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Leveraging Video to Strengthen Your Sales Pipeline


The business world has changed and sales teams must adapt to the new reality quickly or find themselves out in the cold. An innovative way to keep your sales pipeline secure is by utilizing video technology to follow up with and inform potential customers.

Today we’ll be discussing that concept and more with Ciaran O’Neill, the much-admired leader of the global SDR team at Kainos, a leading-edge software company headquartered in Belfast.

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Welcome to the sales engagement ofPODCAST, this podcast is brought you by outreach, the leading sales engagementplatform and they just launched out reach on our reach. The place to learnhow out reach well does not reach learn how the team follows up with every leadin record time after virtual events and turns them into revenue. You can alsosee how out retines account based plays, manages reps and so much more usingtheir own sales engagement platform. Everything is backed by data pulledfrom out reach processes and customer base when you're done you'll be able todo it as good as they do had to outreach on io on out reach to see whatthey have going on now, let's get into the day's episode all right. Well, welcome everyone, thesales engagement podcast. This is Catlin Kelly, the manager of sales,development for the MBA region and your host for today, and I actually apartner with Karen O'Neil from Canos Care, and you want to go to introduceyourself and tell us a little bit about what you do exactly yeah sure, thanksvorty much for for Hobomak, but carnon. I had of the the SR operation hereKanos, so the global team of SR S who's, Jo, but as to to pretty much tell theword about Kans who we are and what we do yet looking forward to to have a ourchild today, perfect, so for today, kind of ourconversation is going to be based around that or going from an a to Sr orsr to a and what that hand off really looks like it has ne really likesolidify those relationships as we going there. So Karen, I know based offof your experience in your career path. You are one of the s actuallytransitioned into sales, Callanan Gement, which is quite unique, I wouldsay within our field, especially from my point of view. So I would love toknow he tells a little bit about what influence your decision to go intosales development yeah. So I first started my seals career an intact as onthe FR probably run about ten years ago, transaction the end to a and thempretty much when the food I orland come back into seals development and am not.I magine a CAL development ing in terms of what influence that I guess thething that has always excited me most about being NCAS. Is that reallyproblem solve an aspect of being an SR? So I think it's it's such a compellingcategory of present, but you get the opportunity to engage and understand somany different customers across so many different sectors and geographies, andI've always sort of categories myself as being more of a holder than a farmer.So seal developer is Somthin, that's all was sort of being a natural set.For me. I amazing. I love that. I love how you like have that hunter mentalitythat you're going to you're used to and you identified within the sales, filetor kind of coming from the AE standpoint and understanding. You knowthe importance of generating these great opportunities from essentiallythe first touch point: the cold prospecting. How do you feel, like yourexperience, has really influenced your type of leadership style when you aredeveloping here, sales development team? It's a really good question, I suppose,in terms of heart, to influence my leadership state. I would say morearound encourage and collaboration right, so I sort of seen both sides ofthe coin. So as an SR, I got the opportunity to work with some reallyreally good days to be really an Francia in my development as a sealsperson, but I've always tried to model when I was in a what they had done withme with Sr. I was working with not pretty much show. Transparency is thebiggest thing that you can have to age your development as an SR or an a. So Iencourage my guse to be as open as possible with every opportunity andcustomer that they're working with, because there are things that I canhelp them with in terms of move and...

