams doing so in a positive andproductive way and ultimately increasing performance. So, let's kickit off with some intros story and emily each of you will have a chance here.Let's start with Tory, tell me like in your own words, to your origin story oranother word just like your click highlight real. Who are you and how didyou get to where you are now yeah, of course? Well, thanks for having USBrook we're very excited to be here, so my name is Tory Smith and I started atSelsby two years ago. I actually have a unique background where I came fromrecruiting before joining salsify and tech sales and emily, and I bothactually joined as drs and have since moved into the Dr Manager Role of alsoyeah. Also, things broke again for having us in the podcast super excitedto be here like Tori have a unique background. I kind of came from a lotof different places. I started off in the graphic design program in collegeand then, following that, I went into hotel sales with Mariette and then slidinto tech sales. It's all so by and today I cover our customer BEDR team,as well as our Europe br team. So I have two guys over in London. Oh Wow,awesome global. I love it yeah a way, and it's not like you both actually gotyour start in tech as str. Is that right, Yep? Yet Awesome? You know alittle shot agaty. I actually find you know a lot of the best brs we've seendo come from recruiting so but yeah both of our first time. I love it. Yeahif you mightn't mind just like really quickly touching on what was like thetime line of career growth, because I think it's important to mention howoften times quickly folks can move from star to whatever their next role is.How long were you both in se as sturs yeah? So I was in the seat for about ofyou yeah about a year. I actually was on the customer side of the Dr Work andwas up selling, so I had that initial conversation about yeah, exactly yourfrom my start, dat for me. I was in this scene for about a year and a half.You know we really do something that I love about. SALSIFIS, you know withinthe BR role, there's actually room for promotion just within that like year ayear and a half, so it's really great. You know to keep our teams engaged. Soyou know you go through different stages, like a ramping, Dr Normal Bdrad, then there's opportunities as well to hold like a lead, br position, so Isat in it for the full year and a half and then actually went into our webrole as well from I love it yeah. I think there's so much to be said aboutfolks who start as SR or drs and then are able to leave that team, becausethey just have so much internal knowledge and they understand theirproduct really well, and I'm sure that having a really strong positive mindset was crucial in your really quick... path. Yeah Be Vidar is not easy.No, it's not shout out to everybody who is an x, Dr of any kind. It's a supertough job for sure yeah. Do you guys call them X, tr? Also, that's a goodquestion. We refer to this, so we have like a couple different arms, which iswhy I just say x is like the catch all, but there's the SR organise theoutbound team and then our mbremie developer ups. They do are in boundstuff, and since I support all of them, I just say X. I know we actuallystarted cling them x, TR's just a couple months ago, because we felt thesame way we were like. We have a Europe team, a customer team and I'm not mypartner's team. So I'm happy to hear that we're not the only ones referringto them as xt as I think we're starting a trend yeah. It takes a little gettingused to for sure, though cool for those who who may not befamiliar, I hate to put you on the spot, but could you tell us a little bit moreabout what salsify does your so we can get some context before we jump intothings yeah back to my pitching days of BEDR. So you know it's interestingbecause back you know two and a half years ago, when I heard at Saul, if Iwe've grown so much, we originally called ourselves of PX m platform and acouple months ago, rebranded into a commerce experience management platform,because you know overall, we want to be to go to platform for your company'scommerce experience so to simplify a commerce experienced managementplatform. Essentially we give brands, like you, know Coca Cola or Mars, aplace to consolidate all of their product content published to variousdigital end points such as instar face book, Amazon Target Walmart things likethat, and then also actionable insights as well to help them increase theiroverall performance things like your Seo, search or below the fold contentthings like that O book, a meeting with you that was sogood. Oh, we would be a engine like, as we've all been traveling through thiscrazy challenge that has been working during a pandemic over the last year,like having that kind of intent is more important than ever, but I really wantto dig into like how you been motivating your teams of, like youcan't see them. So there is some. Some of the same principle applies like Ihave to know. What's going on with my people, not just you know as reps, butas humans like, how are they doing and I'm really excited to dig in with youall and like how you've been positively supporting them and encouraging them todo their best and a really tough time. So maybe we can just start with. I meanwhen we first transition to remote. I can't believe we're already past theyear mark that has bananas to me like what I the process. Look like free all,but I feel like it's pretty abrupt for most of US yeah. You know, you knowit's interesting. I mean we definitely look to. Our leaders of ourorganization is really have the answers to a lot of things and when we firstwent into this whole ovid working remote situation. I remember ourdirector of growth. It was our first day working from home and you know wegot on a zoom meeting and we all kind of I was a br manager at the time. Itwas actually like my first day on the job as a Dr Mana go way being promotedfrom a Bedr yeah, so we were like well what do we do? What do we say? How dowe call people? What's our messaging like, and he just looked at us and waslike honestly, I'm not I'm not sure right now, we're all going to figurethis out together, we're all new at this together and it you know, wasdefinitely kind of a wild moment, because not only you know myself and Tory hadto figure things out, but you know you kind of had to get the by an and theenergy of the team to have everyone on board to really experimenting. You knowfrom testing out new messaging testing out, like okay people aren't picking upthe phone. What do we do now? How do we communicate internally and externally?So it was like we all had to become...

