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Leveraging Video to Strengthen Your Sales Pipeline


The business world has changed and sales teams must adapt to the new reality quickly or find themselves out in the cold. An innovative way to keep your sales pipeline secure is by utilizing video technology to follow up with and inform potential customers.

Today we’ll be discussing that concept and more with Ciaran O’Neill, the much-admired leader of the global SDR team at Kainos, a leading-edge software company headquartered in Belfast.

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Welcome to the sales engagement podcast. This podcast is brought you by outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, and they just launched outreach on outreach, the place to learn how outreach well does outreach? Learn how the team follows up with every lead in record time after virtual events and turns them into revenue. You can also see how outreach runs account based plays, manages reps and so much more using their own sales engagement platform. Everything is backed by data pulled from outreach processes and customer base. When you're done, you'll be able to do it as good as they do. Had to outreach. Dooh on outreach to see what they have going on. Now let's get into today's episode. All righty, well, welcome everyone's the sales engagement podcast. This is Kitlyn Kelly, the manager of sales moment for the Amia region and your host for today, and I actually partnered with Karen O'Neil from canoes. Karen, you want to go to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do exactly? Yeah, sure, thanks very much for for Halbam me Kila. Kareninate, I had of the D S Dr Operation here candles, so the global team of as the ores, who's Joel, but as to to pretty much tail the word about cantles, who we are and what we do. Yeah, looking forward to to how in our ch out to it perfect. So for today kind of our conversation is going to be based around that. are going from an a tow str or SDR A and what that handoff really looks like and how can we really like solidify those relationships as we going there. So, Karen, and I know based off of your experience in your career path, you are one of the eight is actually transitioned into sales development management, which is quite unique, I would say, within our field, especially from my point of view. So I would love to know if you tell us a little bit about what influence your decision to go into sales development. Yeah, so I first started my seals career and tack as on the STR probably run about ten years ago, transation into a and then pretty much when Feodos racle and come back into seales development and am nine mileage in a seals development thing. In terms of what influence that, I guess the thing that has always excited me most about being in seals is that really problem solving aspect to being an stre so I think it's it's such a compelling category of present. But you get the opportunity to engage and understand so many different customers across so many different sectors in geographies, and I've always sort of categorized myself as being more of a haunter than a farmer. So seales developmentist something that's always sort of being a natural fit for me. All right, I'm eazing. I love that. I love how you like had that hunter mentality that you're going to you're used to and you identified within the sales flopment org kind of coming from the AE standpoint and understanding. You know the importance of generating these great opportunities from essentially the first touch point, the cold prospecting. How do you feel like your experience has really influenced your type of leadership style when you are developing your sales development team? Yeah, it's a really good question. I suppose in terms of hearts influence my leadership stay, I would say more around encourage and collaboration. Right, so I sort of saying both sides of the coin. So, as an SDR, I got the opportunity to work with some really, really good as tuber really in free actual in my development as a sealed person, and I've always tried to model when I was in a what they had done with me with SDRs. I was working with that pretty much. So transparency is the biggest thing that you can have to aage your development as an SDR or an a. So I encourage my guys to be as open as possible with every opportunity and customer that they're working with, because there are things that as can help them with in terms of moving good opportunities along the papeline and as in a way there is a holdover...

...process, keep the SDR involved after the fact so you know, make them aware of our negotiations are going if they're other key stakeholders who are getting put into the process. But because all of that service is a pretty good education obouses for an stars development as well, I would also say I encourage my guys to be self sufficient. To I mean when I moved translation into a I didn't want to stop prosspecting right. So I will what I was getting from Ann str with some of my own stuff too, because the more opportunities I have in the pipe playing of the greater my child and my Copuda. So yeah, pretty more or Egan self sufficiency and collaboration, I would say, to influence my leadership stay. All right, that's amazing. One of the things you just mentioned there is that even though when she transitions the eight year role, you still wanted to kind of have your hand and, like the Hunting Pot, you still wanted to make sure that you were influencing your own pipeline and bringing forward those deals. Do you have any like great success stories in ways that you're able to kind of work in tandem with your stars to ensure that you were, you know, supplementing the pipeline and not just relying on the steer team? Yeah, yeah, there's a multitude of whism which you can do that, right. So I wasn't, I would night as I would probably be looking to stuff that for a modern aggy, whereas in which you can pick some of the cool stuff that str to do any to drive engagement and apply it and your your own road. I would say, pretty much averaging video and products like the yard to the fullest extent. Right. I know from speaking to some of our AIDS over the course of the past twelve months, and I'm thinking of all of my colorings in particular, is a pretty canalic person. So he grew on here an Arland family pub. So from an early age he was working in that, in that business, not environment, and I was always struck by a story he told me where he felt that whenever he went out from, you know, the living room into the pub I was served on the public, he felt like he was stepping out onto the stage right and you can clearly see he has an unfactious personality and he loved engaging with people. So for someone like him being in a face to face set and making people you know up close, you could really see where you know, he could, people could sort of buy into him and really, you know, get a positive Vailble of them folks like that found the you know translation to completely virtual sale environment maybe a bit tougher. So we've tried to encourage AIDS like that to learn from St rs your leverage in video, because through products like the giard you can still, you know, translate those really in factious, you know, awesome parts of your personality across and videos and still, you know, have the same impact that you could have had any face to face satin or I can imagine or something like yeah, yeah, I know, definitely. I think that is like such a good way of putting it to especially with a video prospecting. I think I'm obsessed a video prospecting and whenever I can influence my tmd is that as well. But the biggest thing with it is showing your personality through the video to get them to want to speak to you. That's the step one, right, and then that's when you get to add, you know, the pitch, the conversation and all that. But I love that in the terms of thinking about it in a way where it's you're stepping onto a stage. Yeah, yes, so I'm start to see more a sting follow ups on the back of say, a DAMML or call or maybe prices being discussed under summer ais, and everything takes the samely and like thirty forty seconds of video, you know, instead of you know, pour and where, you know, party, construct an email. What am I meant to say? And try to summer raise everything. Taken away thirty to forty five minutes to do that instead of, you know, you could just get over from the video. Summer raise things is saintly, you know, with a small you know tail the customer that you're to go forward to catching up with...

