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Compete Against Yourself: How to Become the Top Producer In Your Org


Here’s how to become the top producer of all time at your organization. Always make it about you versus you, never about you versus your team members.

Oh, and building a personal brand for yourself isn’t a bad strategy, either.

Recently on The Sales Engagement Podcast, I had a great conversation with Danny Marogy, VP, National Accounts at United Wholesale Mortgage, about how he achieved the dream that so many of us hold. 

“My degree went from criminal justice to finance and economics, a complete 180,” Danny said.

Get ready as we talk about choosing a structured, disciplined lifestyle at work and home, creating a personal brand for yourself, refining your techniques for leading a team while still producing, and of course — keeping focused, keeping positive, and never relaxing.

Let’s dive right in!

Welcome to the sales engagement podcast. This podcast is brought you by outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, and they just launched outreach on outreach, the place to learn how outreach well does outreach? Learn how the team follows up with every lead in record time after virtual events and turns them into revenue. You can also see how outreach runs account based plays, manages reps and so much more using their own sales engagement platform. Everything is backed by data pulled from outreach processes and customer base. When you're done, you'll be able to do it as good as they do. Had to outreach Doo on outreach to see what they have going on. Now let's get into today's episode. Hello and welcome back everyone to the sales engagement podcast. Thank you, as always, for hanging out with us for the next thirty minutes. We got a very interesting discussion lined up, fun thought experiments or kind of wrestle with and will hopefully leave you with some some tactical takeaways, and I've got the right guests to do it. I am joined by Danny Morogueie. Danny, welcome in. Hey, thanks for having me, Scott. Appreciate you. Excited to have you on board. And so, for the listeners, Danny's currently the VP of national accounts at United Wholesale Mortgage, but I'm sure you can do your background. I'm more justice than I can. Danny. You, Shay, had t this up as I cut your superhero origin story. So how did you get to be a VP at such a massive company? I think a lot of people listening to this podcast like that's the that's a dream man. You you did it. So want to hear a little bit about the the story of how you got to wear at today. Yeah, yeah, thank you again, Scott. We're gonna have some fun with this. So you know, when I when I first started, you know, I was going to school, I wanted to go into become an FBI agent. That was my original goal and passion was, you know, I wanted to go into some type of law enforcement, you know, maybe counter terrorism, drug enforcement, that type of stuff. And then, you know, I went to New York for a little while, spend some time on Wall Street and got to learn the finance world, ought to understand the finance world and just fell in love with it. So my degree went from criminal justice to finance and economics completely one hundred and eighty, flipped it from one side to the others about. Had some fun doing the criminal justice aspects of things. And then when I started going into the finance and economics, I started understanding the business world, I started understanding the markets, I started understanding how things turn, how things move, how things flow. And then I came back to Michigan. I met Matish FIA and madies be. At the time we were, you know, roughly three hundred team members at the company, very small company in growing, and I sat with them and we had a one on one interview and he gave me, you know, he told me where he was looking to go and the passion of the company and what we were looking to do. Now, if you'd told me twelve years ago we be the number one wholeste lender in the country, soon to be number one overall lender in the country, I tell you're nuts. And just being fair with that, like just trying to be as honest as can be. But at that time, you know, we were a top five hundred lender, you know, with three hundred team members. But I saw his dream, I saw his passion, I saw what he was looking to do and and I jump right in. I said I'm in, I'm excited to take this journey with you and let's do it. And you know, I started off as an account executive. I was given a specific territory. My territory was California and ironically, California is the largest mortgage originator in the nation. That does roughly about forty to fifty, sometimes even sixty percent of total originations in the United States. So you can see that's a large, large market when it comes to, you know, mortgage transaction. So I saw a huge challenge there and I was excited. You know, he put me in. He said we're gonna waiting to start this. You're going to start the state to California. Let's get things going, and I took off, you know, I took off from from then on I