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Episode · 7 months ago

How to read a 10k like an Enterprise MEGADEALER w/ Jamal Reimer


If you’ve not added the 10K to your sales arsenal, you’re missing out. 

What’s a 10K? It’s a document that public companies are required by the SEC to publish every year. And it’s essentially a report that provides transparency into how a company is performing. 

It’s all there. Risks, deals, mergers, acquisitions, management discussions, and financial reports. And if you use it the right way, it can be a crucial tool in your sales toolbox. 

But you’ve got to know how to use it. How to read it. How it’s organized. And that’s where Jamal Reimer comes in. Jamal was our guest on this special episode of the Sales Engagement podcast. Special because it’s not just an audio podcast.

Jamal was nice enough to use Zoom to walk us through how to read and utilize a 10k report.

But Jamal walked us through 

  • What a 10K actually is
  • The 4 major areas of every 10K
  • Why the quarterly analyst calls are a goldmine if you’re looking for information on a company. 

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