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Prospecting, Productivity, and Pipeline: OutBound Conference 2019 w/ Mark Hunter (Part 2)


”OutBound 2019 is Cirque du Solei takes over a rock concert to disrupt a sales meeting.” -- Mark Hunter

“That’s how over the top OutBound is. It's an amazing event because it's all about outbound prospecting, 100% outbound prospecting,” says Mark Hunter, co-founder of the conference, nationally in-demand sales speaker, and the best-selling author of High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price and High-Profit Prospecting.

For the third year in a row, the OutBound Conference (Atlanta, April 23-26, 2019), promises to rock the world of sales with the themes of Prospecting, Productivity, and Pipeline.

This year’s speakers includes: Jeb Blount, Anthony Iannarino, Mark Hunter, Mike Weinberg, Colleen Francis, Andrea Waltz, Victor Antonio, Jeffrey Gitomer, Bob Burg, Waldo Waldman, Shari Levitin, Jen Gluckow, Larry Levine, James Muir, Max Altschuler, Chris Beall, Bernadette McClellan, Meredith Elliott Powell, Lee Salz, and Gene McNaughton.

Welcome to the sales engagement podcast.This podcast is brought to you by outreach dot ioh the leading sales engagement platformhelping companies, sellers and customer success engaged with buyers and customers in the modernsales era. Check out sales engagementcom for new episodes, resources and the bookon sales engagement coming soon. Now let's get into today's episode. Hey,everybody, welcome to the sales engagement podcast. This is Mark Costaglo, VP salesat outreach, and today I have honored an esteem guests, Mark Hunter, with me. What's up? Hey, thank you for having me. It'sa privilege to be here, privilege be in cl checking out outreach HQ. This is a first on site podcast you've ever done. Wow, let'snot make it the last one. Okay, I'm already feeling the energy here.I'm feeling great about it, and that's why you know, hey,you know, because I do talk about prospect I'm known as the sales hunter. Yes, so what am I thinking? I'm making a prospecting call live atoutreach H Q and now you've drugged me into the studio. Yeah,I got my pen ready to sign the contract. You are completely successful onthis trip. I love it. Wow, that was like a radio call.I got the signature and the song is still on. Hey, youknow, for you, those of you listening, you're going to hear agay right here. It's going to bring it today. What time were youup on East Coast this morning? I was up. I was up attwo hundred and seventeen am east coast time to catch a five am flight outof Orlando. And it is now, what, tod and thirty percific time, three PM Pacific Time. We're going, we're making it happen. There's nota bloodshy love it thing and his eyeball, because we're talking sales,and you and I are both passionate, yes, about sales, that Joe, so how can you not be just I know, you know. Wewere talking, we went and had lunch together. We're talking about outbound,your conference, outbound, the prospecting idea,...

...outbound, the thing that outreach powers, and we're just like Mayne. We got some stuff to talk abouttoday. We need to sit down in front of the MIC. So firstquestion. I want to talk about the conference. You've told me a coupleof times about outbound, the conference and how special. It is and youhave this little equation. It's something meets, something over laid on, something likehit me up to yeah, it is. It is Circud to Sola takes over a rock concert to disrupt a sales meeting. Okay, that'show over the top outbound is it? Really? Is it really? It'san amazing event because it's all about outbound prospecting, one hundred percent outbound prospecting. So I want to break down that little statement because I am not goingto go if it's going to be you and a leotard on the stage.No, it will not be me and a leotard. You do not haveto worry about that. And I can't guarantee that I'll have two feet onthe stage and all times. But what you're going to get is it's trulyit's high energy, because that's really what sales is. This is high energy, fast paced and it's really for guys. I'm privileged. We one of theCO founders, myself, Jubb Blunt, Mike Weinberg, Anthony. You KnowReno, how he's got a pause to sales last him because his initialsare AI. So he was AI artificial intelligence before there was a i.But that's whole separate. He has the let's just be honest. First.Second, he has the weirdest last name and say he does have the wordslast name. It's okay, it's good. Yes, okay, now. Butwhat we're doing this year, and this is this why we're excited tohave you people involved with it, because it's enabled us to expand it.So we've added it, added a full day, HMM, and we're bringingin other people, Jeffrey Gettmer Bob Berg, Victor and Tonio, Andrea Waltz,calling Frances Hmm, Waldo Waldman. This is a mainstage set of speakersthat will blow your doors off. For the dates, the dates for thetwo days mainstage or April, twenty four and twenty five. But Hey,I'm really encouraging people to buy the twenty...