...nubies all at once and figure it outtogether. Yeah, I think, Mu. U were spot on soactually, a year ago from yesterday emily and I both started as the bedarmanagers- and it was a very unique sit. I do very excite anniversary, thank you,but very unique setting, because we were all of these individuals peersuntil that time and then all of a sudden we were all working remotelytogether and managing them to so that transition was very different, but Imean I applaud the team and how they transitioned with us, because it wasdefinitely a learning experience for everyone like emily mentioned, but Ithink what we did was we incorporated. You know the typical happy hours alittle bit more structure into the day and I think the biggest thing was justhonesty. Having that honesty between the team really really helped, becauseit helped understand like where we all were day to day and yeah growingtogether, yeah. That's that such a good point of like I think we all learnedfrom last year, the importance of being honest and vulnerable, and even yourmanager being like. I don't know like never done this before we'll figure itout, because there was a lot of like he we're all starting from scratch andwe're all relearning things. And then, if you also think of like the lifecycle of an sure, you know, y'all were in C for a year a year and a half, it'snot that much time, but it can feel like a really long time when you're inseat, because the job is so it's honestly so draining and can be reallydifficult and with your senior str like I can only imagine for folks. But wehave the same issue folks, who were just about ready for promotion. Theywere like set to get promote to an account executive in May and March. Thepandemic hits and everything is shut down like there's no hiring growth ornot promoting anybody. We're in this like stalemate situation. What for someways that y'all kept your senior people motivated during that time and like howare you going to use that moving forward? Hopefully we never haveanother pandemic again, but in any case, when there's like feelings of stagnancy,I just made up a word. I think, but I like in you donor yeah, I mean it was definitely superdifficult. I know, like you said, we've all been trying to to figure that outand I think salisfy over all is done. A super super good job and I think everycompany is probably you know, still learning how to keep people motivated,but we did a lot of different creative things like making gingerbread housesover zoom and got very familiar with all those different like digital games.You know stuff like that, like the cards against humanity and whatever butTori don't know if you have anything to add, I feel like we did. A lot of likecareer focused off too yeah. We kind of really reconfigured our career path atsalsify and implemented new trainings, and these new trainings definitelyhelped with the team kind of stay engaged and focus on how they canreally take this time and utilize it for their next step in their career.But on top of that you know, I think, besides, like looking at it as a careergrowth standpoint, the team looked at it as okay, we're all in this togethersalsify every single selto employees and this together, and we have toremember the end results. One thing I remember doing is all of us shared thereason we joined salsify originally, and you know that was extremelyinspiring, because sometimes you forget during these times and these indifficulty, and everyone has a very unique story of why they join salsify.But it's all about the honesty, the collaboration and the transparency thatI think everyone kind of stayed together on yeah and it's great to seethat you had. You were open to changing career pathand just having those candid conversations with out said, I do youthink that was super crucial, because the challenge, as we all know, workingfrom home ace we've all been in it for..., is not just the retaining peopleand making sure that okay, why did you join? What's your, why? I think that'sso important, but also all wording, people and I know for US- It wasCandida little choppy back in last March and April and I feel like wefavorite things out, but I'm always curious to know like how has your onboard in structure changed now that tick in front of me all or not back inthe office. Yet right, no yeah me neither so you're still on boardingpeople remotely. How is your process changed and like what have you learnedover the last year, yeah so kind of to Torinese Horn? Here honestly, we, since we went into to lock down we'veactually back in, like December, had a chance to, fortunately promote aboutlike nine to ten people out of the senior seats into various roles acrossthe company. You know marketing a e, a m customer success, renewals roles soon and then also in that time frame. We've actually hired fourteen newpeople just in the past four months, so it was difficult to keep the seniorpeople engaged. But you know the good news is is they are now in? Most ofthem are in new roles, learning lots of new things and the on boarding asdefinitely been really interesting. It was something that, as a lead VD, Igrew to really love. I had the opportunity to on board a lot ofdifferent brs inside of the office, and you know a big portion of onboard Ngwas like sure you go through an ableman. You know you go through your firstmonth of almost drinking from a fire house, you're in training figuringthings out, but a lot of what you learn is like peer driven. You can hear youcan