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Direct Mail is the Hottest Way to Connect in B2B w/ Kris Rudeegraap


LinkedIn, email, phone calling— it’s all part of the normal B2B sales approach. Strength in various channels is simply table stakes. Breaking through the noise and offering a real relationship to buyers is the challenge every B2B salesperson faces.

Kris Rudeegraap received and sent plenty of the above in his decade in various sales positions in silicon valley. After 10 years in sales, he decided to challenge the communication norm and founded Sendoso, an integrated direct mail and gifting solution.

But don’t think annoying cable bill ads. Think more warm and fuzzy socks, fancy macaroons, and engraved wine bottles.

Kris hopped on our Sales Engagement podcast and delivered a powerful message on why direct mail isn’t just on a comeback, but it’s essential to your B2B sales program.

Welcome to the sales engagement podcast,this podcast is brought to you by out reached at io the leading salesengagement platform, helping companies, sellers and customer success engagedwith buyers and customers in the modern sales era, check out salesengagementcom for new episodes, resources in the book on salesengagement coming soon now, let's get into today's episode. Welcome back to another episode ofthese sales engagement podcast, I am your host Jo Ang, Nelo senior contentmanaging editor over outreach, and we have another phenomenal show. Today wehave Chris Rudy Grop CEO CO, founder of Sindoso, a direct male and engagementdelivery platform. We use it over here now reach it's fantastic he's, ere totalk about a shift ind, how sellers engage with prospects and customers andthe resurgencs of direct mail and a little bit about his background and howthat's influenced how Sindoso has been formed and how it operates. But beforewe get into the meat of the show, I'm going to toss it on over to Chris, whocan introduce himself, tell us a little bit about his background and what he'sdoing over at Syndoso Grit stakes to being on the show. Thank you. Thank you.Jo. Yes little background myself, I was in sales for about a decade beforestarting Sindoso really saw transformation and how kind of Thisales landscape was moving and saw that there is an interesting gap in themarket to bring aboutout a new direct mail and gifting platform, and so Iquit my last job as an account executive and started Sindoso. It'sbeen an awesome ride. sence now tell us a little bit about this resurgence ofdirect mail and how it's changing the way, especially inbb situations howsellers are engaging with prospects. I know that we use it a turn at outregion. It has been incredibly effective, but how is this shift comeabout and what do you see it going yeah? I think, there's an interestingtransformation that we're seeing with... mal. One of the biggest trends Isee is just the addition of technology and adding Dreck Mail and gifting intoyour sales or Martex tack, and one of the things that I think has changed isthat historically direct mail has been a you know, fill out of spreadsheetonce a month once a quartermarketing blasts it out and now we're seeing thatyou know sdrsae, even CSMS, with the usage of technology doing more realtime, direct mail the day before a meeting or top of funnel as part ofsequence, and then once that drack mail hits the next thing you're doing is youknow doing an email, our phone call, so it's integrated intoyour out reach verywell. So I think that's one big shift also think companies are gettg morecreative, an there's, interesting things. People are sending out, and nowit's not as just you know, a lot of people. Think of DRACK MAL is hey. Youknow, you know my cagle providers sending me postcards of the mail andthat's what Drackmaila is, but I think we're seeing companies send out reallycreative o things sending out. You Know Cup cake setting out. You know allthese other different types of kind of tangible offline items that go abovebeyond drack mail yeah. I was going to ask you about that becausetraditionally, you know maybe a tshirt Brandon Tshirt, a brain and waterbottle that stuff's gkind of pass a at this point. It's part of the noise.What are some of the direct male offerings that you've seen sent throughyour platform that have really been like all right? That's pretty cool andthat's going no get a response. Yeah! So there's a couple categories ofthings. I think that Hen you'r sending out. We call him like consumables. Itcould be. You know a thing of like mini cup, cakes or macaroons with your legoon it. In a note, I think those often tend to do well at an office becausethey're very shared and people love little treats here and there we've gota really cool Amazon inegregration that allows you to basically pick somethingfrom Amazon. It sends it through. Our warehouse includes a handrit note andships it off, and so we see strs doing their typical sales research. Like youknow, before you're, reaching out to somebody you checking their linked infor their almamater or seeing if they...