was you know, I looked at the opportunity and I took it on with head on, with a challenge, and I said, you know, I'm going to take this opportunity and I'm going to make it the best that it could be. I want to be the number one. My original goal was I want to be the number one lender in California. Like that was my focus point. That's what I wanted... get to. At that moment, I knew that, you know, being the number one whole ce lender in the country was so far off that, like it wasn't even a thought process in my mind. I thought about the small winds and the small challenges that I can put in front of me to get to where we are at today. Again, I would tell you today, like twelve years ago, that I would have never imagined that. You know, I was an account executive for God, I want to say, two years and I built the state of California. I signed up some of the largest accounts and I started with a relationship mentality. So I took a little different approach with certain things and I focused on relationships. I focused on building a brand for myself, which I can go all go into later, and and I got people to want to work with me because, you know, I was trustworthy, honest upfront, focused on developing them and helping them grow as a company's well, because a lot of these mortgage companies they were upandcomers as well, just like us. So when you put together a dream and a passion together, you can focus on one thing and you create a plan together. You become a part of that company, whether it's one broker, then it turns into two, then it turns into three, then ten, then twenty, etc. Then I got promoted to team lead. So, you know, I took on my two years later, I took on my account executive challenges, obviously, obviously, being the top producer, I was closing the most on a loans at the company. I took on a team lead position which was a focus point on helping others, but at the same time still originating, you know. So I was eighty percent originating, if I had to put it in percentages, and twenty percent, you know, developing team members. And my mentality is I was always the type that led by example. You know, I'm the quarterback if we use sports as an analogy. You know, people, people saw and built themselves through through my actions versus my words, like they saw my work ethic, my attitude, what I was doing every single day at the company, and it helped develop a lot of people and I put in a little bit of tuning with them, kind of focus points with them and help develop these individuals. You know, some of them today rvp's of the company. A lot of them are team leaders, you know, regional vice broad divisional vice presidents as well too. So as a team leader I was again focusing on originating, kept producing a going becoming top producer year and a year out, which obviously we're going to go into and have some fun with. How to stay number one, because that's that's the challenge when it comes to being on top is, you know, what do you do next? And then, of course, you know, I got promoted again to assistant vice president and now being vice president of national accounts, which I handle the top five hundred accounts in the whole nation. So that's a little background of my story. Then where I've gotten to where I'm at. And Yeah, that's that's it so far. That's cool, man. Thank you for first sharing that story. There's there's a lot of angles I could go there. I kind of want to dive into this this original FBI agent thing, but maybe will say that for another another episode. But really, really cool when you look at where you're at now and you've had this incredible, incredible run, and we're going to transition into this idea of staying motivated when you are hitting your number, when you are at the top of the leader board. But what keeps driving you? But when you look back now and you're looking at your career, you are an individual contributor than a player, coach and app and then a VP. What is kind of the red thread that goes through all of those positions that allowed you do stay at the top and keep getting these promotions? Can you point to one thing or is it a is it a mix? One word, I would say I just wanted to continue to win. You know, with every with every position that I was given and blessed to give, you know, an opportunity to have, I always created a type of challenge where, you know, even if it didn't exist within the company, I made it within myself. So, like, as a team lead, I want to be the best team lead in the company, right, and what do I got to do to get there? You know, I write down, I put a metrics together because again, you know, everybody has a goal, but you have to be able to have something, you have to be able to measure it. So, like saying I want to make a million dollars a year is easy, right, anybody can talk about it, but what's the metrics behind it? Like, what are you going to do to get to that goal. So that's kind of the same thing I do with every position that I was given. Was the team lead position. How to become the best team lead ABB position? How do I grow the next...

