The Sales Engagement Podcast
The Sales Engagement Podcast

Episode · 2 years ago

Direct Mail is the Hottest Way to Connect in B2B w/ Kris Rudeegraap


LinkedIn, email, phone calling— it’s all part of the normal B2B sales approach. Strength in various channels is simply table stakes. Breaking through the noise and offering a real relationship to buyers is the challenge every B2B salesperson faces.

Kris Rudeegraap received and sent plenty of the above in his decade in various sales positions in silicon valley. After 10 years in sales, he decided to challenge the communication norm and founded Sendoso, an integrated direct mail and gifting solution.

But don’t think annoying cable bill ads. Think more warm and fuzzy socks, fancy macaroons, and engraved wine bottles.

Kris hopped on our Sales Engagement podcast and delivered a powerful message on why direct mail isn’t just on a comeback, but it’s essential to your B2B sales program.

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