...six the ticket also because that's theeat, what we call the elite day, and we're going to have over twentybreakout sessions. And I know Max from you guys, from right hereat outreach. It's going to be doing, is going to be doing one ofthe breakout sessions and that's a really opportunity to get really up close becausewe got we got about eight additional speakers coming in just to do breakouts.Well, if you want to see somebody that knows how to network at anevent, meant Max all Shiller at all. Yeah, marketing. He's like onanother level. He takes he has married networking and prospecting together and sucha high degree it's amazing what happens. Well, you know, he's bornin sales, so he has the sales DNA and he's doing marketing now.But I think he's like a wolf and chiefs clothes. He's like our salesguy on the marketing. Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute,hold it, I got the last name hunter that is. That is aperfect sales name. Okay, that is a perfect sales name. No job. So so we got a lot of energy. We got some great speakers. Jeffrey Gidimer, first sales book I ever read that made sense to me. The Little Red Book of sales. I think that is the first booka lot of salespeople read. Yes, yeah, great ideas. It justgot you out of the box. So you some great content. Like giveme a couple of highlights. What's what are a couple of the key topic? Well, a couple of the key topics. We really is three topicsthat we deal with and that's prospecting, pipeline and productivity. And if itdoesn't fall into those three, we're not talking about it. We will doon stage dissecting of outbound phone calls. Oh Yeah, we will talk aboutemail, will talk about voicemen, we'll talk about how do you set upa cadence? How do you Structure Yourself? How do you get over that mindsetof I'm I don't want to make the call, I don't want toreach out. We blow apart so many sales miss what's very interesting is weknew we had something when, after the first year, there were two peoplecame up to us and they were crying because of the impact we had madeon their lives. Wow, because they they were despondent, just about readyto throw it, throw in the towel...

