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The Sales Engagement Podcast

Episode · 8 months ago

Empowering Women in Sales Leadership w/ Jerice O’Malley


You look around the room of sales leaders and realize you’re *still* the only woman.

It can’t go on like this.

In this episode, I interview Jerice O’Malley, Head of Sales at Amplify, about how she achieved sales leadership success and helps raise other women to sales leadership roles.

What we talked about:

  • Strategies for networking during a pandemic
  • Jerice’s journey to sales leadership
  • The importance of D&I initiatives
  • Mentorship and relationship begin with conversation

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

  • #GirlsClub is a mentorship program for female sales leaders
  • Kiva is a nonprofit focused on micro lending
  • SV Academy helps reduce barriers to tech sales roles

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Welcome to the sales engagement podcast,this podcast is brought to you by outreach, the leading sales engagementplatform, helping companies, sellers and customer success engaged withbuyers and customers in the modern sales era, check out sales,engagementcom for new episodes, resources and the book on sales,engagement available on Amazon and Barnes and noble or wherever books aresold. Now, let's get into today's episode: Well, hello, everybody and all of ourwonderful liciters after sales engagement, podcast, my name isBrikbacesta. I'm a senior manager of sales development here at out reach,and I have a very special guest with me today. Jerice Omalley, very nice tehave you o happ me rex, Jerise is actually a head of sales just started anewgig which is very exciting and alwayst Leto, see women, leading upsales teams and you're an amplifies that right yeah. It just started a fewweeks ago, love in life and meet in the team, well congrats on the new GIG. How,as that Bin, actually side note on boarding during the pandemic, I feellike I have to ask everybody who starts this year: IT'S PRETTY WILD! I have metseveral folks that have made the Jub and it's scary, it's different, but Ithink one of the things that covid has taught me is life is short anddefinitely take the opportunities when you seethem just because we're in a pandemic doesn't mean we completely have tochange our live schools. So there was an amazing opportunity that presenteditself, and I said, let me take it. Let me find some courage inside to leave acompany join a new one and start my new path. So I would recommend people justtake the time to reflect and if it's the right choice, then just take it inthe short time thati'm gone to know each other. I feel like that is aspecial talent of yours, AF, just being... to go for and put yourself outthere, and that is in fact actually for those listening how derece and I metshe reached out to me on link in which I feel like more people should do thisjus said Hey, I have a bunch of connections and I don't know who theyare and you and I should just hang you get to know each other since we areindeed connected im like wo o refreshing, I'm not getting titchednobody's asking me it's just like a nice get to know you. Would you saythat you do that often yeah, you know what like Linkdon has been a greatplatform. You know I use it to understand more about companies kind oflike my new source. It is a way that bridges, relationships and connectionson the professional side. People you know, are open to chatting. If you havevalue to bring, I think that's a platform to reach out and also peoplethat you have connected to make sure that you get to know them. I think youknow myself included. Had A habit of reaching out to folks and as thosehundreds go grow into thousands and into fivehsand to ten HSAND, you startto lose track of who you've connected to, and so I'm trying to do a betterjob of meeting the people that I've connected with and it's really beenfulfilling. But that's awesome and it's such a good reminder right, like theworld, can be a very small place. If you let it be so much, I feel like ofthe opportunities that I've been fortunate enough to find and kind ofget introduced to o or because somebody like a person, a nice enough to show methat or to empower me to do that. That's actually the topic of our entirepodcast today. How can we better empower the women around us? So I'msuper excited to talk with Jerece about that today, hopefully get everybodyhere. Some ideas o how they can walk away, a some pretty tacticalopportunity to say you. We can be better as women in the workplace. Ithink we can do a better job of hyping each other up and making sure thatsuccess is available to everybody. So maybe with that, I can start peppering.You nowt with questions. Tere. Tell me like from your rerspective. You workedyour way up to ahead of a sals...

