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Episode · 2 years ago

How Gratitude Can Boost Sales Productivity w/ Joe Vignolo


On this special Thanksgiving episode, your host, Joe Vignolo shares his thoughts on how gratitude can impact sales productivity. 

Take a break from the grind, think about what you're grateful for and come back from the holiday weekend feeling refreshed and recharged. 

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Welcome to the sales engagement podcast,this podcast is brought to you by out reached at io the leading salesengagement platform, helping companies, sellers and customer success engagedwith buyers. An customers in the modern sales era check out sales engagementcomfor new episodes, resources in the book on sales engagement coming soon. Now,let's get into today's episode. Hey everyone thanks for joining us foranother episode of these sales engagement podcast. I am your hostJoevignolo senior content managing editor at outweach and if you've lookedat the length of the episode you'll know this is a short one. It's the weekof Thanksgiving, and I thought it was a good idea, good time to reflect andtalk about professional gratitude. If you've been listening to this podcast,you know that I haven't always been a podcast hoast or a content marketer oreven in the deck world. I was a television journalist for ten years,that is a incredibly brutal industry. We've got long hours, tough deadlinesand a constant stream of sad stories, but you know, after a rewarding,exciting and ultimately depressing decade. I knew I had to get of the newsgame. I still wanted to be a storyteller, be able to write, be ableto interview people so started. Looking at adjacent industries, things thatwere somewhat similar to journalism and content marketing seem like good fit sobeing in the San Francisco Bay area. I started looking at tech startups, smallcompanies that were looking to build out content marketing and it was a rough go for a while. No one wantedto give a thirty two year old news producer, a shot at a new career, butafter months and months of searching and applying interviewing company called Datanis gave me a shot.Thank you to Ilia, Semon, Bensardella...

...and Sam Labor for believing in me, thatis much appreciated and that job after a few years led to this job, a noutreach and sales engagement com and this podcast, which has really been a dream,come true. I'm incredibly happy here get to host this great podcast talk totop sales profesionals in the industry. Every day talk shop, and that brings memy point. If you're still with me on this episode when you're happy, you arebetter at your job. In fact, I w just looking this up research done by a guynamed Sean Acor. It was on OPRA, so you know etped. The real deal found thatsales and productivity actually increased by about thirty percent whenemployees are happy at work. So when you're stressed or anxious, youliterally have less mental band with to accomplish your job and when you'redown in the dumps you know prospects can hear that no one wants to dobusiness with ou or from wone the POO. So it's kind of part of the job is toenjoy yourself to convey that positivity over the phone. An it's. Notall your bosses fall to the company's fault. There are things that you can dointernally to increase the amount of happiness you feel, while you'reconnecting with prospect sending emails following up booking meetings. Whateveryou can meditate, you can write down positive experiences that you've had inthe last twenty four hours, or so you can exercise. You can give a shout outto a coworker. We doe that all the time at outreace when you can hit that Gongwhen a deal. Finally, closeses you can have fun and most of all remember to begrateful, so even when you're strigling to hit quota to push that deal of theline or for me finishing that ebook or podcast episode, thereare still thingsto be grateful for so, if you're off for the next few days from Thanksgivingholiday, connect with family and friends, take a break from the grindand think about things. You were grateful for come back. We charged andready to rock come next week. Just like...

...we will on this show. We've got somegreat guests. Coming Up, we've got Roy Renani from chorus. We've got RichardHarris Max Al Shoelers, going to be on the show REX Biberston from the salesdevelopers, Lord Bailey from factorate. That's an incredible episode. You God olisten to that one when it comes out a whole lot more guest and since it'sThanksgiving as a special thank you or listeners, we want to give you twentypercent off regular ticket prices for the sales engagement event of the year.It's on unleash coming up next year in March. All you need to do is go tounleash dot out, reach, dot, Io and use the Promo Code pod goals. That's pod,go als all in word, pod goals. That's it that's! I got to do twenty percentof so we really hope to see next year in Suny San Diego for unleash it'sincredible and enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, and we will see you next timeon sales engagement, podcast. Thank you. This was another episode of the salesengagement, podcast joinus at sales, engagementcom for new episodes,resources and the book on sales. Engagement coming soon to get the mostout of your sales engagement strategy, make sure to check out ou reach te IO.The leading sales engagement platform see you on the next episode.

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