...on sales. They came to thefirst outbound conference and they said we give we gave them the keys. Andwhat's interesting is we stayed in touch with these people. MMM, and yeah, yeah, it wasn't just it wasn't just wow, wow, that reallysmelled good for a day, you know. Yeah, and that you then youthrow the garbage out. Know it worked and I think that's a keyreason why in your two we had so many people come back from year oneand your three, this will be your three. We got so many peoplethat are coming back. But people come from all over the world. Wehave sold tickets already to, let's see, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africaand I'm probably a missing South South America, but I bet by nowthere's a tant that's been sold. So yeah, it's huge. It reallyis an event. It this it's over the top. We're super excited tobe a part and I always think it's interesting for people that think that somehowthey can be successful in sales without loving prospecting. I'm not talking about doingit, I'm not talking about like being good at it, talking about lovingit. Like, how many people have you ever met that weren't great atsells it didn't love prospecting? Well, really, you can't be at thetop of the food chain for very long without loving prospect yeah, and andthat's what you're going to see, is how passionate we are. I knowyou're passion about prospecting. I'm passionate about prospecting because, and you know,I look get sales and I look at prospecting. Is Not a job,it's not an activity, it's not a profession. It truly is a lifestyle. It really is about helping people see and achieve what they didn't think waspossible. Think about this. For anybody WHO's selling anything. Okay, whatare you trying to do? You're helping. You're trying to help them see andachieve what they didn't think was possible. That that's what sales is all about. Yeah, that's what we do at outbound. We help every that'swhat out reach, your platform, is all about. Your platform, whatdoes it do? It enables users to be able to see and achieve whatthey didn't think was possible. What does... do? It increases productivity,it increases customer facing time, it increases making the right call at the righttime with the right piece of information right. Yeah, I mean that's what outreachplatform is all about. So this is why I'm kind of cool andI'm so glad's reason I'm sitting here in Seattle with you today, because youbring the two together and I think it's a platform and a conference that reallyfit well together. It's like peanut butter and Jellyman, it's just it makesso much sense. Why do you think? Let's do something healthier like Hammon eggs? Well, I don't know if that's healthy, but I know.How about celery and fight a mix? No, let's let's let that onego. Okay. So this is something that I wonder all the time.So when I was a young sales guy, I I don't know why, butmy sales manager just instilled in me like a listen on Fridays, onyour office day, you make one hundred dollars every day and like I justI beck. Guess I was young, dumb and stupid and I was definitelybroke. And I just listen to him and every week I set twelve tofourteen appointments. That would set up my whole next couple weeks. And Ido it again every Friday and it just beat this regularity in this discipline intome. Why are people right now trying to avoid that super you don't.It's you know what, let me give you another analogy. My daughter,sixteen years old, great basketball player. She plays at a ten on offense. I want her to play eleven on defense. You know why? Becausedefense doesn't require skill. All requires is hustle and desire, and that's likeprospecting. You don't have to be skillful of prospecting necessarily, but you gotto have hustle and desire, right. So why are people going away fromsomething that's so easy? I think people are going away for it because they'reafraid of hearing no. They're afraid of rejection. And you know what Isay. Look, look, look, I don't care what happens on thephone. I don't care what happens. No, no, animals will beharmed, no, blood's going to be shared, everything's going to be justfine. And when somebody says no,...'s fine, it's no big deal. I interrupted them when I called them. Yeah, whatever, it's okay.No, is only a moment in time. So fine, I justgo to the next. I just go to the next prospecting. If youlook at if you look at business, if you look at economy, theeconomies driven by business. Business is driven by sales, sales is driven byprospecting. If we're not out there prospecting, guess what? The whole ecosystem,yeah, begins to break down. And if you believe, if youtruly believe in what you what you're what you're selling. What I mean believe, believe in the outcome, believing the outcome that you help customers achieve.You owe it to people, you owe it to them to get in touchwith them. You. You have to get in touch with them, becauseyou're going to help them see you and achieve what they didn't think was possible. You and do little fun exercise. Sure, I'm going to act likeI'm going to go call, call you, and you just tell me now,unless I want to give you my emotional reactions. So what happens inthis moment? Oh, let's go for it. Ring, ring, Hey, mark, this is Mark Costico. If I'm out reach, how youdoing? Fine, Hey. Do you want to buy what I'm selling rightnow? Know you, you're bugging me. Thanks. By all, right,by, okay. Now I'm taking emotional inventory right now. I'm notdepressed. My wife hasn't left me. My kids don't hate me. Areyou sure I can text them real quick if I don't think kids you're asending. You're right, but yeah, I think nothing not happen. Nothinghappened right. I'm not less of the right person. My value is indisruptive. Guess what, I can do again right now. I can pickup the phone again and make another call and make another call, and thatand that. I think this is, you know, some of the mostpowerful information we're ever going to find. Helps. Prospect is found in theshower. It's found in your shower and if you look at your bottle ofshampoo, there's two keywords on their rints and repeat. That's that's that's whatprospecting is all about. It's just rinse and repeat. And don't get hungup on what just happened on the previous..., because here's the whole thing. We get so bent out of shape when somebody gets oh wow, theythey really yelled at Mers. You have no idea what what happened in theirlife before you called. Right, I have no idea. You know,you may you. I kind of equate this to this is a little I'msorry about this, but I equate this to you driving through an intersection andyou got the green light and a car comes through the other way, runsthe red light and you almost have an accident. MMM, it was justit was just the way it is. It's it's okay, it's okay,next move on. So one thing that we are talking about is there's firstof all, there's that you got to get over, a kind of theOh my gosh, something bad is going to happen, or like my feelingsare hurt. The thing that we talked about earlier about getting over was thisidea that you have to be perfect, like somehow you're going to ruin thecold call if you accidentally say my name's mark a hunter or Costaglo instead ofjust saying Mark Hunter, like like well, let's blow up that myth. You'regot to get her. Yeah, let's blow that myth up, becauseyou I don't want to be perfect because at the end of the day,to somebody want to talk to a scripted machine. No, they want tohave a conversation with a person. So what I'm talking about here is justlet your natural comments come through, let your and if you don't have ananswer, that's fine, no big deal. You know what that does? Itgives you the opportunity to say, Hey, you know what, I'llfind out the answer and I'll get back to you. Great, guess what, I've just made the reason for a follow up call at a schedule time. Yeah, it's and and like, do people want to buy from.Not only do they not want to buy from a scripted machine, they wantto know the person behind the other line or the person that they're going tomeet across the table has a personality that is you know, can build trust, that they can have a relationship and rapport with, and like, ifyou're always perfect and tactically do everything correct, you're good. So, mark,I think one thing that's really important...