...good opportunities along the pavementand as in a way there is a hand over process keep the SR involved after thefact. So you know make them aware of Hor. Negotiations are going after allher key stake holders who are getting put into the process, because all ofthat service is a pretty good, edducation ob biases for an starsdevelopment as well. I would also say I encouraged my guys to be selfsufficient to I mean when I'm translation into A, I didn't want tostart cross backing right. So I want as what I was getting from an sdring stufftoo, because the more opportunities I have in the pay play, I no the group orchapter so yeah, pretty much very and sale of ficiency collaboration. I wouldsay influence my my leadership stay all right. That's amazing! One of thethings you just mentioned there is that, even though, when she transitioned thea role, you still wanted to kind of have your hand in like the Hunting Pot,you still wanted to make sure that you weres influencing your own pipe fineand bringing forward those deals. Do you have any like great success storiesin ways that you are able to kind of work in tandem with your ascarate, toensure that you were you know, supplementing the biplane and not justrelying on the str team, yeah yeah there's a multitude of ways which youcan do that right? So wasn't it I would nides. I would probably belooking a stuff that for a modernly wears on which you can kick some of thecoon stuff, that str of doing I to drive engagement and apply it in yourin your own road. I would say pretty much a Rigan video on products like theyard to the furdest extent right. I know from speaking the sum of our asover the course of the past twelve months and I'm thinking of war likeOris in particular, he's a pretty kinetic person. So he grew on here inIreland, a family pum, so from an early age he was working and not in thatbusiness, not environment, and I was always struck by a story. He told mewhere he found that whenever he went out from you know the living roomentered the pub I was served in the public. He felt that he was stabbing atall to a stage right and you could nearly see he has an unfactiouspersonality and they loved engaging with people. So for someone like himbeing in a festered and making people you know up close, you could really seewhere you know he could people can sort of bag into him and really, you know,get a positive available of folks link that form the you know, translation tocompletely virtual sale environment may be a bit tougher. So we've tried toencourage as like that, to learn from the start or an average in video,because three products, like the George, you can sell, you know, translate thosereally and factis. You know awesome parts of your personality across andvideos, and still you know, have the sum impact that you could have had an afear to fear satin or a Caiman or or something like that, yeah and nodefinitely, I think that is like such a good way of putting it to especially asvideo prospecting. I think I'm obsessa video prospecting and whatever I caninfluence my change is that as well, but the biggest thing with it isshowing your personality through the video to get them to want to speak toyou, that's the step, one right and then that's when you get to add. Youknow the pitch the conversation and all that, but I love that, in the terms ofthinking about it in a way, whereas you're stepping on to a stage yeah yeah, so I'm starting to see more as tofollow up all the back of say, a dam or a call, or maybe prices being discussedunder summer as and everything existent and they thirty forty seconds video.You know instead of an you know pouring where you know hardly construct anemail. What am I mad to say and try the sober as everything I take in a likethirty or forty five minutes to do. That is a a you know. You could justget on from Ebo Sommer, race, things to saint by you know with a smal, and youknow tell the customers that Dore to go...

