The Sales Engagement Podcast
The Sales Engagement Podcast

Episode · 2 years ago

Reach Productivity 40% Faster By Doing This One Thing w/ Bryan Naas


Practice makes perfect. Well, maybe not always perfect, but at the very least, practice will always make progress. It’s true whether you’re training for a marathon, teaching a child how to ride a bike, or learning how to pitch your product.

Despite this reality, not enough sales companies put enough effort into creating opportunities for their reps to practice what they’re pitching each and every day. Imagine the progress they could make with even just 10 minutes of practice a week.

Bryan Naas is the Director of Sales Engagement at Lessonly, a sales training software. They work primarily with sales and customer service teams to help them train reps and provide development opportunities to practice at scale so that they can perform better when it’s time to get in front of a customer.

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