...for people making cold called understand isyou don't have to be perfect, you have to worry about what's going onand like this idea that you need to let your personality come through. Likehow many people do business with you because your personality and they like you asa person? I think probably about ninety ninety nine percent. If I thinkabout it, I don't believe it. I'm not that Nice a guy.Well, yeah, but unless you're that crazy uncle or bizarre ant, whichevery family is a right. Okay, really it's people are normal and youlet your person people are craving for authentic relationships and I think for us insales it's more important than ever because it's a noisy, noisy world out thereand it's a noisy, robotic, programmed world. So when couple people canhave a conversation. It's a amazing what barriers get broken down. And whenyou break down barriers, guess what, there's a higher degree of trust,there's a higher degree of confidence. So then you begin to get truth comingout. Trust is created and guess what, the sale is made and because there'strust, at a higher profit level, because there's no discount. So thisis the type of stuff that you guys talk about way better than weare right here at outbound. Right we dig into this. We you're goingto get. You are going to leave outbound with a notebook, because wegive everybody a notebook. All the stuff is right there for it's going tobe amazing the number of tools and an insights and action plans that you're goingto walk out the door. We got a lot of companies that in factare coming in. They're bringing their entire sales team and then what they doin the evening? They're doing kind of a debriefing dinner. Yeah, todebrief a day. That is that is yeah, cool. That's cool.Yeah, where can they find more information about? More information? Outbound CONFERENCECOM, not pound conferencecom April, April, twenty four and twenty five is thetwo main stage days. April twenty six is the elate elite day, buthey, if you really want to get...

Anthony Jeb Mike myself up close,jump in on the VIP package which kicks off the afternoon of the twenty three. We got some really cool things plan end. So there's a kind ofan assortment of tickets, sortment of packages, but it's all about helping you bemore efficient. But you know what, though, it still comes down toyou gotta have the right platform and that's why we're here, that's whywe're excited. You guys are part of it, because outreach is, withouta doubt, the best platform to really increase your customer facing time and beable to put all these things talking about it outbound conference into into play.I was just so jealous the last two years that we weren't sponsors. NowI feel whole and complete again. Well, I'm glad that you now have apurpose to live. I guess we're really questioning this. Welly, thanksfor coming by stop by the office. Is Great to have lunch with you. We did a couple cool promo videos for the conference and this was anotherawesome conversation. So thanks so much and I understand you guys are growing sofast that you're moving offices, so I won't be able to find you nexttime I'm in Seattle. You have to stalk us down. Next time Ihave to stock you down cool well, Hey, thanks for listening. Thisis another episode of the sales engagement podcast. Will catch you next time. Thiswas another episode of the sales engagement podcast. Join US at sales engagementcomfor new episodes, resources and the book on sales engagement coming soon. Toget the most out of your sales engagement strategy, make sure to check outoutreach die Oh, the leading sales engagement platform. See you on the nextepisode.

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