...tweet about some sports, they love andso leveraging that and what they're dsetding out in terms of their directmail. I think the tshirts and things of that nature and the swag stuff. I thinkit's still cool, I think we're just seeing people get higher quality, somore of quality, O rer quantity. So, instead of just sending a you know,five dollar, you know one off random Mug, maybe they're sending like aNiceyetdi tumbler that was more expensive and something that someone'sactually Lov and keeping on their desk. I think that's an important distinctionto make is that this is like the definition of personalization and hightouch right, so it kind of goes against some of the trends that we've seen insales development and just selling in general. Lately, where it's just likeall right, I need a list of a hundred thousand names, I'm just going to blastthrom. This is like: okay, I'm going to identify my high value target countsand engage with them in a very personalized way, yeah exactly. I thinkwe also see a ton of companies Isnin our platform for for printed andHandren, notes and n addition to that, when I think something we're seeingagain is people have for the last decade created really cool ebooks whitepapers, case studies and a lot of it sits online and and sto companies arestarting to take that back offline now, andand mailing that out as part oftheir sequences, which I think it's a great thing where you know. There'slittle posted note. This says you know: Hey Jo Turne, a page to you know Ithought you'd like this, and it's just like a nice touch in a you know, largersequence, and why do you think this is gaining such a following and becomingso popular? I mean Your Business is doing very well your expanding in tomoltiple states. Now yeu have a lot of customers. Why is it resonating so muchwith companies who are trying to stell their products and people who arereceiving these things? Yeah, I think, there's a few things I think one ishaving a strong Omni channel. You know, email offline, linked, din phoneapproach is just becoming the norm now. There's lots of noise ind all thechannels, so you have to kind of break through and be effective in each one.So I think that's hey. I think we're...

...seeing millennials that are respondingwell to direct mail and seeing that as a very cool thing that they'rereceiving since they've really lived in the digital age since they were born,and so this is a nice kind of offfline addition for them. You know, I thinkthat with technology just makes it that much easier. I think, historically,without a service like Sindoso you're spending hours of your time, boxingthings up and sending things out D- You just don't have the time of day to doit. You want to do it, you just don't have the time, so we kind of enable youto do the special stuff and execute ed on it more it scale. Yeah, I meanyou're totally right about the time factor. My previous company, one day aweek, the CEOS, significant other would come in and just stuff amelopes oftshirts for three hours a day and then send that out and we wouldn't been ableto do it, otherwise, because it is so time consuming to put together thesethings and send them out to your customers. So I think that's great,that your platform saves that much time and allows for these sort of one to oneinterdactions between between sellers and companies and prospects at. I thinkit's fantastic, and it's really interesting. You didn't start out as asnoof company or anything you started out as at ae right and then youtransitioned to what head of product and see Yo this company. How is thatinfluence? How SINDOSO is being run yeah? I think it is an interestingshift. I think a lot of you know: Silk Ovality startups. You know it's led byan engineering, Co founder or maybe had a product. You don't see as many as orsenior sales folks get up and start companies. So I think for me it wasjust. I saw such a need in the market and being within the start ofenvironment, for the last decae really saw that I wanted to to make the shiftand jump in and it what it did in the early dayses. It made it easy for me togo after and get new customers, because it was no brainer for me to start doingsales day zero. It also build a nice culture, around sales and productreally being close together, sinc those are kind of my two backgrounds andbeing that this is a product that I would use or I use- and I wanted to usebefore- and I know a lot of other sales people use to give me some leveragethere and expertise in building out the...

...product, and because of that, I have alike weekly meetings to sales team. Now, probably more so than most, companiesdo to really get a good grasp on what new features. What else is in themarket? What else can we we build, and so we've been really product focus bothfrom the sales team's perspective and the customer success side, but thespills team has been very crucial and continue to build out a roadbap, and Ithink that shows just the level of adoption that you're, probably seeingwith with your customers and once it gets into company, how often repschoose to use a service like Cindo. So I know that at outrage everyone tertingtheir hand like whet y enjoyi. Can I get a seat? Can I CANEC Yeah O yeah? Itshows that you have a sales background and that's influencing the product. Alot answer me this for the sales managers that are listening right now:they're thinking, okay, this sounds great. It also sounds pretty expensive. How do I justify the probably a littlebit added expense and then how do I justify rolling that out to my entireteam yeah? So you know we've done kon of ourICASE studies. A lot of our clients actually already are seeing the valueof direct mail. So it's not really like proven the value it's more of like weare providing a more repeatable operationalized process so that youknow that Friday afternoon the SDRs don't have to spend five hours. Youknow writing notes and packing boxes. So, in a lot of cases, it's like holycow. I didn't know this tool even existed. That allowed me to scale outwhat we wanted to do internally, but never had the time for so. I think thatwhat we're doing is almost like an obvious thing: compinges are like: Oh,that's something that is natural for building relationships, so a lot ofPVSOS sales are already bought in day zero. Hers, Soe, ofthe things, though,that we always get questions on and what weve bilt features around is likehow do make sure I don't get some Rogestr sending you know tenhsanddollars this month, so we built in a lot F budgeting restrictions,limitations that we even have books into like stills force and things inthat nature. So you can set up validation rules like if this prospectsnot necessartain stage, then don't...