...them again. That's tending to make more of an impact and sort of just stand there solely email follow up. Yeah, I know. Definitely. Recently actually we had an ae who so one of our things for the the seared eight handoff and kind of what that partnership looks like is, well, the AE come over the top of the str so that that's your shoot. Talk an email. Then the a will bounce on to it and it's kind of they're working, working it together. But yeah, one of the a sent a video on top of just a normal email introducing himself and then adding in the value pitch to any of the sleep or the pains that they could have been experiencing, and I thought it was super unique's like this is different. I love that. Yeah, there is. Also, we've tried to leverage it in different ways right right across the entire seal circle. So we had a dam will request come through, customers really specific about, you know, with him and at the ad that the one to speak withous, in the man's a word, that their calendar was pretty food and them some urgency around the so one of my guys got his thinking cap on, he was able to record a quick that you look at. I know what you're super busy. Appreciate that. Really moving forward to a conversation, here's three things that you should think about with your team prior to als. And it means that you can get a lot more out of our section. And whenever we had joined the called, the customer had done exactly that and just me and the met move much more fluidly and everyone got everything from it that they were manted. Yeah, now that is huge. The same a that I was just talking about with the video prospecting did something similar work and I was like, Hey, this is what I'm looking for. Looking forward to our conversation. But yeah, it's often to see them kind of getting their hands in the game as well and taking ownership of the pipeline to yeah, it's just one thing. As an a, I don't think I'll ever is that. I mean even management, I let you, don't engage them with customers. So there's never anything that I would ask my guys to do that I wouldn't do myself. And think of whatever. Nor, you know, not be in the tranches, so to speak, with my team childmouth prospects and driving piglay. Yeah, definitely already so. Given that, you know, you have the a experience, you're now managing the sales development team. kind of worn both caps here over a KNO's, but I had heard recently that you guys had, you know, really nailed down the aid str relationship, meaning what is the handoff look like between the two teams? How are they working in tandem? And I know, given my experience within sales development, this is a hot topic. Everyone's trying to find a a how do we make this as fluid as possible so everyone's working to the same initiative? I would love to know what are some ways. Are, yeah, some ways that your team has seen successes and working in tandem with these? Yeah, can completely agree. Right, it's always going to be the thing right. So the process right, because a he's quite rightly want to have, you know, really good, solid pap things that they can make the most of those opportunities and drive those partnerships. And equally so did west the large will to make sure that anything that they are possing across is of the highest quality so that they can, you know, how satisfaction dire doing everything that they that they're man that we do what we have done really will as work collaboratively and trying to put together a really solid opportunity health check to the both party. So we will de fan. Obviously you know what technical success criteria that has to be sort of mat or addressed and those initial discovery calls and then also a more of a business understanding checklist. The A and SDR will both agree everything has been met before the opportunity then progresses into the paplay. I think it's also one thing that's worked well for us as certain parameters around those weekly catch ups with strs and a's right, and it will been in meetings, either as a's or ours, where you can speak about one opportunity or two opportunities and go off on a tangent really get into the groundlar stuff for like you know and our so, which is great. That's fantastic. Specific parameters around... know what outreaches telling us, for example, in terms of our sequences. What are we getting from them? are that's impact that an a's paplay and certain clear sort of certain clear sort of tampled out of things that you want to discuss to move opportunities forward. I would also say that, because we get our hirm process right, are a's and stars are pretty much driven by the same thing. So one of the core values any process that you want sort of streamline and drive efficiency through always needs to have the customer first, right. So yeah, anything that you do to to encourage collaboration between St Ours and a should always have the customer man. So is this going to enhance their ex variance and drive more partnerships through your through your paper lane? We've also in terms of star development, some of our a's have gotten really good at getting stars at stay involved in the engagements after demos. So they're getting along all for maybe they are sort of a sail and ATTENDE, but they're getting an understanding of what's involved after the dam being taken place. Some of our a's have also gotten SDRs involved in looking after and following up with some of the lower value opportunities. Right. Some of our a's Dems, you know, extremely large at the praise occurrence and seal secles are just by definition, can take you know, a year, maybe about longer, and so sometimes, given art you know growth trajectory over the course of the past man, they struggle for resource. So given those sdrs a better responsibility to look after and day with somewhere lower volue opportunities, just increases collaboration, get more involved and then you build up a level of trust whenever you do that, so that whenever an str they and hands over something to an a well they know from working so closely, but those guys that this opportunity is of the quality. There's a clear understanding of, you know, what we can do on these customers, and things have for US lockily, ran really smoothly and the growth of our SDR team and our sales teams will the past or a year and a half, two years as testament of that. Yeah, that's I love like a lot that you just said. There are two of the things that really stuck out to me. Is You'd mentioned about like having the clear understanding and studying the parameters. So kind of when you guys went into the parameters, especially around like opportunity checks, what did those conversations kind of look like? Rather than it's like all right, let's have our you know, thirty minutes think this week. Let's go over this opportunity and spend thirty minutes talking about one thing. How did you guys kind of define what the parameters were for those seeks? Yes, first thing you want to think about is right, your time limited. Everybody is super busy now. Ideas. Right. So He's an star Esp actually, you know. So they're covering territories with a huge number of prospects and current customers and so on. So Times of the assets. So you want to really make sure that if you have an our status said, use not the best possible way. You're not going to happen review every opportunity that has been pasted across. Right, so one of the promoters reset is right. Let's look at opportunities that are just a qualified stage, opportunities that are upset and maybe beyond that. You know that an SDR count really to know learn from to the fullest extent until they and making a translation to you a. So focusing Sony unqualified opportunities. Those two things lazy, a feedback to the str maybe some gaps that they evident at the fact whenever they are confirmed qualification, and then also allows that a to get an understanding of where that opportunity came from. sophist are source of themselves. What campaign is that came on the back of was it of their own sort of more sort of tactical outreach to they have done them. Sales is, you know, as as a prospect. He's been nurtured over a period of day. Is this someone who's maybe dropped by the website to triggered some some interest from our Morecatto instance and stuff? It's known those...