listen you're sitting next to people you're watching them. You knowworking all day long. Obviously, since working from home, we had to reallyrevamp that, especially in the past couple of months, and something thatwe've leverage, Jo La, is three and sixty ninety plans. So within those youknow, of course, they still have their their training with enablement. Theystill have their classes. Things like that, but you know, as managers, wehave to be so much more hands on now and within H, e H, n, H, e e, a D.sixteen ninety, you know really outline like what is the VD role like day today. You know we're pretty much for that. First Month I mean it's like anine to five job like just on boarding them, because you know you don't wantthem sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs of course, so you have to reallylike handhold a lot. More and honestly, I mean it's been a lot of fun and Ithink it's really helped us get to know them, but yeah creating like thred asixty. Ninety plans is definitely been a big thing that we've been leaning onover the past couple months. Yeah, that's awesome and I love what you saidabout like you. Don't really have the luxury of watching people like he mightin an office. You have to find other like indicators to pick up on a bringsme to this question of, like checking you know, people's mental health. Itcan be really difficult to build a like a pressing relationship over a computerscreen and not getting to see people like it regular times in the office.You would talk in the break room or in the hallway or before a meeting starts.But now it's like it's very structured right. You don't have that same water,cool or opportunity so like what are some indicators that you've like filedaway as like Hey, I should keep an eye on this that people might be struggling.Sometimes it could be like they're just showing up late or maybe they're,dropping the ball on stuff, but have you given much thought is to like? Howcan you improve your like people, Management Relationship Building whilewe're all remote yeah? I think you know one big indicator that I've seen iswe're very lucky to have. You know all of those fourteen new hire is veryengaging, especially over zoom and it's it can be apparent if maybe oneindividual is not sharing as much one day or one week and checking in withthem. But I think salsify offers a really an incredible opportunity wherethey realize this very early on and took things into action where theyrealized that people weren't actually...

...taking vacation. So they decided tohave certain days called on plug days that they gave the entire company theday off, and I think that helped extremely or was very helpful. For youknow the entire company, because you know there's a lot of pressure onyourself as an employee and feeling that, as though you need to hit all yougot to be online all the time because there's nothing else to do. But I thinkemily- and I, like you, know throughout this time, have really communicateddifferent things. That we've noticed- and you know always checking in witheach other and talking about different situations that were realizing on bothof our teams and getting ahead of that rather than getting to it when it's toolate. Yeah I mean I definitely I have to point out. I mean the past year hasnot been easy on anyone. I know everyone's been going through it andtons of different ways and there's been so many ups and downs, and I think thebiggest thing is you know when you notice someone's off like asking themlike: Hey. Are you okay? You know making sure that your team knows thatyou're, okay and definitely support if they need to take a random day off, orit's really nice and sunny out, and if you want to log off at noon today, like,of course, you know, please do so, go get some fresh air or take a longerlunch. You know. Obviously we have to have like trust in I mean that'ssomething that our team really does have, but it's definitely important asleaders. You know of a team that we provide them with that flexibilitiesthat they feel like comfortable taking the time that they need to really watchtheir mental health. One thing like that I've recently started doingbecause the weather is getting nicer. Is that I feel like a lot of peoplehave had you know the Cobi Blues during the winter months, at least up here inNew England, and one thing that we've been doing is having one on one walking,one of once so get outside and we'll have this conversation over the phoneand honestly helps show so much with you know. Taking that like breath offresh air and my creativity level is just like Scott rocketed and my teamsays the same thing where they get back to their desks and they're like wowlike okay, I can start over now yeah. I also think one other thing tois. I mean we always do like weekly spiffs, but when we were in the officea lot of those spiffs were around like dip cards, or you know certain prizesand something that we've really leaned into is days off spits to so, like youknow, if you book like x amount, we call them solves, but their meetingsbooked. So if you book, you know for I oltis yeah and it's funny becauseobviously or base bout sell Sufi, but we'll call prospect sometimes andthey'll be like salsa like on a bag of chips and we're like. Oh, my God, Ihave to tell you emily. So my partner is also in tech, and I told him we wererecording this podcast yeah a but he's felt salsify and legitimately was likeOh did they like sell sal so and was like? No, they do