...forward to catching up with them againthat stand them to make more of an pack than sort of just sounder soly emailfollow yeah. No definitely recently. Actuallywe had an ae Ho. So one of our things for the year eight hand off and kind ofwhat that partnership looks like is will have the a come over the top ofthe str. So it that's Orsu top an email, then the a will bounce on to it andit's kind of there working working it together, but yeah one of the a sent, avideo on top of just a normal email introducing himself and then adding inthe value pitch to any of the sleep or the pains they could have beenexperiencing, and I thought it was super unit us like this is different. Ilove that yeah. There was also when we've tried to average it in differentways right right across the entire sal cycle. So we had a damal request. Comethrough customer was really specific about. You know with Haman at the endthat the one to speak with his and the man, that's a word that the calder waspretty fool and then Sommerton ce around her. So one of my guys got USthinking, Cabbala. He was able to record a quick vely look at. I knowit's. Your super busy appreciate that really looking forward to aconversation, here's three things that you should think about with your teamprior to cat, and it means that you can get a lot more out of our session andwhenever we had joyed the call the customer had done exactly that and justmade the me move much more fluidly and everyone got everything from it thatthey were mounted yeah. Now, that is huge. The same ae that I was justtalking about with the video prospecting did something similar wherehe was like: Hey you. This is what I'm looking for looking forward to ourconversation but yeah, it's awesome to see them kind of getting their hands inthe game as well and taking ownership of the pipe line to yeah it. So it'sone thing as in a I don't think Alleverte I mean even Mamatee, I youknow, engage in e customers, so there's never anything that I would ask, but Iguys to do that. I wouldn't do myself and whatever you know not be in thetrance, so to speak e with my taming chatting with prospects and drivenpegley yeah. Definitely already so, given that you know you have the aexperience you're now managing the sales development team kind of warnboth cats here over at Kano's, but I had heard the feeling that you guys hadyou know really nail down the a SR relationship, meaning what is the handoff look like between the two teams? How are they working in Tanda and Iknow, given my experience within sales development. This is a hot topic,everyone's trying to find a they. How do we make this as fluid as possible,so everyone's working to the same initiative, I would have to know whatare some ways are yea, some ways that your team has seen successes in workingand tandem with the as yeah co completely agree right. It's alwaysgoing to be the thing right so process right, because a is quitereatly want to have. You know really good solid pet banks, but they can makethe most of those opportunities and drive those partnerships, and equallyso did stars want to make sure that anything that they are passing acrossis of the highest quality so that they can. You know how satisfaction they'redoing everything that they that they're men a we do. What we have done reallywell is work collaborative Y and Tryin to put together a really solidopportunity, health check to the both money, or so we'll define obviouslygonna technical success criteria that has to be sort of map or interessed inthose in Natia discovery calls and then also a more of a business understand onbeing checklist. The A and SR will both agree. Everything has been met beforethe opportunity then progresses into the paper. I think it's also one thing:that's worked well for us as certain parameters around those weekly catchupswith Sr and as right I mean be in means ether as as or ours where you can speakabout one opportunity or two opportunities and go off on the time.Just really get under the ground or stuff for, like you know, and are so,which is great, is fantastic, specific...

...promet, ers around you know what Ireaches tall on us, for example, in terms of our sequences. What are wegetting from them are: that's impacted, an ES, pay, pay and satin clear sort ofSoutar sort of tamped out of things that you want to discuss to moveopportunities forward. I would also say that, because we got our hirin processright or as an SR are pretty much driven by the same thing to one of thecore values, any process that you want sort of stream lane. A dray of aficiency story always needs to house the customer first right, so yeahanything that you do to encourage collaboration between the SR and, asshould always have the custom on wing. So is this going to enhance theirexperience and drave more partnerships through your through your pipe lane?We've also in terms of SR development, some of our as have gotten really good,get Sr at stay involved in name Dagman's after Damos, so they'regetting mold all for maybe they are sort of a sailen, a Tanda but they'regetting an older stoning of what's involved after a dame in taken place, some of our as have also gotten strinvolved in looking after and following up some ofthe lower value opportunities right. Yes, some of our S, Davis, you knowextremely large at the praisegod and seal signals are just by definition,can take. You know a year may be a bit longer, and so sometimes given hard toknow growth transactor over the course of the postman. They struggle forresource. So, given those Sr a bit a responsibility to look after and theywas somewhere who were on the opportunities, just increasescollaboration more involved, and then you build up a level of trust wheneveryou do that, so that whenever a star they unhouse over salt in to they whatthey know from working so closely with those guys that this opportunity is ofthe hive quality. There's a clear understanding of you know what we cando. Ole Customers and things have have got luckily ran really smoothly on thegrowth of R STR team and our sales teams over the past three year and ahalf two years as test some with it up yeah. That's I love like a lot that youjust said. There are two of the things that really stuck out to me. Is You hadmentioned about like having the clear understanding and studying theparameters so kind of when you guys went into the framers, especiallyaround, like opportunity checks? What did those conversations kind of looklike, rather than it's like all right? Let's have our you know. Thirty minutesseek this week. Let's go over this opportunity and spend thirty minutestalking about one thing: How did you guys kind of define what the parameterswere for that seeks? Yeah. So first thing you want to think about is right.Your time limited everybody is super busy nodes right so has and is the art,especially you know so they're covering territories, but a huge number ofprospects and current customers, and so on. So tame is of the assent. So youwant to really make sure h that if you have an R Statua he's not the bestpossible way, you're not going to prove you every opportunity that has beenpassed across break some one of the promoters: E E satis right. Let's lookat opportunities there just to qualify stage opportunities that are upset.Maybe beyond that, you know that Ansdale, you know learn from to thefullest extent until they can make in a translation to a so focus on solly,unqualified opportunities. Does two things flows to feed back to the SR andmaybe some gaps that the evident the fat whenever their confirmqualification and then it also allows the A to get an understanding of warthat opportunity came from sophias. They are source at themselves. Whatcampaign, as I came on, the back of, was it of their own sort of more sortof tactical o grace that they have done themselves. As you know, as there's aprospect who's been nurtured over a period to tame, is this someone who'smay be dropped by the website? You know trugon some some interest from ourMarcato instance and stuff. I was non...