...department like what has yourexperience in your journey as a woman in the workplace. Look like yeah! It'sbeen interesting, I feel very fortunate. You know my career has been focused inthe Dana analytics industry. The last seven, almost eight years now and Istarted off in softwars service on the saleside, moving into the consultingside and I'll be honest. Every company I worked with I've been the MU minority.I take a look to the left and right seldom see another female. She be told.Sales is still a white man's jop and there's some really great ones outthere and I'm so used to working in the boys club. I think, as I've moved intoa sales leadership role and makes you think how do we get other women intothese roles? If the only other folks are not like us, and so it makes us ask the question: What can wedo to get more women into these entry level? Sales Roles get noticed and feelempowered so that they can make that leap into the same role that you and Iare in. So I think that's what's been the main question yeah and that's sotrue right, because it's one thing to hire folks. I know a lot of companieshave the initiative Tohey. We want to get more women. The sales team want toget a more divers sales team, but at time and time again, we've seen thismovie many times. If you hire somebody who is the minority in some way, Shaper form throw them into a group of people who's pretty homogeneous. Theyalready have their like clicks, for lack of better words like the way theyshare information coun be really hard to find success, but yeah kind ofdefeats, the purpose of like, if you can't retain people enm like what areyou doing right, yeah, exactly retaining people and retension. Just asa topic I mean two thousand and twenty that's what we've seen with the DEIinitiative. You can attract talent, you can you can get more women into it, butif you don't have any programs in place or people that look like you or actlike you, you're going to loose them,...

...and so you know, I hope you know folksthat are listing. Diin is so incredibly important, especially getting womenjust into sales, leadership, roles or leadership roles in general in thetechnology space yeah. It is a Turkey beast and I think one thingthat I've heard a couple times like. Okay. Well, like people just need toknow. You know you have to introduce folks and your network and as a womanand sales like just reach out to people, but it's noot alwas that easy t can besuper intimidat or just be like okay. I guess I'm going to put onl myextrovertad hat and then just go: Ask a bunch of people for jobs, but like Y,why do you think it is so intimidating and so difficult profokes to do that?So there's a boys club that exists and some girls are in that boys club andfor some reason women seem to be threatened or intimidated by the otherwoman in the room and, if you think back to I don't know the firstsalesperson, there had to be more right and you're, probably getting a lot morewhite men into it, and I don't feel like they had that same threateningfeeling. And so that's what I would say to all the women out there is when yousee another woman, be inviting be inclusive, don't think about them asyour competition yeah they might be. But if you work together, F Yeu, if youcollaborate, if you reach out we're all in this together- and so I have areally great quote by Melaal that I have to share, there's a special placein Hell for women who don't help other women. I think that's a very in your face. I by that, but I mean wehave to help each other. If we don't we're going to continue seeing a trendwhere women don't enter into these sales leadership rols, so just thinkabout it. From a community perspective like, let's try to uplevel the game,et's, let's get more of us into into...

...leadership roles. What I hear yousaying is like looking at each other like competition for sure that happensright, because I think we UN intentional, and I'm for sure done thisin my life you have. We have thi scarcity mindset of like there's notenough to go around and like if I'm here then like it's by super luckychance of the universe that I made it. I've got to box people out, becausethis is like my spot, but it'. So not the case. I mean you look at there'sthe amount of opportunities that are at there and just like cross like my owninternal team and I'm like hey like yeah. Why wouldn't we share the well?Because there is totally enough yeah. I got to give a a quick shoutow to angeland Colleen to amazing women that I worked with at a past company, bothBadass women, that did a really great job building relationships. Yeah. Theywere my competition, but quite frankly, I learned so much from them. Just byhaving a conversation, so that's what I would invite other sales reps and don'tonly obviously reach out to other women, which is the point of this podcast. Butyou have a lot of allies out there. I have a lot of great friends guys thatare that are in sales. We need to lean on them just as much as we need to leanon on the Womeno, so just being more inclusive and reaching out and andasking for help. You know for some of us that are more introverted. Sometimesyou do have to put on that hat, put on Tha extroverted hat just reach out, butbut don't reach out just for one off conversation. I think that leads intowhat we can do right, you're going to reach out, maybe to be a mentor or evento ask for a menty try to make it a cadence O. don't just do a one off andmakes more sense, and it drives more more of a relationship if you startmeeting with them regularly. Yeah. That's that's a really good point andit comes back to that idea of Buk as leaders sure we should reases peopleone off like we got to build that relationship and it just it helpspeople grow their careers and develop...