not. I don't really feel like. We shouldbuild something off of that to like be our logo, because, right now it's aSalti flower, but I don't know bag of chips and solvs if people might get agood kick out of that, yeah broke up there often, but I know I was just saying, like theidea of spiffs to protect people's mental health. We definitely changethat and I think they really appreciate it. So that way, you know we're notjust saying like take off all of the days that you're feeling a little blue,but it feels like you know, they're working towards you, know spiffs thatare really important to them right now, which is that extra time off to be ableto shut their lapo for a day and or log off a couple hours early. So that'sbeen something that they've really enjoyed yeah and I think, like you,mentioned flexibility, and it's just it's important to acknowledge that,like the lines between working hours have been blurred for everybody rightlike you, may have an appointment in the middle of the day or if you havechildren like you, may have to take them to soccer practice or a classe orwere to help them log on to their zoom...

...class, which means that you're nowworking at nine P M at night. But you were off line o one in the afternoon,so I've definitely seen that to of just like flexibility around online hours.As long as the output is there- and I love your days off too- I thinkespecially when people are working from how like we have unlimited vacation inhot rage, but it's still so hard to take it off when you're like cut,there's so much to do, then, we've implument Ed a similar program, andit's just nice to have the permission almost to say. Okay, I can take thispurely for mental health. I don't need to have like a thing plan. It's justfor me to not be on my computer right. I mean Tor and I have had a check inwith each other a lot. I think there was definitely a point where we wereprobably overworking because, like you know, you're still sitting in yourcouch watching TV and next thing we know we both were online at nineo'clock still because there wasn't really, especially in winter. There wasa lot of other things to do, but I think like leveraging each other ascheck ins and a good like gutcheck around okay, it's you know it's time tolog off or that can wait till tomorrow. I mean we've really helped each otherin that aspect as well yeah, and I think that loops back to kind of youroriginal question brook where, with the new hires, we actually pair them offwith a mentor right when they start, and it's that has been extremelyhelpful because that's like there go to person, you know I remember when Ifirst started like I had my go to person for every single question underthe sun, like the questions that you didn't really want to ask your manager-and I think, like we make those mentors like check in on a personal level aswell, and it really has helped a lot, that's great and then actually kind ofleads into this next thing. I wanted to ask you about. I know in a pastconversation you had mentioned that at the time you an a couple. Other membersof the team were reading Simon cynic book leaders eat last and before we diginto that brief over I've been put me on the spot twice now. I can you giveme a quick overview for those who may not have read it. You were listening.Yeah so leaders at last. This was something that our vp of revenue,Marketing Courtney, had had our team greed and honestly, I couldn't havecome in a better time. You know solicit. We have big goals that we want to hitthis year and a lot of times when there's big goals in front of you, it'snatural for leaders to create a lot of like anxiety and pressure around thepeople that you know need to hit these numbers and in the book leaders he lastit talks. A lot about creating a circle of safety is what they call it, and it's really about creating a verysupportive environment for your team and when you do that, you'll actuallyfind that their performance increases on its own and that trustingenvironment really helps them want to perform for you over. You know creatingthat anxiety. So, overall I mean that's the general theme of the Book and Youknow, like I said during Ovid. It really couldn't have come at a bettertime. That's awesome, and I mean yeah. Itsounds like a huge portion of the premise is just leading with empathy.The importance of positive reinforcement like there's a time in aplace for sticks, but carrots tend to be more effective in the long term Imean we're moving here were already in two thousand and twenty one. We've allmade it out of two thousand and twenty thank God. But I imagine your goal didn't get anysmaller right. Like your gross potential, the revenue targets. You hasa Havis a company, they don't take a break. So what are some ways that youare looking to super charge, your team's motivation as you're workingtowards those goals this year and then, of course, pairing that with a positiveapproach. Yeah, I think regarding this topic, something that has been veryhelpful for emiline myself to kind of realize how to find this motivation wasemily and I have to remember, like we came from this position, and we knowhow hard this position is and realizing those difficulties and how we can kindof work around those and help the team work through. Those has been extremelyhelpful. Like the other day emily- and I am for exactly I er- you know whereyou're going with this. You know it was the end of the month. End of thequarter and a few of our team members...