...opportunities has really been beneficial for development of a Pagnine, development of an str as well. So that's that's probably the biggest and clearest parameter that we set. Yeah, that you'd also mentioned there where the scars are getting more involved in some of the deals there, which is awesome. I can only imagine what kind of skill development that is actually influencing to as the stairs are looking to graduate into an AEVIROL. Previously, when we had talked, we talked about Anian mentioned as well. For you as an AE, you were also doing a lot of your own hunting to. So kind of when you think about the relationship between the a s and the Steris that Canos? How are your as actively learning from the SDRs in the other direction? What does that look like for your in your environment? It's been fantastic over the course of the past twelve months. Right, because sixty percent of the revenue that we closed was actually on the back of the person events, believe it or not, so very pretty workley. We had to pivot to an entirely virtual environment and for us, the Oars Right, that's you know, we're more used to that, right. But are the pandamic? We may have gone some conventions or had the opportunity to see some customers face to face. Ban Large, right. And if you imagine what we're like, a cannot right. Our headquarters are in Ireland. Eighty percent of our customers in North America. So who? Our SDR team are all Brittain virtually. Anyway, we're a learned from us is maybe those hard and average products like vegyard. Right, hard to really sort of sat a side and be rigid about how you manage your day and sat a sad specific ares or parts of your day for prospective right, in encouraging them also as well. Have learned from us on hard to, you know, optimajor presence, on on Linkedin also as well, and then also, you know, doing straight up hompton. Right. So because we have had to work closer together, right, to put our targets are still the same, even though we're seeing the verts environment, with how to come together learn from one another, and I would say ours the oors. I've learned just as much from from our AI's as well, especially when it comes to the importance of following up when you're meant to really understand and who, within an account is influencing decisions about of the level of the person that you're anicially engagement with. Awesome. I love how fluid the partnership is between the a's and the strs for you all over there and how well it's been working, especially with the transition that many of us have had to go through with the virtual world. Now, when you kind of think about all these processes that you all have in place and kind of the past year and what that transition has looked like, are there any like challenges that come to mind where, so, if somebody was wanting to implement this or kind of streamline their processes for their own company, are their own teams, is there any challenges that you were like, Oh, you may face this, here's how we overcame it. I would say there's always going to be challenges. So I would say in an implement and something that we have here. It's mainly around level and not the older stamming of an a understands fully with an str is responsible for and vice versa. Right, so will are you? We've seen, is customers and not am much more eager to get the price already. All right. So they accepect. But not all SDRs are probably as well versed and speaking about price as what some a's or that's probably a challenge. So we're seeing that more and more where buyers, no more than ever, will go and do research on you, your company, your values, not just your products. So they will come to the table and not first engagement, that first conversation, with pretty much a lot of what they...