...allow h to receive stuff- or you know,if their bleedscores an equal to this, and they can't receive this nicer item.So you can make sure that there's some rules in place to make this morebudgeting and other things so that people don't go crazy with it. I like that. That's like stories you see on the news where,like the kid gets a hold of the phone and orders like every video game onAmazon, you know totally that's fantastic. So do you consider adirect mail touch to be like a silver bullet? When do you pull that outduring the byding process? Is it something to get your foot in the dooror thus something to close the deal yeah? So we see our customers doing itfor both? I think we've seen. Customers have good success, being kind of thetop of the you know, step one to or or so in sequence, and that something thatcan get get on their desk rather than may be in their inbox than so. It'ssomething that's they can reference back to in a cold call or an email. Youknow we see that it also worked wwell and deal IC celeration as like. Thankyou for the Demo and then that you send them a little. You know swagbag or someother kind of thing post Demos, a thank you to build raport and then we're alsoseeing aes using it to kind of throughout the evaluation proposalprocess and what's interesting about that, is you know rather than Someon,as just saying like hey any updates on this, you know sending out maybeanother interesting case study that could, in turn provide a smore valuethan just that, hey any updates email. I was a little bit unaware that. Notonly are you sending out things like cup, cakes and Amazon gadgets andwhatnot, but it's more of like printed out CAS studies in one sheet and stuff.I I I just didn't know that Soi! That's you see that being utilized a lot yeah,it's actually pretty interesting. You know, we've got probably a dozendifferent things that you can send Tou a platform. So again, I think thederrectmail name kind of limits, some of people's creativity in terms of whatthey think we can do. But you know people are sending out bottles of winewith maybe an engraved logo on it or...

...they're sending out. You know thesereally cool socks that are custom or they're sitting out. You know printedwhite papers with handwritten notes, so they're sending out these cupcakes orcookies or maccaroon. The lists is kind of unlimited. What you can do and whatyou can send and so we're seeing that companies. I almost think that you knowsales people are becoming mini marketers now in a way you know thebest ones are kind of thinking outside the box and comng up with reallycreative, not only things that they can send through Jreck mail, but also andjust kind of their email and phone approach, and how that all comestogether. Omniciennel for all your listeners out there, I'm totally downto receive engraved bottles of wine any of those socks. I Love Thi sobjectwit, paints the socks, but I love the sock Wat's my way, no yeah what sizejacket. Do you want to Padaagonia with Ha Logo Oni and all that kindof stuffas gask that I have a Patagonia Withan eywer around and everyone's asking likehey my I'm size, large here's my address en me get it. That's like gold around Silican Valley,right Oaly, had to go anin with the logo. Yeah Chrisif. There was one thingthat you wanted the listeners to take away from the conversation and whatwould that be yeah I mean, I think it's in terms of you know what we're seeingand kind of fo. My advice is just I think, drect mail is an awesome channeland something that all companies should try, and I think that there is not onesize fits all, but it's a great opportunity to connect with your buyersin a more meaningful relation, and especially since you can integrate edinto reach sequences. You know it really makes to that much of a moreintegrated, a tool for your sales team they're, not necessarily learningsomething new they're. Just having a new thing, they can click send on yeah.I think that's a good point that this is about relationship buildingrightgiing. Your customers engaging your prospects. It's not transactionalshould be a real relationship, and I think this is definitely somethingdirect. Mal is definitely something that can establish that early on Chris.If Yo wanted to get a hold of you talk more about Direck mail talk more aboutSindoso. How could they do that? Yeah?...

Go to our website sindosocom! You know,IU can email me directly. It's Chris Kris at SINDOSOCOM or t hin. The SanFrancisco area was happy to grab coffee or a beer, so nice ights well we'rerecording this on a Friday, so the beer sounds pretty good. I'm starting out ofEr cak grater right now, all right Chris! Well! Thank you sommuch for being on the show, thank you to all the listeners We'etuninga inonce again, and we will see you next time on the sales engagement podcast. This was another episode of the salesengagement, podcast join us at sales, engagementcom for new episodes,resources and the book on sales. Engagement coming soon to get the mostout of your sales engagement strategy, make sure to check out out reach Daiothe leading sales engagement platform see you on the next episode.

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