...were a little behind and we jumpedright back into that scene. Help them cold call on some of those accounts,and I think like just by doing that, just shows that it's not like were themanager and there, the Dr It's we're a team and we're collectively working forthe same thing of the success of this company, and I think that drive andthat energy energy has been extremely helpful in motivating the team yeah. Ilove that, I have to say I did book a salsa the other day he has always likedo not go yeah. You know something that I'velearned recently as a manager and that my team has given. Given me greatfeedback on is, I think, as be our managers and probably just leaders ingeneral, like sometimes we get afraid to get our hands dirty and you knowjump back into the seat with them and a lot of times. The reasons for that isis hey. We're leading this team. We don't want to mess UPP. You know ifthey see us mess up, they might. They might not believe in us as much in ourleadership and so on, but an outside mentor actually gave me this advice and,like I said, it's been working really well, is getting in the seat with them,showing them that you know it's okay to mess up. If I get in with them and rollplay and I'll be the BR myself and not then be the prospects, and I messed upthat's creating an environment that we actually want. We want to show themthat you know we're all here to learn together like no one actually has theanswer to everything- and empathy has been a big word for me lately, bothprofessionally and personally- and I think you know it's really aboutcreating that environment. That says: Hey like it's: okay, to mess up likeI've messed up before two and show them how to mess up and land somewhatgracefully. I guess absolutely it's so important to talkabout failure as not only okay but like important on your journey of growing asa repent as a person, because you can't get better. If you only stand in yourcomfort zone, Kenneling Inner Brune Brown right now, there I go well. I think you want to be consciousof your time and I definitely appreciate you all take in the time tochat, but I have a for Fenzi question for you, as vaccines are starting tocome out and this weather is getting nicer, we're coming out of our hovelsof like pandemic winter. What do you have plan that you're looking forwardto the spring could be anything? I know I'm really looking forward to going toSan Diego here in a couple leages before, but I kind of feel like theuniverse, just keeps pointing me in that direction. I keep meeting peoplethat are from San Diego or all of a sudden. I eard about trips or ads arepopping up. Maybe it's what I'm talking about it a lot, but definitely reallylooking forward to that. I honestly am so excited to meet my team. I have notmet my ds, God would be my number one thing and we're so so close and we're almostthere. So super excited. What about yourself brook? I totally I'm lookingforward to travel to meeting people in person. Honestly, I'm really lookingforward to having like an an indoor large happy hour, somebody even sayHouse party gathering. I miss that so much people over. So I agree I knowit's like we have to remember how to socialize it's. I don't think Iremember I'm incredibly awkward in person now and I'm okay with that atthe same as I well, how can folks other frontlinemanagers who want to talk about thirty sixty ninety plans on boarding remotelymotivating people? How can folks get in touch with you both? I think they canhit us up on Lindon? Yes, I'm my glass or Tory Smith come find us. We Lovelazing great, well, you're hurt at your firstfolks. If you want to get in touch with emily and Tory, send them a message onlengthen thanks everybody for listening and have a wonderful rest of your death.Thank you. This was another episode of the SalesEngagement podcast to help this get in...

...front of more eyes and ears. Pleaseleave us a shining five star review join us at sales engagement com for newepisodes, resources in the book on sales engagement to get the most out ofyour sales engagement strategy, make sure to check out out reached out iothe leading sales engagement platform, see you on the next episode a.

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