...want to know and they'll naturally just want to get to the price asap. And some SDRs maybe want to have an our trend on right, getting a real understanding of the customer, of their business, their weight or challenges and problems. But an a will probably want who always chat about price. That's something that work continuously working on night at the moment and it's something that I know that a lot of stur leaders are are talking about. So even the price early on is pretty much the elephant in the room. So one of the things is trying to figure out and I'm trying to work on as an SDUR managers, do we give our SDR's a bit more leeway when it comes to talking about price and they be negotiating in the early part of a call and we're sort of thinking about right, do we child something for one or two quarters and look at the impact that it has further on in the paper? So if we can procisse those opportunities to see if it's either shortness seal, say Oh, or they've left closed, or if it's odd and value to what I may use do and then great, fantastic. You know, we look at iteratively improven that. That's probably the main challenge. If anyone's going to implement that, we with an SDR to a how the word? Yeah, I think you kind of hit that one ahead, with price being the elephant in the room and the SCRR terror. If I to, you know, give the price, it's like wait, I have an established value. I don't want to scare them away yet be I think it's like just being up for an honest right. So it's of course give them the price up front, because not only is that going to if it's. Maybe this isn't in their budget, which we all know budget is something that we plan for, but if it's not in their budget right now, then they're going to have a good ballpark. Okay. Well, if I do see the value on this, I'll find the budget for it. So, yeah, I love that. Amazing. I feel like, yeah, wealth of knowledge you've been able to share with us. I'm definitely have a couple takeaways here that I can implement with my team as well. Lastly, caring, as you kind of look ahead for this year and think about what your team is going to be focusing on, what is one thing you believe all SCR should start implementing now to have an impact by the end of the year? I wouldn't say just as the ARS Kitlin right. So, yeah, we have our own. Will Keck off in a few weeks and so I am going to be present into the whole company on her. What we've learned is, as the oars over, the posture can be applied at any roads or whether you're a product, whether you're in delivery, whether you're consultant, or laverage in video to the fullest extent. So I'm a big, big billet brilliant. So leverage in a product like ve jar to put your personality into what you do, regardless of a regardless of what you do. So if you're an stre and you've got the engage new for Rossbacks, will make sure that your leveraging not to the fullest extent, on social media and in the right way, you know, and your age in your follow ups and the same if you're too you know, a's ten to you know forget just hard really good they are and a face to face setain. But you can still find ways of translating your personality into how you're engaging with folks at the moment. And this is every people in nobuddy who's in a customer face and roads. You know, sometimes if you summarise the conversation is worth much more com make much more impact and a standard email. So that will be not just a message to one thing is they r should be doing, but probably everybody right across the sauce organization could probably do more of his laborage and video in the right way. Yeah, no, definitely. Now that you guys have outreach coming your way, which is super exciting, we're going to have to get our seur teams together because one of our topast years her any pets and she generates about sixty percent of our pipeline with video. So I'm sure that the two of you guys would have some great tips well sharing across each other. I'm not going to take the credit for hardy. Also want what one of my sturs, Leon dirt, is absolutely fantastic other and she has pretty much led the way and Knos you know, I suppose, and the the benefits...

...of video and hard that school's help trans for are we engaged with people going forward? So will be really excited to get those two together and shure. So best practice. Yes, definitely. I'm going to take you up on that. Well, as we wrap it up today, Karen, what is the best way for I'm ever in WHO's listening today, to connect with you of the any questions or want to reach out? Yeah, so the I'm on Linkedin, but if any will, dre wants to to reach out to me, Karen Dot only at Knostcolm is the easiest way to get me. More than happy to share our best practice with other seals of alip and see as it engagement leaders, strs and a's out there all right, fantastic. Well, there you have it. A little deep dive into the ad Sr hand off and ultimately maybe something will be coming out with lover doing video as well later on. Have a fantastic day everyone. Thank you. Thanks giling. Thank you. This was another episode of the sales engagement podcast. To help this get in front of more eyes and ears, please leave us a shining five star review. Join US at sales engagementcom for new episodes. Resources in the book on sales engagement to get the most out of your sales engagement strategy. Make sure to check out outreach, that ioh, the leading sales engagement platform. See you on the next episode.

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