...those opportunities as really beingbeneficial for development of a pagan development, the str as well. So that's,that's, probably the biggest in clearest parameters that we set. Ohyeah, I like that you'd also mentioned there, where the seers are getting moreinvolved in some of the the deals there, which is awesome. I can only imaginewhat kind of skill development that is actually influencing to as the stairsare looking to graduate into an e roll. Previously, when we at talked, wetalked about any ad mentioned as well, for you as an a you were also doing alot of your own hunting, too so kind of when you think about the relationshipbetween the as and the SARS at Canos. How are your s actively learning fromthe str in the other direction? What does that look like for your in yourenvironment? It's been fantastic over the course of the past twelve monstrate,because sixty percent of the avenue that weclose was actually on the back of a person events believe it or not, sovery pretty quickly. We had to pivot an entirely virtual environment, eyford RSright, that's! You know we're more used to that right to the POENAM. We mayhave gotten some conventions or had the opportunity to see some customers faceto fees by large right and if you imagine it were like a nos play, ourheadquarters are an island. Eighty percent of the R customers in NorthAmerica so are, as they are. Team are a breton virtually anyway, where learnedfrom us as mabys hard average products like a gard right hard to really sortof satified and be rigid about Haru Malagur Day and sadist, specific barsor parts of your day for prospective right and encouraging them also as wellto learn from us on hard to. You know, optimae presence on all the link thenalso as well, and the Animal Bo you know doing straight up, Huntin right sobecause we've had to work closer together right to our targets are stillto see him, even though we're Sailin e Ere Talinont, we've had the count,learn from all another, and I would say honesty have learned just as much fromfrom our as as well, especially when it comes to the importance of falling lovewhen you're bad to we understand and who, within anaccount, is influencing decisions above the level of the person that you're,initially engaging with a son. I love how fluid the partnership is betweenthe as and the S R for you all over there and how well it's been working,especially with the transition that many of us have had to go throughoutwith the virtual world. So when you kind of think about all these processesthat you all have in place and kind of the pasture and what that transitionhas looked like, are there any like challenges that come to mind where? So,if somebody was wanting to implement this or kind of streamline theirprocesses for their own company or their own teams, is there anychallenges that you were like? Oh you may face this. Here's how we overcameit. I would say, there's always going to be challenges, so I would say in aninflame than something that we have here. It's merely around that onelooked the under storming of and a onderstands fury with an SR asresponsible for, and vice versa right so one are, we have seen is customers. I are much more eager to getthe price already on right, so they axed, but not all str, are probably aswell versed and speaking about price as what some as or that's probably achallenge so we're seeing that more and more, where buyers, night more thanever, will go and do research on you, your company, your values, not justyour products, so they will come to the table and not first engagement at thatfirst conversation with pretty much a...