...internally, and even just like getting advice on aregular cadence and like feeling like there is support. I think that goes along way. That's a really good reminder. Yeah, and I know we spent a lot of timetalking about like what what it currently looks like down, but I meanyou and I are both in sales leadership roles. I'd love to hear from you likewhere's, the time that you've been able to empower someone as a leader likewatch helping people develop is probably why we all got into this gigright, like of course like youv reporting, is an important skill saidlike executive presence, that's important right, but we AL't want tohelp people and develop them in their career path. O. I didn't tell her I'mgoing to talk about her, but I'm putting her on the spot. Amy is one ofour teammates feared out reach she's an out bound sales coordinator, which me,but she is essentially the glue of our SCR team that she doesn't carry a quota,but she is doing things like making sure that marketing demand jam sales,development, sales, OL working together cohesively. She does some like reallykill her recon work and terns to research, helping reps shit, theirnumber looking for things in their accounts, and I think one of myfavorite. I guess it was a moment for like a time in her trajectory here. Sheactually just got promoted to she's going to be. She will be carrying aquota now as an inside market development rep, which were veryexcited forer when I started to see her voice her opinions because for a Lise,she's, pretty quiet. She- and I talked about this a lot. So I hope people arelike wow break your air you're dirty launcit, your po, but she has so manygood ideas and I think it can be really easy to sit kind of in the corner andjust bee like a FA, I'm just here like I'm, just going Ta keep quiet I'm atthe table, but I'm not participating because it's not my thing but workingwith her and finding opportunitis to Boike Hey. You have awesome ideas. Notonly do I think he should say that, but I think he should run with them andlike drive a project present it to the whole team of sixty people we, so wedid that she did want to presentit and- and she came to me after Meang- like Ididn't tell you this, but I am terrified of public speaking, so thatwas really scary. Thut. I'm glad that I...

...did it and since then, I've just seenher blossom into this horse on the floor of like knowledge, she's atrusted adviser for the raps. She has so much Intel aound how thebusiness and the company works. It's just been so fun to see her excel, andI can't wait to see her continue to do well, whether it's atout reacorwherever that's amazing. We need more stories like that, which you know I have to Brag on a fewfew folks. So most recently, I found out about an amazing company called SBAcademy, and part of their mission is to help kind of reduce barriers intoentry level till rolls their focus market is, is minorities and women, andI had the opportunity to meet incredible people. I think probably ten,eleven folks that I've been able to mentor, but the for that kind of stickout to me. Olivia Sarah, Alex and Katie. These women are just ready to kick ass in this worldand, I think, being able to believe in them and seeing them lift up theirspirits. When someone in a leadership role, you know just takes the time totalk to them, it's so empowering, and so others out there just find someonethat isn't an entry level role and just give them some of your time. It'sincredible for both both parties in terms of what we can do Brook. I think joining these networking communities-SB academyeis great they're, always looking for great mentors reach outonce a month to addit to the list of things to do, but not it's not a choreT it's Fulfilling Right. At least I hope it's fulfilling but mix it up meetwith someone internally try to be there for them. Try to hear what what they'retrying to do and empower them to do what they need to do and then reach outexternally into your network. I'm sure some of you guys have have madeconnections that you don't really know. If the tiell be yeah right and whoknows, maybe you can help them? Maybe...