...thirty accounts in other states, forty accounts, if the accounts. And now with the VP position, how do I take them, that, these five hundred accounts that I host under my name, to the next level? How do I develop them to even do more business, because when they grow, uwm grows. So if I keep it in one word, I would say, you know, focus on winning and creating, creating your own challenges, creating your own competition for yourself. Yeah, makes sense. It sounds like you almost in some instances like overshoot your goal. Right, you're super, super lofty goal. So the kind of the macro goal is huge. You know, you want to be like the number one let lender in California. But then you take that and actually break that down into you small, actionable do you go as far as like daily things you have to hit? Is Set, like how broken down is it? Yeah, so it's a very structured and detailed lifestyle. So it's every single day that I walk in, I put together a game plan for who I want to tackle, who I want to go after and what my focus points on them. I do my research on them, I kind of understand their business model, I go over there, you know their structure of the company, what they do, and then I put in my two sets as to how I can help. You know, I don't. I'm not looking to change anybody's business. Right, people at people are success for a reason, right. But like, what I could do is I could fill in some gaps and I can add to those gaps and help take those companies to the next level. And that's what's been proven to be done. But yes, it is a daily routine that I do every single day. And and it's not like I'm walking in today and I'm picking five hundred accounts and I'm going to focus on them. No, I pick two or three per day, four per day, you know, create focus points, have those conference calls with them, go over details, ideas, that type of stuff. So you have to get the shrink that down. There is no way you're going to hit every single one in a matter of days, you know, two days, three days, four days. Totally. Yeah, where's technology played a role in all of this? Do you is a lot of this, just like your own systems that you're using and like with your Google calendar or whatever, or like old hand and notebook, do you do you look to any technology to help kind of augment some of the things that you're you're doing? Yeah, that's a great question. So absolutely. So. A lot of the stuff that we developed here at you WM has created and may my life a lot easier as well too. So, like we utilize certain technology is inhouse that we've built developed that allows me to keep my structure in my daily routinees, like you know, certain things we utilize companies like sales fors. We utilize their technology as well to to keep that daily structure going every single day. Absolutely, I mean I utilize obviously the outlook calendars and art technology that we have in house that will be able to do what I do and develop, obviously, and grow, because I absolutely I couldn't do right and stuff down everything with that. I have to have something. Yeah, for sure. All right, so it's awesome talk to me. So you've been you've been there eleven years. You can I can still like hear the passion coming through your your voice, which is incredible. So let's talk about that. You know, you're on this amazing trajector. You have been for for a long time now. How are you staying so made to motivated to you said before, you know, I'd like to win. So that's why I'm you're a competitive, competitive guy. It can, you know, see that. What else, like gets you fired up? And then also, how do you disseminate that motivation to the rest of your your team? Well, that's a good question. So it ties into a lot of things, which is what I'm excited to get into it. You know, it starts with success as a choice, but it's also a lifestyle. So like, for example, and digging into examples with that, is I choose to come into work every single day and show up early. You know, I'm one of the first guys I'm one of the last guys out. That's a choice, right, I get to choose to do that. But why do I do that? So I can get in early, get my day done and I can focus on the little stuff in the morning, my calendar, my outlooks, my meetings, you know, get the little stuff, reach out the team members, ask them how their days are going, leave my daily voicemails and then same thing with my lifestyle too. So everything I do is a choice. But you can't just be great at you WM or any company that you work for. What are you doing outside of this place? What is your lifestyle like outside of slaves? I live a very structured lifestyle. So, like when I get...