...lot of what they want to know andthey'll naturally just want to get to the pre. A SAP and some SPR may be wantto have on our trend on right, getting the real understanding of the customerof their business or waiter, challenges and problems, but and a will o want toalways child about price. That's something that were continuouslyworking on I at the moment, and it's something that I know that a lot ofscrees are talking about. So the price early all is pretty much theelephant in the room to one of the things I'm trying to figure out and I'mtrying to work on as master money to us. Do we give our SR a bit more in a waywhen it comes to talking of their price and maybe negotiating in the early partof the call and we're sort of thinking about right? Do Me, child somethin forone or two ECARTES and look at the impact that it has further on in thepaper. So if we can is those opportunities to see if it sing theirshort, the seal, Secor they've closed or if it's Orinville to what I may usdo and then create fantastic. You know when we get edial Averon that that'sprobably the mean challenge. If any one's going to implement yea, we was anStra. How the Word Yeah, I think you kind of hit that one, the head withprice being the Elfi in the room and the SCRI terrified to you know, givethe price it's like. We, I have an established value. I don't want toscare him away yet be. I think it's like just being up for an honest right,of course, give them the price of front, because not only is that going to it.Maybe this isn't in their budget, which we all know budget is something that weplan for, but if it's not in their budget right now, then they're going tohave a good ball park. Okay! Well, if I do see the value on this I'll find thebudget for it so yeah, I love that amazing. I feel, likeYeah Wealth of knowledge you've been able to share with us. I definitelyhave a couple take boys here that I can implement with my team as well. Lastly,Carrin as you kind of look ahead for this year and think about what yourteam is going to be focusing on what is one thing you believe all SCR shouldstart implementing now to have an impact by the end of the year, Iwouldn't say just str kit, then right so yeah. We have our own you keck offin a few weeks, and so I'm going to be presented in to the whole company on how what we've learned is, as the resof the pasture can be applied in any room, so whether you're in the product,whether you're in delivery, whether you're a consultant average in video tothe funest extent. So I'm a big Ben Bully, Brilla, so Larigan a productlike the jar to to Pat your personality into what you do, regardless of you,regardless of what you do so if you're an SR and you've got y engaged, newprospects will make sure that you're an average not to the furdest extent onsocial media owned in the right way. You know and Ichener follow ups and seehim if you're T, you know, as ten to you know, forget just hard really good.They are in a fare to feel a certain, but you can still find way as oftranslating your personality into hier engagement with folks at the moment andis every people nobody who's in a customer, Fersan Rod. You know.Sometimes I o summarizing. The conversation is worth much more commitmuch more impact than a standart, so that will be not just a message to onething: str should be doing, but probably everybody right across a sauceorganization can probably do more of his leverage and video in the right way.Yeah. No, definitely now that you guys have out reach coming your way, whichis super, exciting we're going to have to get our ser teams together, becauseone of our top past years here any Paton she generates about sixty percentof her pipeline with video. So I'm sure that the two of you guys would havesome of get tips to haring across each other. I'm not going to take the creditfor Areson one of my sdrastetye fantastic gether, and she has prettymuch laid the way in Carlos e h, a d.

You know, sposing the the benefits of avideo and HAG that Scoto transform. Are we engaged with people going forward tobe really excited to get those two together and share some best practice?Yes, definitely I'm going to take you up on that. Well, as we wrap it uptoday, Kuren. What is the best way for I'm everyone who's ill seem today toconnect with you of the many questions or want to reach out yeah, so did I'mall linked in, but if, if any will other wants to reach out to me, KiranDad Ome at Kinoo is the easiest way to get me more than happy to share a bestpractice with other seals developments as engagement leaders and str and aiter all right, fantastic. Well, there youhave it a little deep dive into the ages and a and, ultimately, maybesomething will be coming out with leverton video as well later on have afantastic day. Everyone. Thank you thanks killing! Thank you. This wasanother episode of the Sales Engagement podcast to help this get in front ofmore eyes and ears. Please leave us a shining five star review join us atsales engagement com for new episodes, resources in the book on salesengagement to get the most out of your sales engagement strategy, make sure tocheck out out reached T. I o the leading sales engagement platform, seeyou on the next episode a.

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