...they just want someone to chat with, ormaybe they want to know. How did you get there and that's when you know thesort of beauty behind these relationships? com come tofruition,yeah, that's such good advice, so I think now I have it to do list likeokay. I got to go reach out to at least one person and do exactly what you justdid or did when we first met you like I'm connected with you, but I've nevertalked to you outside of Internet like linked in Chat. So we should check whatelse could we do like when you think about reaching out people internallylike what would that look like for folks yeah? I think well, when you doreach out, definitely set your expectations like what is it thatyou're trying to get and what is it that they are and maybe there's thereisn't the right connection there, and maybe because You'e set thoseexpectations. You move on to someone else where there is a fit and make surethat there's your experience on both sides is a match right, someone'strying to learn how to do x, and this is what you can offer them. So thatgoes for the internal folks and then for for your own personal self, GrothFind Amentor and that could be in network out of network. I sound like ahealth care provider there, but your TPO and your Hmo Mentor, but youknow we don't get better in our own roles unless we have the right rolemodels so kind of try to find someone that you look up to and reach out.Hopefully, they'll make some time for you. If not move on to someone else. Ithink it's just is important to help others as it is to help yourself.That's something that we all forget about is taking care of yourself yeah.That's such good advice and I think the mentorship aspect so many times you wor.Well, how do I find a mentor? Sometimes you don't know us have to say like heystranger, will you be my mentor because that can be kind of uncomfortable, butI think it just truly starts with he conversation anybody who want to Vew asa mentor. Now it started with me saying: Hey, I have a question. Here's thething that's happening at work. I need...

...your advice. You seem like you've doneit before. Can you talk me through it and then that just blossomed, intoanNOI'm asking questions? Hey? Do you mind if I do this every month or do youmind if we stay in touch and an awesome relationship, his grown so yeah? Idefinitely would double down on that, and what about? Like? Otherorganizations that are out there folks are looking for linkedin groups to joinlike what might be some that our top of mind for you. I have heard of a companycalled Girls Club, which I know I just signed up to be a mentor there.So I hope I'm really excited to see what that's like you've given me. Somegreat create advice on that one there's a lot of other things and it doesn'thave to be direct pere to peer there's, a company called Kiva. I'm superpassionate about this. It is a nonprofit focused on micro funding, andso I think y guys we get into physicians of leadership, and you knowthat compensation boost is there, give back I've created a group on therecalled empowering women globally, very proud of that, and I'm able to loan toother minorities and women who need the funding to help. Do something at thatthey're passionate about take a look around there's, so many differentcommunities, programs nonprofits, that you can give your time, give your moneyand give your energy into and find something that you're fulfilled with?Don't just do it for the sake of it, because that's that's not helpful foranyone. If that's C advice- and hopefully you know it gets you sychedon doing stuff like this- and you can pay it for and then that next personfeels empowere to do it again and create a solid chain. Women,empowerment, yeah I', got one last story to end up. I definitely did notrun it by her, but I have bakoff between two companies. Her name wasMonica and she was, I think, a past like sales engineer, moved into salesand product first product product. Honestly,the comparison work WAE quite the same, but when it came down to it, there wassomething about this female empowerment...

...that really stood out to me and yes,phenomenal stills rep also just great interaction right, but I went I wentwith her and I think you know the advice out. There is don't make yourdecisions simply because we're females like that's not it but just be moreopen minded and help help level out the playing field, and so again theproducts w were pretty similar. I went with the woman on this one. She justgave that amazing customer service and I think that's what we should allstripe to. That is awesome in way to go Monica wherever you are so I know we're just about at the endof our time here, Jerise, but if folks wand, to get in touch with you and dothis thing that we've been talking about meanyou reach out and build ornetwork with genuine connections. How can they get a hold of you yeah? Well,I think for both of us all you out there and you can tell howpassionate both Brok and I are on this topic- reach out to us on Linkdin Ye, H, Frea, Sul finduss, and that's where weshould connect sweet and then remind us full names. They can search you andcompany Jeriso Mally and I work with amplify consulting partners. Amazing,an Congret I'm getting married, very exciting. Sweetwel again, my name is BerkeMachesta, I'm an outreach and sales development yeah. We would love to chatwith you all. I think we should all continue paying it forward. Sooner thanlater, we're going to see more women in sales, leadersip position so looking forward to it, and thank you somuch tore for spending your time today, it's in o Ben a ployereappreciate it. This was another episode of the salesengagement, podcast join us at sales, engagementcom for new episodes,resources and the book on sales. Engagement now available on Amazon,Barns and noble or wherever books are sold to get the most out of your salesengagement strategy, make sure to check out outrage the leading salesengagement platform. So you on the next episode.

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