...home and I have three beautiful children, have a beautiful wife and I get home my my focus from thirty to thirty, I spend time with my family and all my children, my kids, I play with my boys, I give them bass every single day. The same thing, I spend time with my wife and then, on top of that too, it's like, you know, you have to live a structured lifestyle, like you won't see me going partying during the week, like that's one of my rules that I keep for myself, because I have to make sure that, like, when I wake up the next day, I'm ready to go, I'm ready to make my day going. I could ready to keep my you know, my Moi focus my motivation, like you didn't you know, you won't see me out partying, like I said, if you won't see me, you know, I try to keep my mind focused on I'm just creating a better person for me, whether it's I don't get involved in substances, I don't get involved in this, I don't get involved in that, like I make sure I keep myself tamed and structure. Then, on top of that too, you know a lot of people they're changing money when they get into businesses. Right. So, like when you start a new career, you're like, Oh, I want to get to making, you know, two Hundredzerod, I want to get to making a million. But like, money and numbers don't lead like they follow, like money follows, like when you're doing the right things and you know you're putting in the effort, the work, ethics, the attitude, the money is going to follow you. So getting the mind off the money aspect of things and focusing on just being great at what you are, that money is going to follow you one hundred percent and that's that's a proven back. And then creating a brand for yourself. So, like what's your brand within your company? You know, do your team members respect you? Are you are you have great leadership capital at the company, like and then what is your brand outside of the company? Like my clients, for example, who do they look at me? As you know, the guy that's going to help them grow their company, or just some guy that's calling them and asking them for their business. Like what is your brand like? I think of creating that brand and also being the best to you. A lot of people compare themselves to this person at the company, like I want to be like this guy, I want to be like this guy, I want to be like that guy, and that's the biggest failure that I've ever thought of in the history of any sales or any any commission based business. Because what's going to happen when you pass that guy? Are you done and going to become complacent? Is it game over? It's always you versus you. It since the day I've started, so that they have only looked at myself. I've never compared myself to anybody when it comes to you know, I got to catch up to that guy. I got to beat back gut because the second beat that person, what are you doing next? Anybody that ever comes up with me the company, I always sound like what are you going to be like? Dan? You don't know. Be The best you, because the best you could be better than me, it could be better than any individual that's in this company. Always make it you versus you, now you versus anybody else at the company. And then, of course, I always I live by is saying, and I have stories about this all day. But like surround yourself with successful people, you know. It's like you say that there's a saying that's out there, like like show me your five closest friends and I'll tell you who your future self is. Like. That's such a true statement. And you know, negativity is everywhere. Like you want to make sure that you're surrounding yourself with good, successful people that you pick and choose. I mean, I have five friends since high school, you know, and like people that I still hang out with. And back in high school I was a football player, soccer player, and I knew everybody else, friends with almost every single individual. Today I have five of those friends, you know. And then, of course, separate yourself, like separate yourself from the competition. When I first came into this business, I told myself, I said, what are we great at, like what's what are mortgages all about? You know, the account executive position, closing loans fast and getting realtors and borrowers, whether there's cash out rate in term refinances or getting realtors paid. So my focus point was always separate yourself from the competition, and what I mean by that is, like, do things different than everybody else. So, like, when you're talking purchases, for example, will tell your story. A guy has a third contingency on a purchase. Are Trying to get into a home within three days. Let's find ways to get it done quicker. You know, fifteen days, ten days, you know, five days, whatever the case may be, to get into that ex separate yourself, and not to me but to my clients as well too, and then stay coachable. I mean that's one of those important things that I could tell anybody that's listening on this podcast. No matter how high you are on that on that chain, you can always learn from the new guy that just joined the company today. I mean that is super important because because I can get better every single day just like anybody else. He talks some of the greatest football players out there, the Tom Brady's, everybody's. You're always taking advice from in other individuals, whether it's a...

...newer individual or a senior member at the company. And then, of course, don't ever let good get in the way of great like that's another big one, like certain things that we develop here at the company. We have someone the most cutting gutch technology, like Iright t department is number one in the nation for a reason, and the reason behind that is because we never let good get in the way of great. If something is good, it's better than what it is today. Like why way to roll it out, to make it perfect, roll it out and then develop it as it goes, make it better as it goes, turn it into becoming great. And, of course, on top of every everything there that I've bet, I've hit on always challenging yourself to the next level. Like everybody talks about setting certain numbers in their mind, like I want to hit a certain number in my life. Like, don't focus on the number, focus on how you can develop yourself, going back to the you versus you story, like focus on how you can develop yourself, build yourself as an individual, make yourself a better person, and not even just at the office, outside of the office, because it'll all come together as one, whether it's with your marriage, whether it's with your children, becoming a better father. Always focus on little things to better yourself. That and not, again, like I said, not just at the company, but outside of this place as well too, because that's going to develop your floor as well as an individual. I love it so much. Gold there. I picked up on eight. There was probably more, so there was getting up early. I agree in particularly like I think, if you're earlier in your career, I guess it isn't matter when. When, but like earlier in your career, you need to put in the hours to get the ball rolling right like that. You will get some inertia in your career eventually, but like at the beginning, this sheer hours you put and do matters, and if people tell you otherwise, they're they don't know what they're they're talking about matter like hours, matter structured lifestyle. You know, you have to have that. You have to infuse it into everything you do. Focus on the process, not the money. I love that brand. I want to talk a little bit more about this one. How did you think about building up brand? Are we talking Linkedin? Are you just making sure you leave every interaction that you you have a positive one? How do you keep track of all of those relationships that you're building? Yeah, so. So the first thing I put into my head was every time I talk to a client, anytime they have a question, I wanted them to say called Danny instead of saying call you, Wm Right, because that tells me that that individual is looking for me, and me only in the specifically right. So, like now to's tie to that brand. So, like, let's say you're a newer individual joining the sales industry, right, and you're trying to make a name for yourself. It's a crazy world out there, right, it's it's everyone's competing for their loans. And again, we'll tie it to the mortag industry, as the count executives. Like, everyone's competing for loans. The one thing that I it was again separating myself and everybody else. So when I'm talking in my clients, I wanted to show them that, like, working with me is going to get them more business in the door. And how we're going to do that is by creating, you know, going to a B and C, like talking about how our technology going into how we can get loads close of us in fifteen days, and then adding social media to the aspect of things. Like people don't know the power of social media, right. So what I was doing was I would post on social media, I would drag from my clients so what I always do if they had a purchase transaction that closed in less than fifteen days, I would post it on social media. I would tag that loan officer and I would tag the realtor that on the selling side and the Barrower side, like I would find them on social media and tag them and show them with success story that happened with this individual that rolled all the way up to me. Same thing with I'm creating free advertising these. I'm creating free advertiges of every single one of my individual clients. And then, on top of that and knowledge, I mean knowledge is he so you want to make sure that you become the most knowledgeable person this industry, whether it's an understanding a territory, especially if you're going into a specific territory, if you don't know your own territory, then you know right then and there you fail and people pick up on that. So, by creating a brand, it's a combination of everything, whether it's social media bragging for your clients, creating success stories for them, showing them that you're helping them, going the extra mile by helping them get more business, and everybody does that.

That all ties into separating yourself from the competition. I don't see any other reps out there in the industry posting on social media bragging about that loan officer, tagging that bar or, that selling agent, that buyers agent, and saying what a great job this loan officer did and that Lone officer seed that you took the extra time out of your day to post this on social media for them and make them look at in front of it. Really the same concept. With it, I'd buy closing packages. I put in request to put in a by a closing package for, you know, that lone officers transaction to give to the borrower and giving them ideas and how they can create them, you know, build themselves up as well too. Love that. Definitely seen firsthand that the power of social and any sellers that's not harnessing it is crazy, because there is so much reward that can come from it. Awesome, man. Well, there's about there was like compete with yourself, surround itself with good people, habits, not numbers, good instead of great, stay coach of well, those are all probably episodes, but in the the absence of time, we've got about four minutes and I usually frame this up as people have busy lives. Someone could be working out as they're listening to this crooking dinner. Maybe they're on a meeting that they're tuned out of right now. If people forget this full thirty minutes that was chockful of a lot of great advice and they only remember three things, what would you want those three things to be perfect? Yeah, absolutely so. First one I would hit on is maintaining a chart focus. You know, you know what your end goal is, you know what you want to end up doing. Like Albert Einstein always said, if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. Right, create something for yourself. Know that if you're coming into this company, like what's your goal like, whether it's, you know, coming account executively, you want to be the number one of con excutive in the country. Create metrics for yourselves, like don't just talk about certain things, write it down. Write down everything that you want to get to, every goal that it gets to get to that level and reach that point in your life. I always use sports analogies and, of course, you know, I tie it so I collaboration. I tie it to always seek advice from individuals within the company like, be coachable. Again, I'm hitting on that sharp focus right like, like don't always assume that you know everything right. Seek Classes, coaching, that type of stuff. Second thing I would hit out is keeping a positive mindset. Your biggest weakness is you, like you could be your best asset, you could be your biggest weakness. Maintaining a positive mindset, whether you know not every month's going to go perfect, and that's including from myself. Not every week's going to go perfect, but that positive mindset is going to get in you to where you need to be. And always tell people that, like, don't ever get upset about things you can control. Focus on the things you can and you'll be you'll see the difference it makes in your life as an individual when you when you simply focus on the things you can't control like that is one of the most important things that I can think of all the everyday and last thing is is never relax. Have a never relaxed mentality. Maximize your time and take advantage of every opportunity to get better at your craft. Remember there's always somebody who wants your spot, no matter what you do it in your lifestyle and, better, what business you're in number. This is a commission based business. Like, like there is no limit to what you can make. Someone's out for that. If you're making that, you're taking it from somebody else and keep them mentally like never relax, like always focus on getting better. Listen, be a good listener, like that's one thing I've I struggled that in the beginning, when I first started as an account executive. You know, I always thought I knew everything and I was just gunslinger sales guy. You know, I was trying to try to think I knew everything and one of my biggest weaknesses was sitting settling down and just listening and listen to your clients, because they're telling you what what they want to hear. So when you take the time to listen to them, understand them acknowledge, you'll get a lot. For though, I never take your foot off the pedal. Never Take Your foot off the pedal, focus on always better, again, tying it to better in yourself as individual, and never relax. And those are the three things that I would I would definitely take away from this whole podcast. So I like it. Danny, will thank you for sharing your time and insight with us. Kudos,...

...on an absolutely incredible career accent. Just continue to watch you crush it quickly. We got a lot of sales folks that listen to this podcast. Is U WM hiring anything? You want to kind of quickly showed up. Yeah, absolutely, so we are hiring. So if you're looking to you know, if you're looking to get a career here, you wm. Please, you know, reach out. We'd love to, we'd love to interview it and guess, and we were always looking for great talent here at the company. You know, we are growing. We are at ninety three hundred team members. Is that? This is I started from the three hundred to where we are now. And you know, we're hiring on average about two too hundred and fifty every single month team members that join our company. So absolutely, if you're interested in joining, we're looking for great account executives and across broad and, as I have to be account executive properations or any other areas at our company that just reach out to us and we'd love to. We love to interview awesome are and if they want to continue following along with your you know, tips, tricks, advice, what's the best way to connect with you are you a twitter guy, Linkedin Guy? Where do you show up most linkedin? So reach out to me on Linkedin. I'd love to talk to anybody that has any questions, anything that they want to speak I'm respond to everybody that reaches out to me on Linkedin. So best place to get a holding me there and I love the school awesome. Thank you again, Danny, and for all the listeners. Thank you, as always, for hanging out with us. Will see you next think you've got thank you. Thanks for having me everyone. This was another episode of the sales engagement podcast. To help this get in front of more eyes and ears, please leave us a shining five star review. Join US at sales engagementcom for new episodes. Resources in the book on sales engagement. To get the most out of your sales engagement strategy, make sure to check out outreach. That ioh, the leading sales engagement platform. See you on the next episode.

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